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  1. I have a black and white girl and also a blue tri boy (plus a red/white boy). I saw both of them when they were young, the blue tri when he was only a week old. The different color was very obvious when they were next to eachother. There were several black and several blues in his litter. The tri portion was harder to tell when very young, but by about 5 weeks it was pretty obvious in my pup. The breeders on the board maybe can tell you more about that. This was part of my blue tri boy's litter at 3 weeks (from the left black, blue, blue, black, blue, blue) My blue boy did get a few lighter hairs as he got older, but other than the tri showing up more, he's basically still the same color. Has your pup been in the sun more or swimming? Just a thought. Not sure this helps, but that's my experience....
  2. I have cat chasers too - unfortunately, one cat that taunts them - so it's as much the cat's fault. The cats have a dog free zone - plus plenty of high up places to lounge. To gate off the dog free zone I got this gate and it works for us. That way the cats have the full run of the house, but can escape if need be.
  3. You can also give them pineapple which will help. My first did this and I used to keep a can of pineapple chunks in the refrigerator and give her one as a treat morning and night. The poop eating stopped after the first treat of pineapple. And she thought it was a great 'treat' to boot!
  4. Oh how did I miss this thread??? You all are hilarious! I am absolutely an expert on nothing but loving my dogs. Even so, can I be a "poser" too so I can be a member of the Woo Too Club?
  5. Hansome dog. Beautiful scenery. I'd love to come for a vacation, it looks absolutely beautiful there!
  6. I don't have any help for you, but I'm so sorry. That must be a heartwrenching decision.
  7. Happy Birthday Tweed! You're lucky to have a mommy that loves you so much, even in all your Tweirdness. Have fun with your 5 little foster brothers! (OMG - good luck RDM)
  8. You can use any pictures of Cady, Koda or Baloo that I have posted on the boards in the past. Those are the only ones I have online - just search the gallery.
  9. I need to buy new crates for my 3 BCs. I currently have 3 large wire crates in my bedroom that are the dogs "beds". They still sleep in them at night and are also crated when I'm not home. At times during the day the 2 grown dogs will sleep under the bed, so I'm wondering if they might find a plastic vari-kennel type or soft sided type more cozy and comfortable. The 3rd dog is a puppy so just collapses anywhere in general. I also don't keep anything on the floors of their crates because dog #2 de-stuffs fluffy beds like they are stuffed toys. What does everyone use for crates? What problems have you found with the different crates on the market? Anything you like or dislike in particular about a different type? Before I go out and buy 3 new crates I thought I'd try to learn from everyone else's experiences, so any input is welcome. Thanks. Laura
  10. Paula, Yes, I'm in St Pete too. Unfortunately I have to work Thurs/Fri/Sat - too bad it's not on Sunday too. Please post again if you hear of any more, and post any pics you take. Laura
  11. Where is the trial in Florida? Do you know if it's all weekend? I've never been to one, and would love to catch it if I can manage to get off work! Laura
  12. Well, to me what's different about this is that the dog was used for a sales demonstration, not research. Coils are already used in people for this purpose, so he wasn't testing it, but showing off at the expense of the dog.
  13. I was just listening to that album last night. I really like that song too. I don't have that album right in front of me, but isn't that song called "the wish"?
  14. Hang in there. Hopefully everything will turn out benign. Good vibes and prayers coming your way....
  15. Sending good vibes your way. Hopefully everything will turn out to be just a big scare for nothing and you'll recover quickly. Think of 4-6 weeks off from work = more time with the dogs. We'll keep you in our prayers down here in Florida. Laura, Cady, and Koda
  16. Hi INU, I'm still around, I joined right around the same time as you. I just mostly lurk is all. I think Jazzy and Cady are right around the same age. I've learned a lot too, and continue to do so!
  17. Prayers and good vibes coming your way. I hope she is okay and can come home to be spoiled as soon as possible. (((Hugs)))
  18. At our house we use upside down mouse traps. When he hits them they snap and scare him, without your involvement which will help for times you're not there. One or two snaps and my cats leave the area alone. My cats have free run of the house and are allowed on all furniture except the kitchen counters.
  19. Yay for you and Kessie! Pictures, pictures, I want pictures! I bet the 4 of you are having a ball.
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