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  1. I'm another one of those that had to take the bell away. They learned it FAST!! Then it was being rung just to go outside. I started ignorning it sometimes if they had just been out and my oldest would ring it and turn around and look at me, then ring it again, harder. It did have the side effect that if they really needed to go out they were persistent, so once I took the bell away they just asked in their own way - pacing, whining, barking - depending on the dog. So I guess in it's own way it was good as it taught them that they really needed to let me know in some way rather than just standing there or peeing on the floor.

  2. My mom and I were travelling on the interstate in Baltimore one year waiting in traffic to go through a toll and tunnel - we were following an Explorer that had a bunch of ostriches in the back. We laughed at them until we had tears running down our faces. Each bump movement of the vehicle their long necks all swayed in unison. Every year when we drive on vacation we talk about the ostrich sighting!

  3. You could also try belting the dog in a seatbelt. I found that the less mine have to stabilize themselves in the car, the better. Ginger did help a little, dramimine didn't. My first dog would get sick as soon as I started the car even if we were just sitting in the driveway. Same thing, drool, puke. Each of mine has outgrown it, somewhere between 6 months and a year. They each were reluctant to go for rides anywhere when they were getting carsick, now that they've all outgrown it, they LOVE to go for rides.

  4. We've gone through quite a few soccer balls around here. The best so far (2 years this Christmas) is a youth size soccer ball that I got at Toys R Us. It seems that since it's smaller the dogs can pick it up better and don't tend to puncture it as quickly. It didn't start to get soft until the pieces began to come off and that has only been in the last few months. It's going strong still, other than a quite ragged look.



    Jolly balls are a big favorite here too, but they are not indestructible. Koda always has one with him, even doing his business. They seem to last about a year. Koda likes to squeeze it in his mouth instead of holding it by the handle.



    Baloo has just about eaten a handle off. A friend's beagle chewed the handle to bitty pieces in an afternoon.

    Notice the raggedy soccer ball in the background:



    They will get new jolly balls and soccer balls for Christmas....

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