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  1. Hubby took Rose (6 month old) to vets on Saturday as she was biting the base of her tail like crazy. Turns out it was her anal glands, which were promptly emptied and she was given an injection. The vet told my husband that it was unusual for a border collie to have this problem. What are the causes, could it be diet related and is it likely to continue. I had my other dogs until they were 15 and I never encountered this. Thanks for any help!!
  2. Hi River I was surprised to hear your puppy is 37lbs as he looks dinkier than Rose. She is only 29lbs but is long legged and long necked. Actually, a bit like a miniature giraffe with laaarge prick ears!! I think she is 20" at the shoulder. She just looks more gangly than your puppy. We went out again today and she was much improved on the leash. Mind you I am walking her up and down the pavement in our road. She starts to pull a bit when she sees the nice grassy areas, so I keep her off them for a while then give her permission to have a sniff of the perfumery when I decide. (Gettin
  3. River He sure looks like a wild-eyed boy!! Yes, you caught the look wonderfully. How old is he in this picture. He only looks small. Rose did that "bow and barking" behaviour again today, but this time I said, ok what would you like to play. Also when on our morning walk, we started the "stopping" routine and I have to say by the end of the walk she was improving. So watch this space! I have today been reading The Dog Whisperer (needless to say the ironing is still sitting in the laundry!!)and it was one of the author's preferred methods as well. Hubby is still in the garage (9pm)
  4. Thank you all so much for taking the time to post advice. It is midnight now and I have just been reading the latest posts and I feel so much better. It is really like being part of a support group. I have read so much on the internet and now in books regarding BC's and some of it makes you a bit scared. Especially when it says, "your dog should not be allowed to do .............. or the result will be the end of the world as we know it!! and you think, hell I have let Rose do that!! For example she has recently started to stand in the middle of the lounge, crouched low on her front legs
  5. Hi River Me again, I forgot to tell you, I do stop and walk backwards if Rose pulls me. I read it on this board a couple of weeks ago (it might have been one of your posts). As you say, the walk takes forever, but who cares. Like you, I don't expect her to walk to heel, but to walk in front if she likes, but without pulling. She is mostly fine with traffic, just the odd engine she doesn't like the sound of. I get her to sit when a car is approaching when we are walking where there is no pavement. Thanks Carole
  6. Hi River I posted a reply to other posters and have just read yours. No I am not with Rose all day, as I work full time but she is at home with my adult son who takes her out for walks and plays games with her. After her midday meal he puts her in her crate in a quiet room and she usually has a couple of hours sleep (and he has a much needed rest). I also put her in her crate in the evening if she won't settle down properly and becomes to demanding. I put a nice bone or chewy in with her and so she doesn't see it as a punishment. I do let Rose know that I am really pleased when she get
  7. Hi Rose hasn't had her toys or been playing fetch for nearly two weeks, as she has just been spayed and I didn't want her damaging herself. Funnily enough I started carrying her favourite ball around (bell inside) in my pocket and she can sometimes hear it tinkling so she comes around me a bit quicker than usual hoping to be able to play. We were asked by the trainer at classes not to feed our dogs before class so that there are no "accidents". I haven't tried the treat in mouth trick though. I might have a go at that. I have noticed this last week that she is starting to ignore me occa
  8. Thanks for replying. A few weeks ago, the trainer used Rose to show the class how to get their dogs to walk to heel. She held a titbit close to Rose's nose and, you know what I am going to say, Rose walked close to her hand, without any snapping for the sausage. She did it perfectly. Whether it was because it was somebody who she thinks is more fun I don't know. I do play a lot with Rose, catch, fetch, hide and seek, football (she's great in goals!) and she really seems to enjoy herself. I tried the pinch collar quite a long time ago, when I first started to take Rose to the obd cla
  9. Hi I just wondered if somebody could give me some advice regarding my BC girl, Rose. She is 6 months old and haslearnt the basics sit, stand, down, stay, wait (for food, going through doors etc). However, getting her to heel on the lead or even to walk at a resonable speed when at obedience class or at home isn't possible and taking her on walks is a nightmare. I have tried the Halti, and that wasn't successful. She is now on a harness which is better than the collar and I don't have to worry about her larynx!! When I say she ignores me, I mean when I try to get her attention to look up
  10. Hi Everybody I posted a couple of weeks ago regarding over exercising my young BC. Many thanks to those who replied to this post. I felt more reassured after reading your replies. I have only just caught up with your replies as I have been away for 2 weeks (with Rose). Tassie said that there was "baby agility" and "baby search" that I could do and I wondered what these meant. Also, I want to buy a couple of books, one on rearing a BC and another which teaches me to teach Rose tricks. She is doing ok with her basic sit, stand, down, stay, wait for food etc. but I would like to teach her o
  11. I have a 5 month old BC called Rose who is very, very active. I have been allowing Rose to chase a ball on the beach and also have been taking her two walks a day for about 40 minutes. I have been told that this is far too much exercise for her at this age, and should be using her energy up by doing more training. She has been attending obedience classes since 12 weeks and I do short regular training sessions with her during the day. However, I have also been told that they can get bored doing the same training over and over again. I didn't exercise her as much today as I was told 25 mins
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