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  1. I just want to thank all of you for the great advice and suggestions concerning my search for a "split face mostly white Border Collie". This is really a great and informative site that I plan to visit often. Thanks again, DallasBorderCollieFan
  2. River: Sky is adorable! Thanks for the understanding advice. I may look at the Blue Merles. Thanks. myBCboys Thats a good idea.....I did go look at shelter in the Dallas area last weekend. They had one cute one, but he was like 70 lbs. Must have been a mix with a bigger dog. Have a great day!
  3. Terry....thanks for the help....I think...lol I did not say I was looking for a breeder that "breeds for color". I do not think a white border collie is "worth more"...quite the opposite. I would in fact think since white is not the standard color it would mean less money or value. Cost or value is not part of my decision to seek a "split face mostly white border collie". I just like them the best as far as looks and in my opinion they will be cooler in Texas in the long hot summer months. And I am basing my decision on "if a border collie would fit my lifestyle" and "a border collie that is compatable with me"......that is already a given.....and out of that group I want a white one! Thanks anyway.
  4. How difficult will it be for me to locate an almost all white border collie? I live in Dallas and my brother has a border collie that is mostly black with some white. When you touch her fur in the long hot summer months her white hair is much, much cooler. I know that there are tons of mostly black border collies in Texas and other hot places that do just fine......but I just prefer to find a border collie pup that is mostly white. A "split face" border collie with a mostly white body would be my ideal choice. Any suggestions on the best way for me to do this? I am looking for something similar to the border collie shown below:
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