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  1. I hope she's not pregnant, but if she is, it sounds like she is in the best place for her. She's a lovely looking pup as are Glen and Tilley.
  2. I'm just getting some information on this pup so this is really just a 'heads up'. If there's a possibility that someone here can do some of this tranport, please send a PM to me. thanks
  3. Okay, that's great. I'll start to transition him over the next few weeks
  4. Flint is growing like a bad weed - tall, and at his last weigh in two weeks ago - a healthy 37 lbs - and he seems hungry all the time. He is on a very good quality grain free puppy food - 3 to 3 1/2 cups a day with some raw vegetables mixed in. When should I start to transition him to adult food...or should I just up the amount of puppy food he's receiving right now?
  5. I have never had an intact male beyond 6 months old. However, having read the posts regarding neutering, I am going to do my best to not neuter Flint too early. He is 5 months old and already weighing in at 16.3 kg. (around 37 lbs) and he's tall and lanky! I think neutering him at this age will only make him moreso. However....we live in the country and I know at least one farmer has an unspayed female loose all the time (around 3 1/2 km from here) We have a fully fenced yard (5 ft) fencing and the dogs are generally out there. If we're not home, the dogs are always inside. However, I work all day and DH is home....and not always attentive to what the dogs might be doing. What are the chances that Flint may try to escape if there's a female in heat in the area? How much do I need to worry about this? Not only do I not want to be responsible for bringing pups into the world...a lot can happen to a dog running loose around here. Are there any precautions I can take... I'll apologize now for my total lack of knowledge....I can only go on my vague recollections of our dogs when I was a kid and I know that they did wander.
  6. Liz...they are gorgeous!! .... Probably another breed not easy to find in my neck of the woods
  7. thanks again for all the thoughtful posts. I've been looking for Icelandics...absolutely not readily available in N. Ontario but a good number of flocks in Michigan. So I will need to look into the 'cross-border' shopping issues I am definitely drawn to the 'primitive' breeds for some reason. Love the Icelandics, Finns, Shetlands.... Haven't seen much available for Tunis up here either but still looking. It seems I should focus on a few dogbroke sheep first. The challenge will be to find them and transport them here!
  8. Yes indeed....not exactly planned but one must go with the flow...Flint - 5 months old now!! YIKES...
  9. Thanks for those links Mara. I will look into those breeds of sheep as well as the Tunis. I'm not in a major rush since I need to have some permanent fencing in place which likely won't be until next spring. Availability will definitely be a consideration...not many sheep in my neck of the woods yet.
  10. Thanks everyone - your comments have been very helpful. Ben, that was most insightful! I'm around the same height...but we won't discuss my weight or my age...which is likely older than you be a few years I was thinking in terms of the Shetland's weight and size being easier to handle not more difficult. Thanks for the tip on contacting Tea! Marylynn - I haven't done any spinning yet - that's coming up this winter. However, I do know that I'm able to wear mitts, etc made from Shetland wool without wanting to scratch myself to pieces which is what has drawn me in that direction. One of the other reasons I'm considering Shetlands is because they available nearby..as well as some Jacobs. I also like the fact that they are a primitive breed and thus hardy in our conditions. Maybe I'll look into some Icelandics which might meet both my needs.
  11. I'm feeding GO puppy right now - made in Canada and is available at the PetValu stores (not sure if they have them in your neck of the woods) I'm considering switching to Performatrin Ultra Grain Free - also made in Canada... Here's the information for GO and some limited info for Performatrin (also available at Pet Valu) http://www.petcurean.com/for-dogs/go/ http://www.petvalu.com/in-our-store/products/dog/performatrin-ultra-grain-free-adult All the dogs seem to enjoy the food and look good and healthy too.
  12. Here's is my sheep dilemma - I'm the person who will need to handle, care for and do all the chores for sheep. I would like a small breed of sheep, hardy and with lovely fleece...therefore, I'm leaning heavily toward Shetlands. Now, I understand that Shetlands may not be the best sheep for working/teaching Flint especially with me being a beginner. So, would it make sense to find 3-4 dogbroke sheep to mix in with the Shetlands? Can they all live happily together or would I need to have separate areas for them?
  13. Yep, in my neck of the woods it's baler twine...and it is an absolute necessity around the farm ties up bundles of wood, wire crates, my tomato plants...I don't think I could live without it Geonni....it was called haywire here tied up many a muffler in a pinch
  14. Welcome! Shi is very handsome You'll learn plenty on the boards...lots of knowledgeable people who are happy to share I take my Flint to work as well...only 2 times a week - mostly for my sanity
  15. I'm so sorry to hear about Falon..it's even worse when it is so unexpected. "You loved me very much and I loved you. My spirit will always be with you, and no matter how deep my sleep, my grateful heart will always remember you."
  16. I was helping out at the dog demos and decided to take Flint with me. He was so well behaved! The horses (and there were many of those!) didn't bother him in the least. We walked through the carnival section - complete with noisy rides and screaming kids...nary a blink of his eye and every kid he saw was a cause for a great demonstration of wigglebutt! He barked once at a Great Dane who barked first, but aside from that, was as quiet as a mouse. I was throughly impressed He was interested in all that went on around him, but was not reactive at all. Good boy, Flint!
  17. I was on another forum - someone just lost their Akbash to hop poisoning. It happened quickly. I found this information: http://www.brewersfriend.com/2010/05/09/hops-and-dogs/ I don't think hop growing is too popular in our neck of the woods but I suppose in warmer climates, it's quite popular. There are so many plants that are toxic - I guess this another to add to the list.
  18. He should not get the dog back...no way, no how! In a similar fashion, this happened near where I live. A person, (I hesitate to call him a 'man'!) took his 3 Rottweilers into the bush, tied them to trees and left them....no food, no water and in a bush with plenty of large predators (wolves, coyotes, black bears). The dogs were found, taken to the animal shelter and after 3 days were adopted out. The person who left them there, came forward and wanted them BACK!!!!!!!!!!! If I recall correctly, he was charged with animal cruelty and under our provincial laws, the dogs were not given back because he abandoned them.... Makes you wonder sometimes, doesn't it??
  19. Yes, they do love to have him there..I even had one resident who only likes cats, pet him! That was a real surprise
  20. I am a very fortunate person. My employer allowed me to have Jazz in my office from the time he was a puppy until we moved to the farm in 2004. Jazz didn't enjoy the hour long ride so he only came to the office intermittently after that. Fast forward to 2012...and my employer is happy to have Flint here. So, two days a week, Flint comes to work with me. It gives him the opportunity to meet new people and see scary things. I work in a seniors complex so there are wheelchairs, walkers and slow moving folks. At home he's a tornado of activity. Settling down in the house is an ongoing issue - alone he's okay, but with the other dogs...not so much In the office - he is a calm puppy. He has learned that sitting right away gets him lots of loving from everyone. If I leave him alone in the office for a few minutes, I find him sitting at the door waiting for me. For longer periods of time, I have a crate which he happily goes into. Once he is outside for a potty break - he's back to tornado dog! I am amazed at his ability to recognize when it's appropriate to be a bouncing puppy and when he has to be 'mature'
  21. Gotta love that board mojo! So very glad to hear that Seamus is back home!!
  22. Lots of northern mojo heading to you and Seamus...where are you located - I can crosspost to another board. do you have a photo?
  23. Thanks everyone, this is why I come to the Boards with these kind of ponderings I know that the experienced people here will give me their thoughtful and honest opinions. I likely will take Cricket...she saw sheep when she was around 5...not too interested so she would be a good 'test'. Flint has already shown interest in rounding up the ducks..they were not impressed. Maybe I'll look at a few runner ducks....
  24. sorry, I guess I'm not wording this correctly. I know Flint is much too young to start training in any serious way...but is it worth giving him some brief exposure to sheep at this time? I didn't really mean that I would let anyone train him...blah..I think I've been out in the sun too long!!
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