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  1. Thanks AK dog doc! That was precisely the information I was looking for. :)I hadn't thought about warming up the blankets That makes a great deal of sense. We just had our first dusting of snow..not a whole lot, but Cricket raced around the perimeter of the yard, revelling in all the white stuff. As for putting a sweater on her...that's not likely to happen, she can be 'destructo' dog when she wants to and it would likely be in shreds! I'll be sure to keep a good eye on her while she's out since we never leave our dogs out when we're not at home. Thanks again, Happy Thanksgiving to you all in the U.S.
  2. I am wondering if dogs can become hypothermic? My female BC, Cricket, ( 1 1/2 yrs old, 30 lbs), was playing in our fields on a very wet, very windy, cold day. I noticed that she was shivering and persuaded her into the house [she LOVES to be outside!, rain, snow (her favourite!!doesn't matter, so long as it's not dark, outside is where she likes to be]. For the balance of the day she was very lethargic, (DEFINITELY not normal). She was curled up on the couch then jumped up, raced to her crate, and curled up there. Again...not her usual self. She felt cool to the touch, so I covered her up with a blanket. About 4 hours later, she was back to herself. I live in N. Ontario (not quite as cold as Alaska ..but close enough. Cricket is a very lightly built dog and I need to keep her on the trim side because she has had an FHO for severe hip dyslasia. If dogs do get hypothermia, can you tell me what I should watch for? Is is the same as with humans?? Thanks!
  3. Madison's Mom.......... I am so happy to hear that you are going to have her spayed. I'm on the board of a shelter and there are SO many dogs who need a loving and good home. While our shelter is not strictly BC's...we get our share of them. It's heartbreaking to see. Congratulations again on making the best decision you could have made! Have a great time with her...and stay with the boards. The people here will give you their honest opinions...and to me, an honest opinion is worth its weight in gold!
  4. Hi Nancy, I am not an expert on behaviour, but from what I've read, that head over shoulder posture is a natural dominance cue between dogs. One book I found useful was called "How to speak dog" by Stanley Coren. As in all books, I don't agree with everything, but he did help me figure out some 'dog language'. From what you've said in your post, it seems to me that the two dogs worked out who at that moment was 'top dog'. I honestly don't know if this is something that should be stopped. I am sure there will be varied opinions on this. I always keep a close eye on my dogs when they meet a new dog...I tend to let the dogs work things out. If some people saw the way my BC and miniature schnauzer play together...they'd think it was an all out fight....with all the 'snarling..growling, mouthing, etc. but when one has had enough...it's very clear to the other. Sorry I probably wasn't much help. I guess each situation you encounter should be assessed individually.
  5. One suggestion for training on your own is to subscribe to Clean Run magazine. There is also a newsgroup (I think it's yahoogroups.cleanrun.com.) Anyway, the magazine is dedicated solely to agility. They also have excellent agility books for sale, starting at beginners and working to advanced. There is also a yahoo group for agility (called agilebc), where you can get some pointers. I basically train on my own (when I have time!) and my Jazz (male 5 yr old BC) LOVES agility. Have fun!
  6. Thanks Mr. Snappy...(BTW, I thought you were giggles the clown Right now, I train on my own, and subscribe to Clean Run and Dogsport to help me out. I had not thought about Specials, thanks! I'll look into that. I might try this trial at the full height just to see how he reacts...Since there aren't many trials in my area (this one is in Ottawa 8 hours from me...thank heavens for friend's spare room!) I don't expect to compete a whole lot (hmmm, unless he does really well...and LOVES it! : Since Jazz also comes to work with me as a resident therapy dog, I really don't want him to injure himself. Thanks!
  7. My 5 year old BC, Jazz is just over 22" at the shoulder and weighs in around 53 lbs. Under AAC (Agility Association of Canada), he is required to jump 26" in trials in regular competitions. Although we have not yet trialed (still working on some contact issues), I am considering entering a trial under a jumpers class only. Jazz is certainly capable of jumping that height, however, I have concerns that because of his size (weight) I might be causing him damage to his joints, etc. Any feedback from other BC owners with BC's of this size would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Hi all, My 1 yr old BC female, Cricket had a femoral head ostomy at the end of April. She is a high strung, busy BC (I know, most of them are! but my male Jazz is a bit more laid back, emphasis on bit more Anyway, we have restricted her exercise as required so the surgury could heal. We are now looking for muscle strengthening exercises. We currently run her through the fields, which are rolling hills,and let her chase balls up and down the hills. She is capable of jumping up on the couch. She is very wiry, (30lbs max) and rather 'bony'. Her other hip may at some time require surgery as well but I would like to avoid that if at all possible. So, if anyone has some good exercises that they have tried...I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  9. Val, Good luck! My BC, Cricket, just turned a year old in April. We had a FHO done on her because we could not afford to travel the distance to have a total hip replacement. She is a little BC, weighing in at 30 lbs. so the FHO was a reasonable alternative. She is doing great! When we rescued her at 6 months, we could not understand why she whined at night...she was chewing alot so we attributed it to 'teething'. Little did we know she was in pain because she masked it so well! Anyway, she races around with our other BC...in fact, I think she's faster than him! The recuperation time can be difficult....and there are times when she overdoes things...even though we try to keep her fairly quiet (okay...keeping a BC quiet is a bit of a stretch!) But she is so much happier! Good luck,
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