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  1. When my dad's pomeranian, Shadow, died at 16 1/2, my dad vowed no more dogs. He was too old to go through it again..my mom, however, overruled him and Tippy, a little black furball came into their lives. Where Shadow had been my dad's dog, Tippy was equally devoted to both of them. She brought great joy into their lives. When my dad died, Tippy was inconsolable and we all thought she would die too. But then, she realized how much my mom needed her and she rallied. When my mom died, Tippy went to live with my sister and this past spring she passed away. She was just a tiny little thing and her life brought great value to my parents lives..they were enriched by her. Each relationship is special and whether the dog is a 'working dog' or a lap dog matters not you are so right, "They and we are all different. We are all the same."
  2. Now that Flint has recovered from his neuter and the trainer/shepherd has some time now that lambing is over...We are going for our first lesson on Sunday! It's 2 1/2 hour drive but will be worth every penny. DH is not quite as impressed since we're having a family party the next day...but we all know that family won't mind if things aren't quite dusted up (it's my family...not his) ...and sheepherding lessons far outweigh the dust bunnies Now, must remember...balance, balance, balance - for me. Not sure how I can get video...but I'll try!
  3. Yesterday was humid but not overly hot. Sport played in the morning, got in the kiddie pool, generally was having fun. In the afternoon, he was in his crate inside for about 3 hours. I took him for a walk on leash - we had walked about 1 km when he staggered, fell over, got up, staggered again, got up and staggered once more. I checked his gums right away - they were white. I am now having flashbacks to Jazz's death in 2010 from hemangio. I called a neighbour who drove me home and I went to the emergency vet right away. By the time we got there (25 minute drive) Sport had recovered nicely. I had bloodwork done - nothing showed up. It was a costly trip but I was really worried. I started looking through the Board archives and now wonder if Sport might have a mild case of BCC....although the walk we took was not strenous by any stretch of the imagination... I've called the previous owners but they have not called back yet...I did ask if he had health issues before I took him home and was told no. Needless to say, I'll be monitoring him, especially this week which is supposed to be hot and humid.
  4. Mara, that would be a good idea except that Sport eats like he's starving all the time so I can see this starting a fight...maybe once I've managed to convince him that he will always get fed, it would be okay. I'm feeding him all his food in a 'mini'angel food tray - looks like a 6 container muffin tin but with the 'spikes' in the middle...it slows him down quite a bit!
  5. So far, mine have all been swimmers - Flint dove in right away as a puppy! thankfully, I had a long line on him or he would have kept going. All indications are Sport is a swimmer too...at least he liked the puppy pool
  6. Well, we're starting on Day 3 with Sport and the rest of the pack. It has not been an easy transition so far, but I think it will be okay. Right now, he's only really met Flint and unfortunately, there have been 3 fights ......no blood loss but lots of teeth, growling, and slobber. What I've found out so far, is that Sport doesn't read dog body language very well. Also, he came from a home with lots of JRT's - some got along - some were fighters so he wound up being separated alot. My DH really likes him and what little contact he's had with Cricket has been good. So, here's the game plan that seems to work ..... take Sport for a good walk..into fenced yard, play ball with him for a good while..then DH let's Flint into yard and I have Flint's toy...the boys are happy retrieving their own toys so that works. They get to run and see each other without any squabbles. After a bit, I just stop playing with either of them..walk around the yard, call Flint, call Sport...make they 'down' and after a bit play again. Repeat..... yesterday, Sport was tired and comfortable enough to roll around in the grass with Flint looking on... On some good notes, Sport has a very nice temperament with people. He's affectionate and joyful. DH loves that he brings the ball right back He walks nicely on a leash which is better than the others! He met the neigbhour's chipmuck crew (there are at least 8 of them!) and watched while they fed them peanuts without reacting at all! Not bad for a BC, I would say He is quiet in his crate and I found a mini-angel food pan (similar to a muffin tin) to stop him from gobbling his food... All in all, I'm hopeful that Sport will become a part of our pack and live with us a long, long time. If he does stay, I think he will be getting a new name...... he already looks like a SPARK to me
  7. In speaking with the former owner, I found out that they ran Sport behind an ATV as his exercise so needless to say, he's developed a need for lots of exercise. I need to figure out a way to give him the exercise he needs without it being a marathon.(I don't have an ATV..and definitely don't run myself!) Can you actually 'wean' a dog from that type of over exercising? He did have some agility training and I do have some equipment so I'll set that up for him. He's also very focused on his ball and once the fields have been cut, I'll be able to whack the ball for him out there. any other suggestions?
  8. Sport has arrived....I made the trip yesterday and returned home with him today. I took Flint with me so I could see how they reacted together. There was a bit of snarkiness, but all in all, I think it will work out. They had a long trip crated in the SUV and spent some time in the yard. Now, it's a matter of getting the terrrierest, Dusty and Cricket the mistress of the household to accept him. He's not quite as handsome as the photo....unfortunately, his coat had been so neglected, that he was shaved down - so he has a lovely tail and a furry face but the rest of him looks like a cocker spaniel! I'll post a photo or two later Some good mojo for us would be appreciated
  9. I'm not able to open the attachment, but given the post is in this section and I know that Luke was not well....my sympathies to you and yours. No matter how long they live with us, it is never long enough.
  10. The meeting is set up for next Tuesday. I had a long chat with his current owner and Sport really sounds like the right dog for us. It's about 6 hours from home but the bonus - it's virtually next door to Flint's breeder's farm! So, the plan was to take Flint with me, and this just works out that much better - we'll go visit his siblings/and extended family and maybe even some sheep!! . If all goes well, Sport will be coming home with me on Wednesday.
  11. I've been looking for a companion dog for Flint for awhile. He's very active and is really tiring out the 10 year olds. I think I may have found the right dog. He's 5-6 years old, in BCRO rescue in Ontario and if all goes well, I'm hoping to take Flint to meet him next week. Wish us luck Sorry about the photo...I can't seem to find one that shows up larger!
  12. Awesome, Kristi! Wick is one dynamo 12 year old Good luck at nationals
  13. Well,,,,I tried some pumpkin treats from the pet store....while I was away at an event, DH was greeted with an 'explosion' in the crate....needless to say, the only stuff going into his kong will be his regular kibble...
  14. Checked Flint's incision tonight and made a call to the emergency vet...something didn't look right - I thought it was herniated. Thank goodness for digital cameras and email. We got a photo, sent it to the vet and Flint has a very swollen scrotum..which I'm supposed to ice tonight. (NOW that should be an adventure!!!!) He wants to see him in the office tomorrow just be be sure all is well but at least it's not an emergency trip tonight. ..
  15. Since I have to keep Flint reasonably quiet for the next 10 days and he normally would be outside with the other 2 dogs, I need some good kong stuffing ideas for him. He doesn't seem to do well with a change of food..so I'm looking for some reasonable ideas for a kong - Does freezing stuff make it easier for him to digest? Any ideas would be appreciated
  16. Well Flint is home, safe and sound. He's looking fairly normal, all things considered....now the challenge begins...how to keep him reasonably quiet!
  17. Leash walks...that will be good practice for Flint...he's not the best boy when it comes to the leash. I'll be sure to pick him up his favourite bone for chewing and look up the tricks training stuff.
  18. Today's the day....I'm of mixed feelings. He has not displayed any of the 'boy' behaviour that I had when Jazz was a pup but I also know I have no intentions of breeding him, so it makes sense to have him neutered. Mojo for the boy would be appreciated - I know these are 'routine' operations, but any time my pups need more than a vet check I get stressed! I'll have to search the boards for info on dealing with him - post neuter! How quiet for how long
  19. What a handsome fellow..RIP Bonez
  20. Eileen, thank you for posting that lovely passage. Hilary had such an amazing way with words - it is magical. The night that I read about her sudden death, I was outside about midnight. It was cold, clear and calm. To the north, I saw the Northern Lights...They are often quite visible during the winter, but no so much at this time of year. I'm taking as a sign that Hilary was being greeted by all the animals that she helped and loved during her lifetime on earth and that the heavens were greeting her as well. there are no words that can take away the pain and loss...just know that you and your family and all her friends are in my thoughts.
  21. Trooper looks like a very handsome fellow and his ability to work with such a horrible injury is a testament to his strength of character. He's going to make someone a great companion/work mate. In the picture, is his front leg bandaged?
  22. What shocking news. I never knew her 'real' name. To me, she was always AK Dog Doc. When she posted, I always made sure to read them..not just for her sensible way of looking at the world, but because she had such a way of writing. My deepest sympathies to Tranquilis and family. The world has truly lost a gem.
  23. I am sorry to say I live in Ontario where a breed ban has been in place for too many years. The ban is all encompassing. It includes the AMStaff, the bull terrier AND ANY DOG THAT RESEMBLES A 'PITBULL' Since there is no actual breed known simply as "pitbull" you can imagine the owners sheer horror when their lab/boxer mix is condemned as a pitbull and taken away to be killed...The onus is on the OWNER to prove categorically that their dog is NOT a 'pitbull'.... Personally, I don't really like boxers...and all the 'pittie' breeds I've met, I've liked. RDM has it right...tougher animal controls for ALL dogs makes sense..not banning a breed...or in the case of Ontario...a whole lot of dogs who don't deserve this ridiculous law.
  24. Thanks everyone. She is going in for her annual visit on the 25 of May so I will have her blood checked at the same time. Her leakiness is quite intermittent and it isn't a large quantity at any time so I'm not overly concerned. I just was wondering about the higher protein food having an affect on her.
  25. It appears as though Cricket is having some mild incontinence during the night but not on a regular basis. There are no puddles, just some damp 'dribbles'. She is just over 10, and is spayed. She also has hip dysplasia which hasn't been a problem since her surgery at 6 month old but she is getting a little stiff now. A couple of years ago, I switched all my dogs to a grain free kibble. I am now wondering if the higher protein content might be adversely affecting Cricket. She is due for her annual vet check in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, would it make sense to take her off the grain free diet altogether or at least mix with something less high in protein? Thanks!
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