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  1. What a wonderful update! It's just the kind of news that I needed to hear today! Good for you, good for D'Elle and way to go Kelso!!
  2. We haven't had ticks in this area..but it seems they have moved farther north this year. A day ago, I noticed a lump above Spark's eye. There didn't appear to be any ticks and a couple of days before, he and Flint had a really nasty fight. Today, there is definitely a deep red mark that is quite visible. I've cleaned it and applied polysporin - I have Friday off, so I'll likely take him to the vet just as a precaution. Do tick bites abcess?...
  3. Thanks Julie, that's the opinion (barbed wire directly below and above) that I got from a couple of other folks on another board. I talked with my fencing supplier and I think I'll go ahead with the electric right away..it's not as costly as I thought it would be since it's such a small area. I really don't like barbed wire at all so I'm glad I can get away from it.
  4. I'm finally going to get my fence for my upcoming (I HOPE) flock of shetlands (or maybe Icelandics). I'm going to put in 13-48-6 Woven wire fencing (page wire). I can't afford to put in the hotwire this year but was wondering if a strand of off-set barbed wire at the bottom and the top would work as a deterrent? This area is going to be 80x80 and within 100 feet of the house. - I don't usually have predators that close but...sheep may be an attractant for sure. Any thoughts?
  5. Hm....maybe we're far more relaxed in N. Ontario..I call my vet by his first name...and did so with my previous vet as well...and I was always greeted as "Kris'....very interesting, indeed...
  6. Thanks for posting the article (I'll read it tonight at home!) The previous owners shaved Spark..and his coat is coming back VERY slowly. I'll be sure to brush him a lot - I want his guard hairs to grow back. In all the heat, he's been the hottest dog I have..the others in full coat are just fine.
  7. Welcome...I don't know what to tell you about his ears, except that might be the way they are set...If he's happy, I don't think I'd worry too much about his ears As for his undercoat, ...I live in N. Ontario and winters are cold...my old minature schauzer didn't wear a coat outside until he was quite elderly...and he never seemed to get cold so I think Frankie will be fine
  8. He's a handsome little fellow....here we would call him red....have fun with him - you will learn a great deal from these boards!
  9. Okay...my first attempt at youtube.... http://youtu.be/RzrCXXZaM5Q
  10. I'm not sure if this works...however, I need help - as you can see from this video, Spark obsessively barks/shrieks in Flint's face..I'm sure tonight it precipitated a fight that I broke up ... what can I do to stop this??? https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?v=589239631116296&set=o.302876329738302&type=2&theater
  11. Personally, I would end earlier. 15 minutes can be a long time. I would try 5 minutes - 3 times a day instead. Short and sweet
  12. Congratulations on getting your new companion. It sounds like she will have the best home for the rest of her days
  13. When I went to meet Spark, I brought Flint with me. I booked a hotel room specifically stating I had a dog with me....for whatever reason, they put me on the 2nd floor. Flint, being rather quirky at times, refused categorically to go up the stairs or in the elevator. I was too tired to force the issue so he stayed in his crate in the vehicle. It was night, on the shady side of the building, windows down a bit, etc...AND I still made sure to let the front desk know he was there and was safe! I did this because I didn't want someone thinking he was 'in distress'. It is such a catch 22....I travel with my dogs, so sometimes, they are left in the vehicle...I do everything I can to keep it a short time and a comfortable time.
  14. jb777, My Jazz died of hemangiosacroma 3 years ago...He went from healthy to death in 5 days. If that's what your dog had, there is little that could have been done. Searching for answers can be helpful, as I know I did, but you also have to remember that you did the very best you could at the time. Here is something that helped me as I worked through losing my heartdog. I hope it will help you as well. I didn't write it but I have to thank the person who did.. Dealing with the Guilt. Guilt. It's a word that can invoke in us the deepest, most terrible feelings of loss, horror, anger, and helplessness. Why did I do what I did? Why couldn't I have done more? Did I kill my beloved pet? Did I not do enough? Did I do too much? Did I put him/her down too soon? Did I wait too long? If only I had closed the gate. If only I had noticed sooner. If only I had waited longer. If only I had more money. If only I had rushed to the vet sooner. If only I had known more at the time. If only I had listened to my gut feelings. If only I had gone to a better vet. And we beat ourselves up for all these questions and "if-onlys". Why do we do this? Because we loved our pets. Because we wish we could have done more, or wish we had not done what we did. But we cannot bring them back. We cannot change what we did or did not do. What we can do is stop hurting ourselves over the guilt. Each of us, in our own way, did what we thought was right at the time, using what we knew and felt. Each of us tried to do the best we could, and did it with the intention of love. We are human beings, with frailties and faults. We don't know everything. We make mistakes. But we make them with the best of intentions. To hurt ourselves with the terrible additional pain of guilt is to do disservice to the love we felt for our pets. With very, very few exceptions, we did the best we knew to do at the time. Even if we feel that we didn't do what we should have, or did what we should not have, we have learned, and everyone will benefit from that knowledge now. Our beloved pets are gone, and out of pain. We still torture ourselves with the pain of guilt and doubt. It's human to do that, too, but are we being fair to ourselves? We loved, deeply, and that says that we have a deep capacity for love that many do not. We are basically good people. Should we not recognize that goodness, instead of inflicting pain on ourselves for what we could, or should, or should not have done? We took in a beloved creature, and gave him or her everything we could. We petted, we walked, we fed, we changed litterboxes, we played, we stroked, we sat sleepless on difficult nights. We cared, and did everything we knew to do at the time. And we looked in their eyes, and knew they understood that we loved them. If we didn't know enough, or made an innocent mistake, do we believe that they did not understand, and love and forgive us in spite of it? I believe they did, and that they do. We need to forgive ourselves. If we can, we can increase our knowledge, reach out to help others, and use our pain to make things better for our pets, for others' pets, and for those animals out there who are alone and lost. We can make a difference. But only if we quit hating ourselves, blaming ourselves, for being human. Let the guilt go. Know that your furbabies don't blame you; they understand, because they know your heart. Let yourself forgive yourself, and allow all the love you have to be there for another. There are so many who need it. Learn, and then teach. Keep learning, and don't stop. Every pebble of knowledge and caring you send out will ripple throughout the world, and keep growing. And perhaps in time, every animal will be loved, and well-cared for, and there will be a great golden age for the animals, and for those of us who love them. Ginger-lyn Summer September 10, 1999
  15. We are making progress - Spark is starting to settle in - He still has an outrageous appetite but I've changed his food and also just treated him for tapeworms. He settles beautifully in his crate. We still haven't moved him into the dog room with the others - that's not high on the priority list right now. He has been introduced to all the dogs and surprisingly - Dusty Bad As*, my terrierest, was the first to initiate the playbow - let's tear around. However, he also let Spark know in no uncertain terms that he does not appreciate him in his face. He and Dusty are now on good enough terms to actually walk them together without any issues at all Spark is very vocal when he wants something - akin to a high pitched scream/yelp/bark. I suspect that he got what he wanted from his former owner's son when he used this tactic. As hard as it is...I am completely ignoring him when he does this. He is slowly getting the message. He is fine with Cricket - won't steal her ball when it's playtime and is the same with Flint - Flint has his toy, Spark has his ball and for the most part, they leave each other's toys alone. The boys share the large kiddy pool I purchased. Yesterday, just for a moment, they were in it together! Today, I started letting Flint, Spark and Cricket out of the fenced area with me - without any toys - that seems to frustrate Spark a little but I think it's the only way that I can get the boys to realize it's okay to run/play together. All in all, it's been a challenging couple of weeks but for the most part, things are going well. If anyone has any suggestions on other ways to help the dogs integrate, please let me know I would truly love to be able to let them all out in the fenced area together and know there won't be any warfare!
  16. Terrecar, thanks, I'll check that. It's possible that DH messed with my settings
  17. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone else has been having an issue with a virus warning on accessing the site? I use Spybot and AVG 2013 and this has been happening for the past week. I let the virus programs do their job and restart. On restart, there doesn't seem to be an issue. Any idea as to why this might be happening? It's only on the BC boards that I have this issue. Thanks
  18. Well, Flint's first exposure to sheep was not quite what I expected but then again, it wasn't bad. At first, Flint was far more interested in the 3 LGDs and Ross, the BC in the pen with us. It took him a bit before he really noticed the sheep but once he did, he was cautiously interested. By the end of an hour or so, he was good and dirty and tired and I think figuring out some of what was expected. So, basically, the trainer said - Flint needs to get more time with sheep before he can really start to train us. I guess that will mean figuring out if there's a farmer close by who will let me borrow some sheep or figuring out how to get a new roof AND some sheep.....
  19. Thanks everyone..I'm not totally opposed to grains...really it mostly corn. I'll take him in to get weighed again and try some of the 'filler' foods. I happen to like oatmeal too...so maybe he and I will share He is gettling less anxious and there are good signs that he and Flint may start enjoying each other's company a lot more.
  20. Sport ... (now known as Spark) has an insatiable appetite. He's very fit, weights about 39 lbs - but he is also the most hyper/anxious dog I've ever had. He is constantly hungry and I'm up to 4 cups of grain free kibble a day with him and he is still acting like he's starving. He wolfs his food, so I've started feeding him in a 6 part container (similar to a muffin tin but designed for mini angel food cakes) It has slowed him down but he's still hungry.I feed him 4 times a day right now... Could this be due to anxiety with the new environment, routines, etc? He was just wormed (Revolution) Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated.
  21. Mdaniels - no he had not been treated. So far, no other episodes so I'm hoping it was just one of those 'weird' things....but will be watching him carefully.
  22. We've decided that Sport is a keeper. We're still working on integration into the pack but I'm seeing him relaxing more and I think it won't be long before Flint has the buddy he needs to run around with We are also transitioning his name from Sport to Spark
  23. Loggerboots....I've had occasion to work with this trainer a couple of times with my old dogs (they were 7 & 4 at the time) - They had fun and I learned I had a WHOLE lot to learn so, I've watched as many trials as I can, read some really great books and watched some informative DVDs...but this really will be different..Flint's a pup (1 year old) and comes from great working lines...I think I'll have my work cut out for me
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