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  1. Oh, that's awful. Sending you and Kipp lots of good mojo....
  2. I'm having a heck of a time getting Safe-guard in Ontario Canada...I finally found some on Amazon.ca....now I hope I can actually order it!
  3. This is a timely thread. DH came home to a trail of diarrhea from Cricket. Her favourite pastime on the farm is running/digging/and generally getting thoroughly muck filled from all the run-off creeks here. This is the first time she's had such a violent reaction so I'm not sure if it's giardia or not. But given the conditions, it likely is. I've placed a call to my vet to see about medications and whether he can prescribe something even if she no longer has the runs. Also, since the 4 dogs and the cat all use the same water bowls, etc....should I be treating all of them?
  4. That's great to hear...I hope he continues to have many good days
  5. KrisK


    I'm so sorry to hear about Sammie...even 15 years isn't enough to have them. Run free at the bridge with the others who have gone before you.
  6. I'm glad to see that Kipp is feeling better....every day is a gift and I know you and Kipp will enjoy them to the fullest.
  7. Oh no...I'm so very sorry to hear this. You and Kipp are in my thoughts.
  8. I don't know anything about lymphoma but wanted to send you and Kipp lots of good mojo. Hopefully you will get a more definitive answer when the lab work comes back.
  9. KrisK


    I'm so sorry to hear about Speedy. It's tough to lose any companion but one so special makes it doubly hard. They have an extra special place in our hearts. Rest easy Speedy
  10. The really stormy weather held off until after the sheep arrived. Tonight, it took about 1/2 hr to convince them to go into the little barn. Now, with winds up to 40-60 miles per hour..and heavy rain, I'm sure they are quite happy. Not the greatest pictures - but more to come. Let the games begin
  11. Spark, the rescue dog I got in June, is most definitely OCD. At 5-6 years old, I'm not exactly sure how to break the behaviour. He has worn a path between the duck house and the fence. If, we are outside, and not engaging in play, he will find the biggest rock in the yard and start rolling it...or he will go into the tall grass and pull out grass by the mouthfuls. Yet, he settles nicely in his crate, has a great recall and is generally (most of the time) getting along with the other dogs. The previous owners used to run him behind an ATV for miles...to exercise him. I'm living with his compulsive behaviour now.
  12. Okay..it's been a long time coming, but tomorrow the adventures start! My sheep are finally arriving. I can only hope that I'm ready. I'll post pictures
  13. We are in the process of getting all the fencing (woven wire and electric offsets) for the sheep arrival (now arriving in early November) Since the electric fence is going to be used as a predator deterrent, the hot wires will be offset on the outside of the fence. How would I go about training the BC's to keep their noses away from that fence or are they doomed to get shocked at least once??
  14. Thank you for sharing Raven's story...I have no doubt that she was in heaven on earth with you and your family....A special dog with a special human..
  15. I am so sorry to hear about Raven. Their life with us is much too short. Run free at the bridge Raven...
  16. They are all adorable pups - Flint actually picked me...I had more or less decided on a different pup from the pictures and when I arrived to meet them...well, the rest is history. I am sure you will enjoy whichever pup you bring home. And..then the adventure really begins
  17. Just had a chance to watch the videos! What a happy, happy boy he is!! Just watching his tail wagging a mile a minute is enough to make me smile!
  18. Fence project well underway - too bad my work life interferes with my farm life Thanks to Jo for driving up from her place to lend a hand..... I think I'll owe her a couple of fleeces.... hmmm...not sure why the photos are so small!
  19. Even though smaller than what you want, I'd consider a schnauzer...they are tough little dogs who will definitely keep up - they are also snuggly dogs and can steal your heart in an instant
  20. Spark, my rescue dog, was shaved down completely in May this year by his previous owners. He suffered (and still does) from the heat whereas my full coated BC's, did not appear as hot as he did. Personally, a bit of tummy trimming might be okay, but I wouldn't shave a Border collie. Spark's coat is slowly coming back but so far, its fluffy with no guard hairs at all.
  21. My Cricket, will sometimes be afraid of the kitchen floor...there is no rhyme nor reason to when she will suddenly decide the floor is scary. I can't be much help, but yes indeed, they can be quirky dogs!
  22. Pam...I'm actually getting a BFL/Shetland cross too There is a professional shearer who lives in the village closest to me! How lucky is that I may try shearing myself in the future, but I'll get the pro for the time being. As for the coyotes - they haven't been much of an issue here. There seems to be a larger problem in the farming country closer to urban areas. I guess their habitat is being made smaller and smaller. That being said, I am taking the firearms safety course at the end of September and will likely purchase an appropriate gun, just in case they become too bold. I'm hoping that the good fencing and electric fence will be a big enough deterrent..I really prefer to 'live and let live' when it comes to wildlife.
  23. Kristi - I actually bought a spinning wheel from a friend who was downsizing...and besides Jo, there is a master spinner in my area so yes, I do plan to work on carding, spinning, etc Julie - I won't breed right away since these will be my first sheep, but I did get the ewes with breeding in mind in the near future. I love the colours too! DH has been pretty good about this new venture - even though he's not enthusiastic, he's been helping out with getting the fence lines laid out and since he is a perfectionist - he'll probably help with the fence too I'm excited and nervous at the same time - It is a big step to be responsible for more lives on the farm....
  24. I've finally done it. I've put the deposit on spinner flock - I'm getting 4 wethers and 2 registered ewes. I've ordered the fencing, and heavy duty solar electric fencer which should give the coyotes a good jolt. The paddock is within 60 feet of the house and far enough away from the bush. Here are 4 of the sheep that will be arriving soon...
  25. I'm so very sorry to hear about Misty. She was a lovely happy pup and was blessed to have had you in her life. They are never gone from us..they always live in our hearts. Run free at the Bridge Misty..
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