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  1. Thanks! Now if Frontline is over the counter, where can I get it?
  2. Twobit has fleas, but a rather mild case. I see one or two every once in a while. We bought this mild shampoo that is supposed to help for a couple days, and we bathed her. Plus we got a flea collar. The problem is, even though I am not seeing any fleas, sheis itching so badly! There are lots of bites on her belly and legs, and two bald spots where she kept in itching. Should we revert to getting her a feal dip? Is there anything else? Is there an anti-itch cream to provide relief from the bites already there?
  3. Thanks for the info, guys. It helps a lot. Maybe he can do obedience and I can do agility? (I need the exersize-will be my excuse)
  4. When Twobit and I get into agility...my fiance also wants to do it. We only have one dog. Would it be too confusing to Twobit to be handled by me at one point and then Mike at another time? We try to be very consistant in our commands and make sure we match. I would be taking the agility classes with Mike and he would most likely watch or be taught by me later on. I just want him to be active in it too and not make him feel left out.
  5. CaelinTess: It would probably be good for me to keep the tennis ball for when we start agility. Maybe throw it to her a couple times for a reward...or just do more agility! heh
  6. I was able to almost perfect "sit", "stay", and "come". Now I had discussed earlier that Twobit is not food motivated and I switched to the tennis ball yesterday and it worked better but not so great because she was so focused on the ball and not me. Well tonight I took someones suggestion and used diced hot dogs. She LOVES them and ate them out of my hand (rather than me having to gently put the treat in her mouth as she gently took it). She seemed to like those so much that I could really train her. Now I can leave the room and have her stay where I told her to and then call her. I think she is also starting to associate the clicker with a treat too. So, YAY ME AND TWOBIT!
  7. Take care and it is good everything else seems healthy on your dog, once that kidney is out they will be as good as new! Who needs 2 kidneys anyways?
  8. Val, I am with you 100%. If it was Twobit, I would do the same thing. Your dog has years ahead of him, as a loving pet parent, I see no other option. I remember having a conversation with my S/O. Now he loves Twobit, but we live in an apartment and we recently moved and it was difficult to find an apartment that allowed dogs. Well he had alluded to the question "would you get rid of Twobt for a nice apartment?" and I was in tears because even thinking about not having my dog made me so sad and depressed. She is like a child to me and we all will do whatever we can for our children no matter how furry they are.
  9. Animal Farm!!!! And excellant adaption of George Orwells book...and the BC was the star. Her name was Jessie (my name!). I love that movie I think I will download it.... Rent it/download it/borrow it today! You will not be dissapointed!
  10. Dogs in the wild did not eat the same thing over and over again. Imagine eating crackers every day. Sure they are edible, but is that good for you? Also WE have the choice on what to feed them, not our dogs, don't we owe them the best?
  11. I personally would not use that feed if thats the only thing to use....do you give your dogs other foods besides that, like raw or cooked meat, vegies etc? If so then it should not be a huge issue. I am taking my dog off science diet and switching over to Wysong food, but in addition to that, I will cook her rice, chicken and steak and some times give her raw beef (I am still weary about giving her raw chicken). She also likes bananas, carrots, corn, etc. I probably do 75% kibble, 25% other stuff.
  12. Yes, we got her from the breeder already paper-trained so we had no choice in the matter We thought it was cool at first. heh.
  13. Great advice, I am glad this is a popular topic...some of us just want to do whats best there is no Cosco where I am, there is Wal-mart, Target, etc. A local shop sells Wysong, Diamond and Innova and Nutro, I will have to check those out.
  14. Yes Racey, I have started to notice that. A good friend recommends Wysong and Innova which are sold locally and are hollistic. I have seen her dogs and they are beautiful, perfect coats and so healthy. She also does raw food too, in the afternoon (kibble in the morning). Those brands are same price as science diet. Compairing the labels...I am wondering what the hell made me choose science diet? Its so bad!
  15. Thanks Tassie for the advice Yesterday she peed outside for the first time and we "threw a party" I think she is also getting the idea that she should not pee or poo inside...I also follow her when I see her go into the kitchen (her pee zone) and she notices me.
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