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  1. Let us know how it turns out! And yeah-it seems that around here there are no vets offices open on Saturdays. And there are more veterinarians in this city than I have ever seen anywhere else!
  2. These bones keep Bailey occupied for quite some time. I really just wanted to test this out and see if I could get a pic to post correctly. :confused: It didn't work the last time I tried.
  3. Jennifer and Vicki That may be true for many dogs, but with Bailey if he looks away without ever looking at me at all its because he is not going to take heed to what I say. With the roll I can make eye contact, give my verbal correction, and then he will look away before I do. That is the key-he looks away first. That means that I win. And in many minor situations all it takes is a look from me (with eye contact) to let him know that the behavior is unacceptable-and that alone corrects him without any verbal correction. Sorry-I am not very good at getting what I want to say across in
  4. Sorry to have caused all the conflict by posting about this subject! The roll has worked for Bailey the past two times that I have used it (for those most grievious of offenses) and the offenses have never been repeated. I will find out if it worked this last time (for all who didn't read my last post Bailey snapped at my boyfriend's face and drew blood). To me that behavior called for the alpha roll (but for me I know that it works with Bailey). So that's why I chose that correction for that instance. I wouldn't use it if the dog tried to resist. I could see where one migh get b
  5. Deafbat- You can get the cube at petsmart or petco. I saw those IQ puzzle toys at the Discovery Channel Store at the mall. There were two different ones, the one with the balls in it and one where there are a bunch of rings around a bone that can get pulled off. I almost bought them-I think I will go back and buy one now!
  6. Deafbat- Have you tried the "Cube" toy. It has a little hole and you can set it to let out more or less treats. And since it is square it takes a bit longer to get the food out, and you can stuff quite a bit in. Although with Bailey it only took about 2 hours to figure out that he could pick it up by getting his teeth in the hole to hold and then kind of toss it so it lands hard and food comes out. But it sure is funny watching them figure out what exactly to do with it.
  7. I don't give rawhide at all! I won't give a lecture-but the majority of the opinions that I have read and heard are that rawhide is no good! It isn't digestible and sits in the stomach. I give a good old femur bone or other big thick bone to Bailey and it lasts forever. I throw it away when it gets gnawed down to where large pieces start breaking off.
  8. I'll check that out-the title sounds familiar-I think I have that book at home. I have so many books and they all have so many variations on training its hard to keep track of everything.
  9. Thanks for posting that! I did read that one but then couldn't find it again. I am not disagreeing with you Cholla1-nor am I getting defensive. (Not that you said I am ) I am just curious to hear some other opinions. I am now reading "The Dog Listener" by Jan Fennell and I really like her techniques about how to establish pack order. Has anyone read this? My only gripe about the article is that I have seen many dogs playing and they DO flip each other on their backs and go for the neck in play. Now is that having some horrible effect on the dogs because it was the threat
  10. I am curious to hear opinions on the alpha roll. Does anybody use this technique for corrections? I know that some people have recommended it in previous posts. I only use it in extreme circumstances, when Bailey has done something terribly unacceptable. Probably only have done it 3 times and he is almost 1.5 years old. In my last post I was warned against this technique and did some reading on the cons. Bailey does not try to resist or bite me. It does not cause him to become more aggressive. Nor do I feel that I am scaring him with the threat of death as some of the articles stated that I am
  11. Thanks J.! I just hate the thought of any kind of worms! :eek: But in the grand scheme of things it really isn't such a big deal I guess.
  12. Thanks! I did manage to get through to my vet and she said it takes 21 days at least for them to start showing up. Bailey does not eat poops, but he does like to gobble up everything from the carpet. I am just worried that maybe a segment was on the carpet and he ate it. I vacuummed as soon as I noticed and my friend took his dog home immediately.
  13. My friend brought his dog hiking all day with me and Bailey on Saturday and then we later went back to my apartment and I noticed an icky tapeworm near his dogs butt. I vacuummed the house immediatley in case any were on the carpet. Bailey and his dog did the butt sniffing and were playing around all day. I know how tapeworms are transmitted (through fleas being ingested), I'm just wondering how likely it is that my dog will get tapeworms now. (They rode in the back of the car together, and Bailey likes to eat everything, so I wonder if he gobbled up a tapeworm segment) Not sure-can get the wo
  14. I use Interceptor for Bailey. I give it all year round because it stays warm here. Haven't had any problems with it. Bailey gobbles it down like its a treat. My holistic vet feels it is safer and less toxic than Heartgard. And from what I have read I have come to the same conclusion.
  15. On the note of Bills post-my friend has a husky puppy that acted the same way. When it snapped at her she would growl, flip him on his back and hold in down. She even went so far as to bite his neck. Only took about a week for the pup to stop the snapping.
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