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  1. Thanks Dan! I am kinda partial to that handsome dog! I owned his mother, bred her, watched Roy be born, raised him and started him. A bit too much eye for me, so he is now with Cheryl and David... but he'll always be my handsome Roy boy!
  2. I agree. That is what is most important!!
  3. Here are some pics from Sunday's PN. http://www.pbase.com/pastorshill/seclusival06
  4. http://www.meekerchamber.com/lodging.htm The Petersons were my handler sponsors last year - they have a nice B&B. http://www.mesahousebb.com/
  5. Sammy Jo and F-red won both Ranch and Nursery!David Clark won PN, I think Renee was 3rd with Bette and Robin and Zac were 6th??
  6. Not sure if this product has already been discussed, but just in case it has not - Intervet has come out with a Distemper vaccine, called Continuum DAP, that is USDA approved for three-year duration of immunity in dogs: http://www.intervetusa.com/default.asp?C=2...Products&Id=308 "For the vaccination of healthy dogs as an aid in the prevention of disease caused by canine distemper virus, canine adenovirus type-1, and canine parvovirus for up to 3 years following initial and booster vaccinations. Protection against CAV-2 was demonstrated by serological responses in dogs at 36 months following vaccination." And here is a press release: http://www.intervetusa.com/whatsnewPDFs/Co...20-%20final.pdf
  7. Yup, you're right Colin. Craig, Sam and I all had 85's and were hoping for a three way run off.... with only 2 runs left to go, Renee and Tommy knocked the three of us down two notches each. final outcome was Renee Tommy Craig me Sam
  8. Congrats to Renee Billadeau and Rae for their Open win at Seclusival on Saturday. And to top it all off, the win was in a runoff with Tommy Wilson and Sly!
  9. I will be running Rook and Bess in Open and Tweed in Nursery (if I get his second qualifying leg that is) . Mark, depending how Jody does the rest of this season in Nursery??? You guys are cleaning up already!
  10. 7 years... competing in Open for 4.
  11. GR, How long have you been training/trialing stock dogs? Have you ever competed in Open? If not, what is the highest level you have trained/trialed a dog? BTW, posting Denise's PRIVATE message to you on this public forum would only make YOU look bad. The word "private" is operative, don't you think?
  12. My boss had his dog vaccinated for lyme disease yesterday (second booster) and last night the dog became very lethargic, was extremely painful to any touch and was shaking a lot (not seizuring though). The vet was called and my boss was told to give the dog a Benadryl. She is not much better today, but has some appetite and is drinking water. She does not want to get up and walk and is still painful to touch. I can not find any specific sites that list all the potential side effects of the vaccine, but it seems as though the vaccine has given her many of the symptoms of the disease.
  13. Thanks Laura, I'll try the crushed pineapple... I can't possibly go around my 4 acres of lawn and pick up all the poop... :eek:
  14. I have 5 dogs and one of them will eat feces... so, I would have to put the pineapple juice (or Adolph's) in all my dogs food, right?
  15. Here are the newest additions to my flock. The one reminds me of Petie on the Little Rascals.
  16. A new lamb? We know what you'll be taking pictures of this afternoon!!
  17. I worked for a vet in Atlanta years ago and we had a 9 month old Rottie pup come in after falling out of the back of a pickup. The dog was tied in the back, but the rope was too long. When the guy went around a corner to quick, the dog fell out and the rope got wrapped around the wheel taking the dog with it. The dog was still alive, but the right rear leg was so badly damaged it had to be amputated. The left front leg also had bad nerve damage and made it very tough for the poor pup to get around for a while. The owner, who was a pro football player, decided he didn't want the dog anymore and wanted it put to sleep. We did not euthanize the dog and one of the other tech's adopted it.
  18. And of course, Denise Wall's DVD "In The Mind of a Champion" is a must have in my book! Someone with limited herding experience might not fully understand all of Scott's and Alasdair's descriptions of why they did certain things during their runs, but it will definately be an excellent learning tool!
  19. Also, does anyone know if this is hereditary and should this ewe and the lamb be culled?
  20. Hey Rebecca, I just had a ewe twin yesterday morning. The second born lamb, still wet, was already nursing, but the first born lamb wasn't up and nursing. This lamb had droopy ears and really sleepy eyes, so I knew she wasn't right. I jugged them and attempted to get the lamb to nurse but no luck, so milked out the ewe and tubed the lamb. After that tubing, she picked up a little and then was nursing on her own after that! Once she perked up, and her eyes were open more, I noticed that she had entropion. Did the penicillin injection thing and she was back up spunky and 100% lamb-like! Do you think that she didn't nurse because of the pain from the entropion?
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