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  1. I took this the day before the Nursery finals started. Mt. Scott is in the background.
  2. We just got home late last night. What a great time! Geri, Amy, Ellen, Francis and the rest of the gang did a tremendous job. Thank you to all of you and to all the volunteers. We are really glad we made the trip out there. And thank you to everyone for the congrats on my baby Tweeder's big accomplishment. I was very surprised when it was announced at the ABCA annual meeting and Mike Neary chuckled at my look of utter shock when they called Tweed's name. Needless to say, after returning to my seat, it really sunk in and I just cried! Those of you that trial, know what a role "the luck of the draw" plays in this game. This finals was so much more black and white as to how the sheep behaved during the day. If you ran before 10am or after 4pm, the sheep were totally different creatures and you had a much better chance of having a good run. Even the guy that owns the sheep that were supplied for the Finals, told me that he himself never works his sheep after 10am as they just do not want to cooperate. I've never seen the time of day affect the sheep as much as they did in Oregon, but then again, it was a lot hotter than usual out there. It sure was a challenge and a lot of fun. Now back to the daily grind...
  3. Hi Julie, yes it is Rook!!! What a great surprise to see this. I've been in internet darkness for months now, so it was a thrill to get to see my boy in action.
  4. Thanks guys!! Since my computer died back in mid-July and then moving... I have been out of touch for far too long. Glad to be back!
  5. Ivermectin is already failing here in VA. I used the Cydectin Pour-On for years and now am using the new Cydectin sheep drench, both with success.
  6. Bill, do you rotate what you use for de-worming or stick with the same type all year?
  7. If anyone is interested in finding out what animal law/legislation is going on in their state, go to www.animallaw.com
  8. WOW, Robin! That link you provided is excellent!
  9. Thanks for posting Colin. I imagine VA will not be too far behind... This is something we all need to be concerned about. Here is an excerpt from the link Colin provided above:
  10. A lot of times a dog rubbing his/her butt against the ground is due to the anal glands being full. The dog is trying to express them by scooting on the floor/ground. Did the vet(s) check Sage's anal glands?
  11. Maybe writing to Jeff Bridges would be a good idea??
  12. McCloud is white factored - white over hips and back
  13. Bess is white factored - white running up inside of hind legs (photo by Denise Wall) Rook is not - little white in inside of hind legs
  14. Thank you for all the info, Geri!! I called all the places you mentioned above, and then some. Prices are not including tax - Cimarron is $75/nite ($10 pet fee). Red Lion Inn is $99.95/nite (no extra pet fee). Ellis Motel is $48.60/nite. You can get a kitchenette for $5 extra/night ($5 pet fee). Motel 6 is $44.99/nite Mon - Thur and then $53.19/nite on Fri and Sat (no extra pet fee) Super 8 is $66.49/nite ($25 pet fee)
  15. The host hotel that was listed in the Finals info is $135/night. YIKES, I can't afford that! I was wondering if any of you have been to Klamath Falls and would have other recommendations for less expensive hotels, yet still clean and safe, allows dogs in the rooms and has a good grassy area to walk dogs. I'm not asking too much, am I? I've been online looking but I can't tell much from the photos.
  16. None of my dogs were vaccinated with that serial number! Here is the letter Fort Dodge sent to vets: http://www.dogsadversereactions.com/RabvacRecall.html
  17. When I got home, I looked at all my dogs' rabies certificates and found that Rook, Tweed and Ada all were vaccinated last year with the RabVac3 made by Fort Dodge. I called my vet's office back and informed them of this... unfortunately the vet had already left for the day so I now have to wait to hear back from him this morning. They used Fort Dodge rabies vaccine last year, but they had not heard about any recall until I told them about it. So, Fort Dodge has not contacted them.
  18. Thank you for posting this Eileen! My vet did not know of a recall either, but uses the Pfizer brand, not Fort Dodge.
  19. Jenny Glen, please correct me if I am wrong here.... didn't Brittney (my old Mirk's mother) inhale a foxtail and have it travel to her lungs - killing her?
  20. And congrats to Sam and Fred for their big win in the Ranch class yesterday (on the Open field doing the Open outrun)!!
  21. I wish I could have been there to run on that course and to see the joy on Mrs. Conrad's face in having her farm filled with handlers once again! I'm sad I missed it and it really is a shame that this trial conflicted with Dr. Ben's as there are many Open handlers who would have loved to be there to support Mrs. Conrad! I fear this may be the last trial at her place and it is sad that it could not have been attended by more Open handlers, especially Mrs. Conrad's fellow Virginian's like Sam Furman, David Henry, Donald McCaig, Barbara Ray, Tom Lacy, Lena Bailey and myself. Glad you all had a great time!
  22. Circle BR SDT Lawndale, NC May 27 - 29, 2006 Nursery Saturday 1 Schreeder Marianna Nan 2 Holcomb Dean Star 3 Schreeder Nancy The Don 4 Roller Wendy Harley 5 McMullen Shay Nell 6 Reed Bill Lad 7 French Robin Zac 8 Tesdahl Linda Flint 9 Koval Christine Tweed 10 Paxton-Hill Steve Tes 11 Maginnis Jennifer Frodo 12 Rogers Craig Brit 13 Schreeder Marianna Fran 14 Lad Lyle Jake 15 Tomlinson R.C. Fran 16 Reed Bill Skye 17 Furman Sam Fred 18 Paxton-Hill Steve Mac 19 Tesdahl Linda Ryan 20 Maginnis Jennifer Avwen 21 Schreeder Nancy Flyn Nursery Sunday 1 Schreeder Marianna Fran 2 Tomlinson R.C. Fran 3 Saunders David Brent 4 Schreeder Nancy The Don 5 Holcomb Dean Star 6 Tesdahl Linda Flint 7 Lad Lyle Jake 8 Reed Bill Skye 9 Furman Sam Fred 10 Rogers Craig Brit 11 Paxton-Hill Steve Tes 12 Tesdahl Linda Ryan 13 Koval Christine Tweed 14 Schreeder Nancy Flyn 15 Roller Wendy Harley 16 French Robin Zac 17 Schreeder Marianna Nan 18 Paxton-Hill Steve Mac 19 Reed Bill Lad 20 McMullen Shay Nell MONDAY CLASSES Nursery 1 Schreeder Nancy Flyn 2 Rogers Craig Brit 3 Tesdahl Linda Ryan 4 Paxton-Hill Steve Tes 5 French Robin Zac 6 Schreeder Marianna Fran 7 Lad Lyle Jake 8 Reed Bill Skye 9 Tesdahl Linda Flint 10 Furman Sam Fred 11 Schreeder Marianna Nan 12 Paxton-Hill Steve Mac 13 Holcomb Dean Star 14 Schreeder Nancy The Don 15 Reed Bill Lad 16 McMullen Shay Nell 17 Roller Wendy Harley Novice 1 Scott-Robinson Maureen Lizard 2 Wilkinson Peggy Sis 3 Golden Alex Brent 4 Bernard Michelle Gel 5 Carson Laura June 6 Luper Mary Flair 7 Brassine Rachel Keegan 8 Wilkinson Peggy Holly 9 Golden Alex Katie Pro-Novice 1 Penatzer Dee Craig 2 Lacy Tom Patty 3 Schreeder Nancy Flyn 4 McMullen Shay Nell 5 Roller Wendy Maisie 6 Holcomb Dean Tess 7 Clark David Clair 8 Seabolt Lauren Ghyll 9 Schreeder Marianna Nan 10 Tesdahl Linda Ryan 11 French Robin Zac 12 Bailey Lena Hemp 13 Turner Keena Rupert 14 Orr Bill Lad 15 Sternberg Ilsa Mist 16 Penatzer Dee Kelly 17 Tesdahl Linda Flint 18 Schreeder Marianna Fran 19 Luper Tony Blurr 20 Lacy Tom Jill 21 Bailey Lena Cord 22 Schreeder Nancy The Don 23 Roller Wendy Harley 24 Coburn Bill Spot 25 Furman Sam Tak Ranch 1 Clark David Danny Boy 2 Coggins Earnest Sam 3 Orr Bill Max 4 Roller Wendy Doc 5 Brice Norma Evin 6 Turner Keena Bennett 7 Reed Bill Skye 8 Clark David Roy 9 Furman Sam Fred 10 Coggins Earnest Boy 11 Penatzer Dee Ruth Ann 12 Saunders David Anne 13 Clark David Luckert 14 Reed Bill Lap 15 Lad Lyle Slick
  23. Dr. Ben asked me to post this to the Sheepdog List and I thought I'd include it here as well. Circle BR / NC State Championships SDT Lawndale, NC May 27 & 28, 2006 Open running order Handler's meeting at 6am each day, first dog to the post at 6:30am Saturday Open class 1 Rogers Craig Jake 2 Luper Tony Maid 3 Henry David Fieldstone Britton 4 Arrendale Kenneth Hawk 5 Ray Barbara Britt 6 Young Anita Branch 7 Roller Wendy Beinn 8 Cearley Red Tubbs 9 Koval Christine Bess 10 Godfrey Steve Joe 11 Schreeder Nancy Mac 12 Reed Bill Ruby 13 Lad Lyle Shep 14 Tomlinson R.C. Dat 15 Lacy Tom Megan 16 Coggins Earnest Nick 17 Nagel Steve Molly 18 Schreeder Marianna Kate 19 Tesdahl Linda Jaffe 20 French Robin Spottie 21 Brice Norma Jill 22 Furman Sam Tucker 23 Bailey Debbie Dusk 24 Campbell Colin Scout 25 Hughes Vicki Snip 26 Parker Dwight Spook 27 McCaig Donald Jake 28 Maginnis Jennifer Cree 29 Langston Jimmy Dog A 30 Thompson Jan Hope 31 Penatzer Dee Rob 32 Saunders David Belle 33 Orr Susan Glenn 34 Turner Keena Kyrie 35 Holcomb Dean Lynn 36 Furman Sam Buff 37 Cearley Red Becky 38 Reed Bill Liz 39 Schreeder Marianna Rock 40 Langston Jimmy Dog B 41 Bailey Debbie Ben 42 Wilcox Vicky Kate 43 Brice Norma Lena 44 Lad Lyle Moses 45 Rogers Craig Luke 46 Henry David McCloud 47 McCaig Donald Luke 48 Schreeder Nancy Link 49 Young Anita Tack 50 Roller Wendy Dinah 51 Coburn Bill Bud 52 Coggins Earnest Scott 53 Ray Barbara Queen 54 Holcomb Dean Sky 55 French Robin Jet 56 Hunt Jason Zip 57 Koval Christine Rook 58 Bailey Lena Spot 59 Parker Dwight Trixie 60 Arrendale Kenneth Wolf 61 Maginnis Jennifer Bay 62 Penatzer Dee Slick 63 Saunders David Jake 64 Orr Bill Boone 65 Lacy Tom Peg 66 Paxton-Hill Steve Joe 67 Thompson Jan Spin 68 Godfrey Steve Jake 69 Tesdahl Linda Peg 70 Tomlinson R.C. Fran 71 McMullen Shay Lad Open Class Sunday 1 Lad Lyle Moses 2 Roller Wendy Dinah 3 Lacy Tom Peg 4 McMullen Shay Lad 5 Henry David McCloud 6 Thompson Jan Spin 7 Rogers Craig Luke 8 Young Anita Tack 9 Schreeder Marianna Rock 10 Paxton-Hill Steve Joe 11 Brice Norma Lena 12 Penatzer Dee Slick 13 Saunders David Jake 14 Wilcox Vicky Kate 15 Furman Sam Buff 16 Hunt Jason Zip 17 Bailey Lena Spot 18 Godfrey Steve Jake 19 Parker Dwight Trixie 20 Schreeder Nancy Link 21 Holcomb Dean Sky 22 Coburn Bill Bud 23 Arrendale Kenneth Wolf 24 Cearley Red Becky 25 Tesdahl Linda Peg 26 Tomlinson R.C. Fran 27 Langston Jimmy Dog B 28 Ray Barbara Queen 29 Bailey Debbie Ben 30 Reed Bill Liz 31 Maginnis Jennifer Bay 32 Orr Bill Boone 33 Coggins Earnest Scott 34 French Robin Jet 35 McCaig Donald Luke 36 Koval Christine Rook 37 Lad Lyle Shep 38 Rogers Craig Jake 39 Henry David Fieldstone Britton 40 Thompson Jan Hope 41 Langston Jimmy Dog A 42 Nagel Steve Molly 43 Tomlinson R.C. Dat 44 Furman Sam Tucker 45 Luper Tony Maid 46 Hughes Vicki Snip 47 Arrendale Kenneth Hawk 48 Roller Wendy Beinn 49 Reed Bill Ruby 50 Schreeder Nancy Mac 51 Penatzer Dee Rob 52 Young Anita Branch 53 Bailey Debbie Dusk 54 Orr Susan Glenn 55 Campbell Colin Scout 56 Tesdahl Linda Jaffe 57 Schreeder Marianna Kate 58 Cearley Red Tubbs 59 Coggins Earnest Nick 60 Holcomb Dean Lynn 61 Godfrey Steve Joe 62 Lacy Tom Megan 63 French Robin Spottie 64 Turner Keena Kyrie 65 Saunders David Belle 66 Brice Norma Jill 67 McCaig Donald Jake 68 Ray Barbara Britt 69 Parker Dwight Spook 70 Koval Christine Bess 71 Maginnis Jennifer Cree
  24. I ran my young dog on the underclass field in the Nursery and Advanced Pro Novice classes at the Bluegrass this past week and I can tell you, from my own personal experience, that there was a problem. Many handlers told me they had brought it to the attention of the course director and their requests were ignored. It was a major disadvantage to those of us who ran at the times when the Open sheep were grazing along the fenceline next to the Novice trial field. Even attempting to stop our dogs short so that the sheep might lift straight didn't help as the sheep still bee-lined over to their buddies on the fence line. Those that were lucky enough to have any fetch to speak of managed to salvage their runs, but it certainly was not an equal playing field for all competitors. All that aside, I do want to thank all the Bluegrass crew, volunteers, organizers, sponsors and the KBCA for another wonderful trial. They all work tirelessly and do a phenomenal job. This is one of my favorite trials and I hope that it will continue for years to come.
  25. Excellent post Eileen! How about if the hosts offered a sort of "free pass" to the handler that won the "prestigious trial" the previous year? I don't think that there should be a percentage of gimmies, but to one person would not be unfair.
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