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  1. Hmmm $10 would be OK, but do you think you'd get a lot more interest at $5 per ticket? You have to consider the chances. Of the total number of teams in the jar, what percentage would be seasoned Open handlers? Someone could draw out a team who just started running in Open and the chances that team winning the 2 day are slim compared to all the much more seasoned teams. I'd do it for $10, but I am just trying to think of the average person's logic.
  2. Hey Denise, I had one decent run the whole trial as well... and I didn't even have a margarita so that says a lot about my handling abilities. I blame it on the red sheep too! What does it take to get the "SaPS" (aka Sam's Parade Sheep)?
  3. I don't understand the part about putting the names in a jar? Would it be a random drawing or would we get to pick who we thought would win the two day total? I don't think someone is going to want to pay $10 or $20 to pull a name out of a jar that could be a long shot. Doesn't the Bluegrass have this sort of thing as a calcutta? Or like the "who draws the Don King sheep" pool at Hoffman's trial?
  4. Sorry I don't do margarita's anymore. They were the death of me back during my "party" years in Atlanta. I'll stick with the Billadeau's in the NN Wine class...
  5. I'm just trying to keep up with yours and Sam's wins.
  6. Sammy Jo loves to be first! She was the first to post on the new forum "Under the Handler's Tent", and placed first both PN runs with the princess at ABC Mag SDT! Wanna sell that dog?
  7. Who else would be the one to start the new topic! Sam beats us at everything.
  8. ... and princess has a home here for life. Sure, sure... I have a vague recollection of hearing those same words about Maddie, and Todd for that matter as well. Never say never.
  9. Hopefully the puppy keenness will transfer over into top trial dogs!
  10. Robin, I whispered in Rook's ear that he needed at least an 85 to be in another run off with Spottie. Although he is partial to Gael's "Bite Ben" kisses, he still holds a special place in his heart for Spottie. Besides she ousted him out of the win at VA State Fair trial and he wanted to gain control again... just like a man. Since he did not want to chance getting that ding-batty, crazy, one horned cinny ewe in a run off, and blow a chance at a win, he decided to lie down when I asked during most of that run. That ewe needs the title of "Supreme Anti-SaPS"! I got her with Rook on Saturday and then again with Bess on Sunday, so I am with Sam - let's make mince meat out of her! Didn't Renee have her in one of her Ranch runs as well? Oh and BTW - I am keeping a leash on Tweed at trials from now on... we need to tell David and Kate to do the same. I'm just glad I wasn't the only one who wasn't paying attention.
  11. Hi Sue, Alasdair didn't run Bill this past weekend so you didn't miss it. He moved his Nursery dog, Knight, up to Open instead. And Sam, of course, was Sunday's big winner - taking both Pro Novice classes with Libby! And it was not an easy task with those crazy sheep... Sam, will that one horned cinnamon ewe be dinner soon?
  12. My 7 month old is a scarfer. I've tried putting the TD in with his regular kibble and he swallows those whole, too. I've also tried putting larger chunks of carrots and he will chew those, but when he finished the carrots, it's back to big mouthfuls of kibble. The method I've found that works best is to feed him on a cookie sheet. That way he can't "dig in" to the food by large mouthfuls as he has to nibble them off the cookie sheet. He still doesn't chew the kibble, but at least he is slowing down his eating.
  13. Julie, I wish that shot of Twist swinging around for that cows nose at the Breezy Hill trial had come out more clear! I need a bigger lens....
  14. Sue, of course, any working shots would be great, not just trial photos. And the more pictures we can get on there the better. And that is a good suggestion about including trials on the calendar, but there are so many all over the country that certain weekends would have so much information on there. It would be different if it was a "regional" calendar or like NEBCA does their own and just includes NE trials, but then limiting it to a regional or club calendar limits who will buy it. Julie, I have my camera at every trial so depending on my running schedule, the weather (too sunny makes photos too contrasty), and the distance I am away from the action - I'm usually shooting. Denise, and now Mark with Denise's old camera, will do the same. If we can get all the particulars together (cost, minimum order, lead time, sale price, etc.) for Lena I think she could be interested. In fact, did ABC do a calendar years ago? Does anyone recall that?
  15. I will also talk to my friend, Ray, who works for a large printing company. They are the ones that print "The Chronicle of the Horse" each week. He may be able to help or at least point us in the right direction of someone who can.
  16. NEBCA's calendar is done like a contest as well. Winners don't get any prizes, just the honor of having your photo chosen. It would be great if we could get it done in color though. Think that would be too expensive? If we could get the main "proof" calendar created, it would be less expensive for reproduction only - no design charges.
  17. Wow, that is a great idea! She may even be able to work something out with the magazine printer so that she could get them done inexpensively. Let's talk to her about it tomorrow! Between you, Denise and I, we can get a bunch this weekend (novice classes, too). Friday's forecast is rain, but Saturday and Sunday look good.
  18. Mark, I guess noone else is interested in a working BC calendar. Maybe Denise, you and I should make our own for those few that are - even if it is just ourselves.
  19. Robin writes: Bet she stops this weekend! Shall we start a "Sam Furman's where will she lie down for the first time" betting pool?
  20. Oh yea, that's right! She was trying to exhaust my sheep with Dhu. That was funny.... "That'll Do, Dhu". Dhu just wanted to get those ones off the top end... she knew it was a bad lot for the next handler.
  21. Speaking of working dog pictures, why can't any of these calendar companies (like Brown Trout) print out a "working" BC calendar or at least have more pictures of working dogs in their calendars? Yea, BC's look good posing in front of hay bales and pumpkins, but they are bred to work livestsock, not sit pretty. Even more agility, flyball or frisbee pics would be good - just something showing the athleticism of these talented canines. Denise and I were going to try to get one together, but she did some research and it is not very cost effective. Anyone from NEBCA know where they get theirs done?
  22. Craig writes: Jake, Drift, Celt, and maybe Luke Craig, I thought the dog's name was Duke? How's he working for ya? I guess you must like him if you've already changed his name.
  23. I'd rather be working dogs in the rain (or snow or sleet) than sitting in this office anyday.
  24. Sam, Tweed knew it was you out there trying to catch him. He'd had a chat with Tucker beforehand and found out he actually has 7 years to take a lie down. BTW, who won the bet on where Tuck would stop on the fetch at Edgeworth? Also, I forgot to congratulate you on your 2nd with him on Sunday! Beautiful run and great work!
  25. Mark, your posted picture shows up on the Boards when I look. When I tried to do the and then preview the post, all it had was the small box with an "X" in it. So I was doing something wrong. Oh well... That might need to be another topic all together... POSTING PICS FOR THE TECHNICALLY CHALLENGED.
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