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  1. First dog as a child: A dog of unknown breed named Snap, because that's what he did; he snapped at people. I don't think we had him very long, as we lived "out in the country" and dogs had a way coming (read: being dumped in the vicinity and finding their way to our house) and going pretty quickly there for a while. First dog as an adult: Molli the Border Collie Why a BC? I am a runner and I wanted a dog I could run with. That, along with other factors I deemed important, contributed toward my deciding a Border Collie was what I wanted. (Ironically, despite wanting a dog I could run
  2. Well, Addie did well at Daycare on Wednesday. Ironically, though, they said for the first little while that she was there, she wanted to be in a crate!!! I was happy she did well, though, because that makes that an option for her when I need to take her there. A conversation with a coworker brought me around to the fact that it stormed on Tuesday. I totally missed it. I was at my office, which is only about 10 miles from my house. I remember looking outside at one point and thinking that I should go to my car and get my umbrella because it was looking like I might have need of it late
  3. I really don't have anyone who can check on her or drop in while I'm at work. In addition to just being short on folks to ask to do that, neither of my dogs is especially fond of guests -- particularly if I'm not around. Molli stayed at a friend's house for a week when I went out of town about 6 weeks ago, and Addie stayed home with another of my friends coming by to check on her. My friend said she couldn't keep her in the crate, that she broke out every day, despite the use of twist-ties to prevent break-outs, and that she thought Addie "wanted to eat her." That surprised me because she'
  4. I forgot to mention... She goes into her crate just before I leave for work in the morning, and I generally let her out as soon as I walk in in the evening. She's out from the time I get home, as well as all night and all morning while I'm getting ready. Today, for example, I went to the office around 10, and was home by 5:30. When she first came to live with me, she slept in her crate and never offered to do anything like she did today. Her former person claimed she tore up furniture and anything else she could get her paws on. If I travel out of town, she goes with me rather than bo
  5. Hi, all... I've been away from the Boards for a while now, mostly because life's been too crazy for me to spend all the time on here that I'd like to. I have a little "issue" with my sweet Addie puppy that really need some input on, so it looks like I'm back... A little background: I adopted Addie a year and 9 months ago when I failed Fostering 101. I was the 4th place she'd been in a year (including her original person, her first foster home, the lady who adopted her from the Rescue and then turned her back in 6 months later), and I couldn't stand the thought of sending her on to a 5t
  6. I'm so saddened to hear about Kip. I'm glad the puppies are doing well, though. I'm adding my thoughts and prayers to the ones everyone else has sent...
  7. Ironhorse, I am not familiar with the Animal Cruelty laws in Missouri, however, from what you have indicated, I suspect that the conditions those dogs have been living in would be sufficient to warrant such a charge had this occurred here. I know your first objective is to help the dogs, but I would encourage you to contact the appropriate law enforcement authorities in the area and report the situation. In many instances law enforcement is able to pick up the dogs and shelter them (or have them sheltered). I don't know if, being where you are in MO, you heard about the "Beagle Bust" in
  8. Sounds very interesting. I've requested a kit for Molli-dog.
  9. Georgia, When I taught Molli to catch a frisbee, I started with just holding out a favorite treat to her and telling her to "take it." When she was consistently taking the treat, I switched to other things (i.e., a favorite toy, a pig's ear, whatever). Once she was consistently taking that object, I started holding the frisbee out for her to take. Once she was good with that, the game changed. I went back to the original treat and started tossing it to her to catch, eventually introducing "catch it" as a command. I again went through the use of another toy, other treats, etc., with her
  10. I haven't had Molli's teeth cleaned, but several years ago, I took Beast (persian cat) in for a cleaning. They sedated him, and got his pearlly whites pearlly white again. He was a little stoned acting when I picked him up (staggering around, all but falling flat on his face, pupils dilated, groggy as could be), but that's his normal response when he's sedated for anything. (If I didn't feel so sorry for him, it would be hilarious to watch! My less sympathetic friends got quite a kick out of it.) He had to eat soft food for a few days because they said his teeth/gums would be sore, but he
  11. Molli came from a breeder about 2 hours away. I told him I wanted a female and he met me halfway with both remaining female puppies and I selected Molli. I've always wondered where the other pups ended up, though, because he made reference to having sold one of the males to someone who worked near here. Because Molli seems like she's on sensory overload so much of the time, I wonder about the disposition/personalities of her littermates....
  12. Madi -- i hope things are improving with your puppy. I don't want to sound discouraging, but thus far, nothing has really worked. This week has mostly been about holding her mouth shut, getting into her "personal space" and growling, followed by a sharp NO! I might as well dealing with a silk plant, for all the effect it's having. For the most part, she doesn't even acknowledge that her behavior is being interrupted. She just continues trying to bite when I let her go, so my next move has been to scoop her up as quickly as possible and deposit her in the crate. She's not happy to be goin
  13. Vicki - Yes... sigh.... You're right... That was me... sigh... The one who had to learn the hard way! : ) Although I think what breeder told me was that they were "protective". This didn't alarm me because it was consistent with what I had already read about BCs from a good number or sources. We actually WANTED a dog that would be somewhat protective (and by protective I mean I wanted a dog that would alert to unusual bumps in the night, and that would be somewhat reserved/cautious with strangers, -- watch dog-ish -- which again, is consistent with what I read about BCs). I did NOT want a
  14. jec - I was surprised when I noticed you were in AR, so I had to ask where. You are the first Arkansan I've encountered on here! I'm originally from Jonesboro, but have lived in NWA for most of the last eight years or so, excluding a two-year stint in central AR right after I got out of school. We got Molli from a guy in Clarksville. How did you find your breeder?
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