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  1. First of all if you want your children to see the miracle of birth! Get TLC, the learning channel, on sunday nights Babies:special deliveries comes on, and they can see the miracle of birth, true people birth. How could you even think of breeding to show your children about life. Im just a one bc owner, not like most others on this board, but i am appalled that you would even think about those reasons for breeding, i do have children, and i think that them seeing it on tv, is enough. If you want them to see animal birth, watch animal planet, Thats my baby shows the whole process, and i think
  2. Okay when Zip was a pup, she hated to even get her feet wet. She hated the rain, and she still gets this really funny look on her face when she is getting a bath, which we did yesterday. A few weeks ago, we had to go to my moms next door to feed the horses while they were gone, for a few days we just took her with us, and she just tried to get the cat. Bad dog. Then we let her and my chocolate lab go, as soon as we got to the fence my lab took off and launched into the water, before Zip knew what she was doing she had also jumped into the pond. She turned around and swam back to shore, and go
  3. What i wanted was a predominatly white border collie, what i ended up with is a beautiful black and white short haired try, with the most ticking i have ever seen. When i saw her i fell in love, and it didn't matter that you could hardly see white even though she has a full white collar and all white legs, the ticking is so heavy she looks like a Acd. I will get a pic up soon, she is so cute and her ears are so funny, they stand up then sometimes they lay down. We live in MS and it gets hot and humid around here, but i know how to keep her cooled off,and the black won't hurt any. Just find
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