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  1. Mia has the same issue but the pinkies from CVS or Rite Aid did the trick...... they do make tennis balls that are not suppose to wear on teeth. I believe you can find them at the "stores specifically for pets" like Pet's Mart, Pet Supplies Plus, etc. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Gimmie Sue and Mia
  2. I would have to say that some of the way Mia acts with other dogs present comes from the way she was raised but mostly it's because she would rather "work" than associate with ANY dog, Border collie's included. Her typical behavior is to raise her heckles and curl her lip to let the other dog(s) know not to invade her space and if that doesn't work she will give a low growl and that usually does the trick. With that said, Mia is 2.5 years old and didn't actually see another BC until she was about 2. Although she didn't want anything to do with the other BC, she did NOT raise her heckles or
  3. Snake, Do not feed the puppy formula, they really don't need it. Puppy food typically makes them grow too quickly anyway. I'm also a huge fan of Wellness Super 5 Mix. I started Mia as a puppy on it because she wasn't getting enough nutrition from Iams Puppy. She's now 2 y.o. and continues to thrive on Wellness. It's a bit pricey and sometimes difficult to find but it's worth it IMO. Gimmie Sue and Mia
  4. I'm so very sorry. Make the most of the time you have left with her. Hugs to you and Charlotte! With tears in my eyes and heart, Gimmie Sue and Mia
  5. I'm so sorry, AK Dog Doc.
  6. Sam - you have my dream life, right down to the part about being an ex-accountant. I'm an accountant right now but would love to someday quite my job and start my own BC farm...... Do you and your husband have children?
  7. Oh Bill, that sounds like the life any BC would dream about...... I envy you, not for the physically demanding work that you do every single day, but for having a REAL JOB for your BC's. Maybe some day.
  8. INU, I taught Mia the command "closer" to get her to bring it all the way to me but she always acts like I'm punishing her when I make her put it right next to my foot. I'm sure it's just another one of her ways to manipulate her mamma..... she has me wrapped around her pinkey toe!
  9. BCCrazy? Welcome! The words I use to describe Mia in a loving way, of course! cheater sneak crazy She's a cheater because she never wants to bring the ball all the way to me - she always drops it at least five feet away. She's a sneak because if you don't throw her ball fast enough to suit her she will sneak up and pounce on the ball to let you know that she is waiting..... still! And crazy because she's crazy about her balls! But mostly she's just "Mommy's baby". Gotta say, I absolutely love this kind of post.....
  10. Laura, How much exercise do your dogs get a day and what type of food do you feed them? My dog Mia (almost 2 y.o.) usually weighs anywhere between 30 and 33lbs but at her last vet visit she was up to 36lbs so I've cut back on the amount of food that I feed her. She used to get 2 cups of Wellness Super 5 mix and now she gets anywhere between 1.5 and 2 cups once a day depending on how much exercise she gets. Her weight is back down to 33lbs but I'm wondering if I'm still feeding her to much. I have to add that after our daughter was born she wouldn't eat her morning meal until dinner tim
  11. I have to agree with BaileysMom on this one. I too have heard nothing good about raw hides. We buy Nylabones and Mia will chew those, plus they last forever and do a good job cleaning her teeth. Mia's mommy, Gimmie Sue
  12. I'm about an hour and a half from MSU but know the area very well because that's where I went to school. I thought my vet told me that they only saw animals by recommendation, but then again I may have misunderstood him. That indeed would be a wonderful place to obtain a second opinion. I have to say that my husband had seen her limping after playing ball via the "chuckit" when I didn't as well about a week before the 4th so I think it might be a bit more serious than the vet thinks. Just to give the vet a little bit of credit he did ask me all the activities she participates in and h
  13. Back in August of this year, Mia started limping and wouldn't use her left front paw. I took her to the vet, the vet did x-rays and came back saying that nothing looked funny so she just sprained her ankle (the pain came from the joint right above the paw - not sure what you call that on a dog). He gave me some Rymadil (sp?) which he said was an anti-inflamatory and told me to give them to her for a week and try to keep her activity level down to a minimum. After the week, the pain seemed to be gone and there was no signs of limping. All back to normal. Jump to last Saturday, the 4th of
  14. I also would love another BC so that's why I stay very far away from the rescue sites. I want to take them all home and love them to pieces, especially the puppies. Mia was so adorable when she was a puppy - sometimes I wish she was a pup again and then I remember what a terror she was...... Both of those pups are so cute, RDM!
  15. Sapphire, Unfortunately Laura has a point. Although I haven't been a member of this board that long, I have read some really nasty posts between some of the members. Don't let it bother you in the least.... just keep on asking your questions and we'll all learn something valuable. Mia's mom, Gimmie Sue
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