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  1. I was looking at her papers last night closer and only saw one dog listed twice. Way back on the line. She was our first pet that we didn't get from a shelter. We should have run once we got there but thought we where rescueing her. Know better now. But she is a wonderful family pet so I feel we did get lucky this time. Thank you. The hip stiffness is what made me wonder a little. We don't plan on working her . Just a lot of backyard frisbee,ball, and walking with mom helps me get in shape a little I hope. and playing with kids. Krista
  2. Pretty much what you described where they have one dog listed more than once. Noticed the same thing and was curious. Only one dog listed twice way which would be her great,great,great sire's side. But did notice closer to her the same breeder appears often. She's also only two and seems to get stiff in her back hip if she sleeps to long on a hard surface. Not a problem now but think it might be in future. Krista
  3. Please bear with me this might be long. I found Pasha's abca cert of reg. and had a few ?.s I looked on their website and didn't find the answers and also did a search here and made since of some of it. I'm just curious since she has these papers does that mean her parents are automatically ofa certified? Looks like yes but am not certain. Also are they able to control inbreeding and not certify them if they are. Thank you Krista
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