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  1. I was looking at her papers last night closer and only saw one dog listed twice. Way back on the line. She was our first pet that we didn't get from a shelter. We should have run once we got there but thought we where rescueing her. Know better now. But she is a wonderful family pet so I feel we did get lucky this time. Thank you. The hip stiffness is what made me wonder a little. We don't plan on working her . Just a lot of backyard frisbee,ball, and walking with mom helps me get in shape a little I hope. and playing with kids. Krista
  2. Pretty much what you described where they have one dog listed more than once. Noticed the same thing and was curious. Only one dog listed twice way which would be her great,great,great sire's side. But did notice closer to her the same breeder appears often. She's also only two and seems to get stiff in her back hip if she sleeps to long on a hard surface. Not a problem now but think it might be in future. Krista
  3. Please bear with me this might be long. I found Pasha's abca cert of reg. and had a few ?.s I looked on their website and didn't find the answers and also did a search here and made since of some of it. I'm just curious since she has these papers does that mean her parents are automatically ofa certified? Looks like yes but am not certain. Also are they able to control inbreeding and not certify them if they are. Thank you Krista
  4. I'm smiling at the wonderful pics. Glad to see Pahsa's not the only one who takes over the couch. Not to mention the bed. We had a lab mix. Friendly good dog. Loved to jump on people and as much as I loved her she definintly had the which way did he go George personality. We have a 9 yr old and 6 yr old. Had nipping problems as a puppy but she outgrew it and hasn't had any problems since. The neighbor kids come over and they all play tag and hide and seek. I've read a lot about bc's not mixing well with kids but wonder if it's not over exagerated. Or since we've had her since a pup she's just used to them? Krista
  5. I had no iadea Mo. was so known for puppy mills. I lived in Il but close to St. louis and still frequent there. We went on vacation by immenence Mo. Saw a lot of billboards about puppy mills and said it must be a serious problem there just had no idea how bad it was. Whil we where canoeing we saw quit a few bc on the river with owners. I told hubby that they seemed to have the right idea about them though. The owners said they definantly need a job to do and to keep them working.
  6. I know you also asked about the difference in male and female dogs. I have had females myself but when researching and talking to breeders I was told the males are much more eager to please. I wonder if this is true? Krista
  7. I'm just a newbie and not sure if you should do this but my puppy ate hers too and so I put a lot of hot sauce on her messes and let her have it. It broke her quickly. But am sure it's not an approved thing to do but I was just to grosses out letting her.
  8. You know that debark thing is just horrible. I saw something about it in a movie once and thought it was made up. Silly me thinking nobody would be that horrible. One of my friends told me that they do it for guard dogs and declaw them so they can just get you without any warning. Wow. It just amazes me. And the big deal about the ears. God made them that way for a reason.
  9. Dare I say it but I was using Iams at first but the problem I ran into is that much else gives her horrible gas. To the point you don't want the poor thing around even. I didn't think that would even be from the ingrediants in the food that's cheep. We don't have the names of the other food you're mentioning around here. Besides stuff you find at the grocery store (i.e. purina, gravy train,) and Iams or SD. Next time We go to our petco Will check out stuff there. Thanks
  10. Our bcs ears do just about everywhich way and she's done growing. I didn't realize they were going through all those growing fazes. When she's resting the ears rest. When she's excited up they go. I love how they let you know what kind of mood she's in and wouldn't have them changed for anything
  11. I just found this website here a minute ago searching through the boards. It looks like a lot of info is on it. Hope it's a new one for you http://www.geocities.com/black_dog_farm/BCLinks.html
  12. To start training a dog for tracking/agility/or simular did you first take him/her to general dog obedience classes or specific classes. My husband tosses out the idea of starting our girl with something to this effect. thanks
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