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  1. Thanks to you Kip was loved during her last days here. You are truly an angel, as is Kip. Godspeed Little Kip..
  2. Please forgive me if I have stepped out of bounds here but if I understand the way these things work is that the dogs will probably have to be in state custody until the owner signs them over or goes to trial. (If it's considered a cruelty case)And it seems to me that the owner is having a few problems right now so it's probably uncertain as to if she's capable of a trial or not. As far as them being PTS I don't think the state can do that as long as the dogs "belong" to someone. So I think they will be alright for now. That is probably why fosters are urgently needed in MO. I'm sure "technically" the dogs still belong to the owner. oops looks like Books and I posted at the same time.
  3. Forgot to add make sure you have plenty of matches and or lighters.
  4. Here's a few things I would add. If you have a grill it would be a good idea to stock up on charcoal/gas. We have a gas grill with a side burner and we have crawfish boilers. (Propane burners)They can be used to boil water if needed. If you have an electric water heater you will really appreciate taking a warm bath. We went without power for 8 days when hurricane Andrew hit Morgan City. Disposable cups/ paper plates. A battery operated tv is a good thing to have. You can pick them up pretty cheap now. Make sure your homeowners insurance papers (and any other important papers) are handy and in a safe place. Preferably, in something sealed so they can't get wet. Most of all stay safe.
  5. Thanks for the update jenfitzh20. Please post when you can.
  6. Sorry I posted the link. I had no idea there were "problems".
  7. I'm getting in kind of late on this one. But have you thought of this option? http://birdstrike.bcrescue.org/strikeprogram.html
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