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  1. I gave Billy the Bravecto tablet last night. I will let you know if it works. Our first BC was vaccinated almost every year. As I stated, he would start to limp and I knew he had a tick on him. Then it would go away. End of story. I don't know if he can get vaccinated now testing positive. I've read both. I'll discuss that with the vet when the time comes. We have some really nice trails on the back part of our property, very wide and nice (we got a brush hog this year) and we've been hiking out there, alot. Plus a pond-he is a swimming fool. In hindsight, not the smartest thing to do. He loves it as much as I do. And I would hate to stop that. I'm going to give the Bravecto another day before we resume our hikes. I'll be worrying the whole time too. I do expect him to make a full recovery. Guess you just never know.
  2. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Our vet said his antibodies were the highest she's ever seen. That's why the longer course. And it came on quick. Well, will BC's sometimes it's hard to tell because they don't sit still long enough. Our cats are on house quarantine until I get the collars. Our first BC used to get ticks, we'd pull them off. I always knew when one was on him because he would limp a little. Then it would go away and no other problems. There is so much more information now on the disease. When I was younger we never heard of ticks. All the time we used to spend in the woods camping and doing other stuff we shouldn't of been... That was in the 70's and 80's.
  3. Took Billy to the vet Tuesday afternoon. Wasn't really eating, felt hot. Decreased energy. He seemed fine over the weekend. Had a temp of 105 when she checked. Used ice packs when we got hom. She gave him an antiobiotic shot of Baytril before we left. By the time we went to bed it was down to 102.7. She did a CBC/Chem too. Everything was normal except his white count because of the fever. Vet sends the bloodwork for Lyme out and she said yesterday he has it. So he's on Doxy for 3 months. He's acting completely normal now. He never got the Lyme booster, not that that is a guarantee he wouldn't of gotten it anyway. Monday I am going to pick up more Doxy and start him on Bravecto for the ticks. She told me the only flea and tick products that are working are the Soresto collars and Bravecto. No spot ons are killing the ticks. A woman I work with, her two Border Collies were diagnosed a couple years ago and she uses the collars. She said she's pulled maybe one off each so far this year. The Babesia and Erhilichia were negative. Billy is still young so I except good things. Stupid ticks. We have two cats also. In and out. I think I'm going to get the Soresto collars for them. I also think I may get some Tick Tubes to place around our property. Get started on being proactive.
  4. I haven't tried the collar because we also have 2 cats and Billy gets pretty close to them. Plus he loves to snuggle. Frontline Plus isn't working. Well I don't know that it isn't. It doesn't repel. The ticks have to bite, then they die. The cats are treated too. I tick check everyone every day and I pull off small ticks almost every day. Too small for the tick twister (which works great for removing the larger ones). It's an uphill battle. And only this time of year. Just because animals test positive, doesn't mean they have the disease. Just the antibodies. If you haven't already, check out the Tick Resource Centers website.. http://www.tickencounter.org/. Has some great information.
  5. Chicken gizzards, if you can find them. Boil them for 15 minutes or so, drain and cool a bit. Slice them and bake at 300 for 45 minutes to an hour, Turn them a few times so they don't stick. Turn the oven off and keep them in for another half hour or so. They dry out and are great. Billy loves them. I cut up and bake a hot dog too.
  6. This is Buddy. He passed away the end of january. Forever in our hearts... Smooth curly coat. One of a kind...
  7. He's just 5 months. The swelling isn't that bad. But it's enough for me to worry about. I've seen those Kong collars at the pet store. I'm thinking that's what I"ll get tomorrow. He will let me put a cold compress on it for about 10 seconds. I did notice a litte blood earlier but none since. And I'm sure it's more swollen now that he's been moving about a little today. Doesn't seem to slow him down much. No trouble laying down or sitting. And with the snow today, he loves that. If we tell him to stop or leave it, he does. Just have to wait it out. That's what crates are for...and kongs
  8. Thanks. I never thought about the stiches being too tight. Or a t-shirt. How exactly would I get a t-shirt over that area? LOL
  9. We got Billy fixed on Friday. Had him pretty much in his crate since-except for going outside. Our front yard is fenced in so he hasn't had too much activity. He has some swelling, which I know is normal. But since he's been so inactive I guess I'm suprised. What I'm wondering is for those with male dogs, what has been your experience with this? How long has the swelling lasted? How long did you keep your dogs settled for? etc Plus he keeps wanting to lick it so I'm going to call the vet tomorrow for an e-collar unless the swelling is better by then. He has been going up and down the steps because that's where our bedroom is. Thanks for the comments...
  10. Yes. It is rough shove. You can use your knee, shoulder, hip, except your hands. Just enough to deter the unwanted behaviour. It works wonders. No words needed. Sometimes words don't work. Billy will get so excited he is literraly bouncing. All four feet in the air hopping. I never saw a dog do that before LOL Reminds me of Tigger from Winnie the Poo. I'm not a big person,,5'1" 106lbs. He was practically at my shoulder. He still puts his mouth on me, but it's very soft. And his adult teeth are coming in now. He's learning. It takes time and patience. Totally worth it.
  11. Boy, do I know what you're talking about. I've had bruises on my arms, thighs, a hole in the ass of a pair of jeans, holes in the backs of a couple sweaters. Billy is just over 4 months. The ow's weren't working. Got him more excited too. The grabbing the scruff didn't work. He thought I was playing. Finally I got frustrated and was ready and just gave a body block. Probably harder than I should have. He stopped and looked at me for a minute and that was it. he still does try to bite sometimes, but nothing compared to what it was.Good Luck
  12. What a cutie! An 8 week old has a tiny tiny bladder. We've never had a pup that young, but what we did for our other dog, and still do for Billy, is immediately after eating and playtime, he goes outside. He's just over 3 months. He has had a couple accidents in the house but I got out the shampooer and went over the area and hasn't had a problem since. Puppies are peeing, eating and pooping machines. Billy poops 3 times a day (we feed him 3 times a day) and does pee quite a bit. At least every couple hours he's at the door. At night, we don't use a crate in our bedroom. He has his own bed next to ours and we tethered him to the bed for the first couple weeks. Just to keep him from wandering if he wakes up. We don't have to do that anymore. He stays in his bed all night. No water after 6pm. If he gets thirsty I'll give him an ice cube or two. And he goes out about 9-930pm for one last bathroom break. He's good till around 3am. I have to agree with Sue R. Being proactive and paying attention is the best way to go.
  13. Thank You. He's very good. Crate training is going good. Put him in last night before we had dinner and he never made a sound. Fell alseep. Didn't even wake up when we finished. His energy hasn't peaked yet so we're enjoying the naps
  14. I didn't think i had to do the vit e because this is in the description "Naturally occurring tocopherols (vitamin E) that protect the oil". How much vit e for a 20lb pup? We have the 400IU vit e.
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