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  1. I have 2 four month old sisters. They have already mastered several basic commands eagerly. However, it seems when they are both outside with me loose in the yard, the "come" command is forgotten as they roll and tumble in play with each other. They will actually stop and look back at me when I call them back if they go a bit too far, as if they are snickering at me for trying.........and then run away together towards a forbidden zone while seemingly thumbing their noses at me. Help me out here. Is this merely age related and they will respond better with age? Or is this a sign that they will never be able to be trusted when out together due to the fact that they distract each other from listening to me? One-on-one with me they repsond much better. It just seems together they get cocky and have selective hearing. Also, one of them still poops in her crate from time to time. I know that's another issue, but these dogs have me perplexed.
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