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  1. I have never had a BC puppy, but if I were to say one thing that would be my precautionary mantra (and I have seen it stated here and elsewhere many times regarding the breed) it that... "Once can be a lifelong habit for a Border Collie" But seriously I would say that until you can evaluate things like obsessive and compulsive behaviour potential in your pup, be very careful about things like encouraging chasing lasers, chasing leafs or bugs, etc. The BC I have almost jumped into a fire pit last year chasing floating embers, will bark at ceiling reflections like off a watch or jewelry that moves, snaps at flying bugs (even bees, wasps and hornets) all because her original owner thought it was a "cute" thing to teach her as a pup. Remember the joys of your pup at this age. It will stop you from beating him to death when he reaches the terrible 2's.
  2. So they have 8 bitches and 1 stud and they say they breed pretty much as often as they can. They are typical back yard breeders. They pretty up their site a bit by throwing in pics of the kids, but still breed for the money, not the welfare of BC's or with a conscience towards the pet over population problem. As I heard in an interview one time, "you can sterilize poop in a microwave, but in the end it is still poop" I don't see much difference here.
  3. Since you retrieved this long dead thread quoting me from 2007 and you seem to have more knowledge of the slime breeder's operations than we do, I have a couple questions. How do you know that he did not start IBCA? The fact that it is owned by a corporation in Delaware means absolutely nothing. I own a business in Michigan and could incorporate in Delaware or any other state tomorrow if I so choose. Do you know and will you provide the names of the Board of Directors or corporate officers? So the scum sucking pig (again, no offense to pigs) looks better than another puppy mill. Is that supposed to impress us or mitigate his puppy mill operation? Its like saying starving to death in Florida is better than starving to death in Anarctica because at least the weather is nicer. I notice that since you joined in 2006, you have had a total of 3 posts. 1 defending IBCA, 1 defending the puppymilling puke directly and 1 mentioning some obscure reference to a breeder in Texas. I do thank you for reviving this thread since it is always nice every year or so to remind us of the maggot and give new members the chance to be made aware of his disgusting operation.
  4. I go along with the "no" voters for many of the same reasons. Money is the last of the reasons I say that. The clone dog will never measure up to the original and I don't think many people could get past that and in the end, that disappointment will get carried on to the dog. You can clone the body, but you can't clone the soul. If all I want is a black and white Border Collie, there are more than enough available already. In the case of Baby Girl, she was lost from an illness that was not only devastating to us emotionally, but to her physically. Could it have been a genetic defect? We will never know, but why on earth would I ever want to intentionally subject another living creature to that potential? I guess if our dogs were nothing more than objects to us, like a shovel, car or vacuum cleaner, a disposable item that can be replaced when it is worn out cloning might be palatable and worth considering. As long as they are the unique individuals that have brought so much joy into our lives with their equally unique personalities, I'll pass, thank you very much.
  5. I can't tell you how happy I am for you that things are looking good for your boy. As one who lost our girl in 2007 to a medical disorder involving her back (not sure if it was IVDD), I know the worry and apprehension that you were going through. Be sure to keep us informed of his progress! Continued thoughts and best wishes Gary
  6. From an experience a little over a year ago, I know exactly how you are feeling and what you are going through. Our best wishes and thoughts are with you.
  7. Other than using the word "might" in the tread title, everything else you posted implied a foregone conclusion. You asked what should you do. You were told what to do many months ago. Did you listen then? NO! Is there any expectation that you will listen now? NO! I am assuming that your are literate enough to have read up on getting a puppy. Puppies chew things. Puppies poop and pee where you don't want them to. Many on this board warned you about getting a puppy as your first foray into Border Collies. But you KNEW better than them. You bit off more than you could chew. Now when an innocent dog is going to be the victim, you expect sympathy and understanding. I don't know about the sympathy part, but most of us understood from the beginning the likely consequences or your actions. Do you think you are the first person to come on this board that did not know a thing about Border Collies but just "had to have one?" You will not suffer because of this, but a poor dog, to whom you are its entire world, is to be cast out to the unknown because of your narcissism. Congratulations!
  8. I mourn with you and for you. You helped me bear my grief in my loss I am honored to do the same for you. My tears are bittersweet for as I am sorrowed by her passing I am comforted by the fact that our lost loved ones have found a new friend. They will comfort Missy until you are again joined with her and we with them. Gary and Roberta
  9. I could have strangled her when I got home and found this... I'd now give almost anything to be able to come home and see it again. Floors can be replaced. The love of a good dog cannot.
  10. I plead guilty to this. Nisa, Tasha and Chloe are "my girls" and Bernie is "my dog". My girls get a lot more leeway than Bernie does and I know (cause DW tells me I do) talk a LOT sweeter to them than I do to him. I just tell DW its because she did a good job training me on the superiority of the "fairer" sex.
  11. "But she is a typical white person, who, if she sees somebody on the street that she doesn't know, you know, there's a reaction that's been bred in our experiences that don't go away and that sometimes come out in the wrong way, and that's just the nature of race in our society." (Emphasis added.) So when a Presidential primary candidate makes a statement like this, is it racist?
  12. Throughout history to be a minority meant that you were subjugated by the majority, perhaps to your death. I think that what is now termed racist, bigoted or prejudiced was, and in some cases or countries still is, a survial mechanism. There will always be those, both in the majority and the minority, that will exploit these reactions for their own benefit. For these people there is always a reason to keep the pot boiling and stir it with "Us" versus "Them". It may be a sad state of affairs in the world today, but that does not change the reality of the situation. In this country there seems to be more focus on this issue because of the variety of ethnicities, races and theological beliefs that make up our population. It is the "tribal" nature of our kind to live amongst our own. Hence the Little Italy of New York, Chinatown, Irish in Boston, Germanics in Pennsyvania and so forth. Part of the problem as I see it is that while we should be proud of our individual heritages, we tend to celebrate them in the wrong order. The fact that I am an American first, for me, takes precedence over my race, ethnicity or religious beliefs. I am not a hyphenated American. As non-hyphenated Americans, we were the first to land on the Moon, secure our Republic and future from tyranny in breaking away from England and latter in 2 world wars, those of millions abroad as well. As non-hyphenated Americans we developed medicines and procedures that have saved or extended the lives of countless people world wide and provide the freedom and opportunities sought by millions of immigrants, legal or otherwise, all over the globe. This was not done by a This-American or That-American. I truly believe that if we took more time to celebrate our commonality and less on our differences, much of the non-tolerant attitude that we see in this country today would slowly wither away. Otherwise I just see more of the same.
  13. Um... Mom, I changed the light bulb. Time for me to bring the wiring up to code.
  14. I too would look at food allergies. We had a similar problem with Chloe in that we fed her the same food as the others and most of the times she was fine with it. But when she was not fine, she had the bloddy runny stools, vomiting and would not eat. We switched her (on our vet's advice) to Natural Balance Duck and Potatoe. She still gets rare bouts (every 6-8 months for a day or so), but that is down considerably from the every other week or so frequency it used to be. I would also be a bit concerned that with not finding anything conclusive, he seems to be on a lot of meds unless there is a reason apart from the food issue that he needs them.
  15. I feel your pain. I am trying to work with Nisa on outdoors obsessions. Hers is anything that moves outside. Squirrels, birds, moths, wasps, ashes and cinders from a brushfire, you get the picture. I have been trying to redirect her obsessions to doing things like Frisbee and balls with limited success. It has been recommended to me to try a mild training collar (shock collar) by some trainers. PLEASE NOTE: I am not recommending this and have never used a shock collar on a dog for any behavior modification. I am still thinking that over.
  16. Our condolences for your loss of Sage. Knowing the time is near never seems to lessen the loss. Be comforted by the knowledge that we all share in your grief because we have lost our loved ones as well.
  17. I had always used regular plastic type discs with my dogs, but with some of the dogs they would grab so hard when catching their teeth would go through the disc. Plus some of them crack when caught in cold weather. When I got Nisa, her former owner used a soft disc, and now I would never go back to the plastic ones. They are more expensive, $15-16, but last a lot longer and I don't have to worry about a hard catch breaking teeth. Soft Frisbee
  18. I'd help get petitions signed to get that into law
  19. Buddy, our cocker, is epileptic. He does have some odd behaviors, the primary being extreme separation anxiety, but none of the OCD or sleeping issues you mentioned. When we first found out about the epilepsy we tried KBr, but there was no change in his seizure frequency. It has taken about 6 -8 months working with our vet to get the right phenobarb dosage, but this has been the only drug that has helped. He will still seizure once a week or so. Luckily, we get advance notice of when he is going to seizure because Bernie, who usually ignores Buddy, will lay down near him and not let any of the other dogs get within 4 or 5 feet of Buddy. I have no idea how Bernie knows a seizure is coming, but he does and is never wrong. Good luck getting a handle on this. It is very frustrating and as Wendy said, requires and huge emotional and time commitment as well as the financial.
  20. We already have links to rescues anyway in a lot of members signatures. I was just thinking of a way to keep a compilation in one place for reference. Like a database of "BC rescues with which our members are affiliated"?
  21. I have always wanted to see a sticky with links to the various border collie rescues such as GLBCR, MOKAN, TDBCR, MABCR, etc. Those of us that have been on the board a while know about them, but most people do not. I'm not sure about links to the 2 bcrescue boards, because both of them seem to be more of a rescuer to rescuer resource than a placement board. I say this because the dogs I see listed there are usually unknown entities and the boards are looking more for pull and evaluate or foster. I know I would not recommend that a person without knowledge of Border Collies just go in and adopt directly from the shelter since the shelters are rarely concerned about matching dogs to owners. For BC's in particular I think the odds on a successful pairing are not in the dogs favor and could lead to an untimely demise for the dog should it bite little Joey because the shelter or pound did not know or care that Fluffy did not like kids or had a strong herding instinct. Seeing as this is a BC board it is also my opinion that listings should be for Border Collies and primarily Border Collie mixes only. It is not because I do not have sympathy for all dogs in pounds or shelters or that BCs are my chosen breed since only 1 of the 9 we have are BC's and she is a cross at that. If someone is looking for an Aussie or ACD or GSD, there are sites and rescues dedicated to those breeds.
  22. My condolences on your loss of one you loved so much. We never have better friends, devoted loves or suppliers of lifelong memories than those who's only wish in return is a kind word and a loving touch.
  23. Seeing as you have not talked to this person, you do not know what lies beneath his motive for this behavior. I would share with the police your thoughts that he may be: Stalking you Trying to steal your dog "Casing" your house for a potential robbery If you have children, looking for an opportunity to harm, molest or abduct your kids. I do not think the business owner would be too happy to see a marked police car at their business to question an employee on the basis of "suspicious behavior". Anybody messing with MY dogs on MY property (even if the person is not on my property) is going to have the full weight of the law brought down on their heads and quickly.
  24. You mean this is not an every day occurance at your house? Notice Baby Girl (RIP my sweetie) with her "I'm getting the hell out of here" look on her face.
  25. Gary M

    Red Dog

    My sincere sympathy on your loss of Red Dog. It's always hardest when you lose the special ones. Gary
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