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  1. Hi just another Shadow update. I took him off his prednisone last Thursday. He was on it for 1 week an his breathing got soo bad an he kept getting fevers the worst one was 104.7!! I've been writing down a log book to keep track of how he is everyday since I found out about the cancer..I looked back an found that he has not had one good day since he was put on the meds. I talked to my vet an he said the breathing or panting that bad was normal..has anyone else had this side effect?? He did not eat or drink more he was just seeming to get worse. Well about a day an a half after his last prednisone he got better. he has not had a fever since last Thursday( the bad day). An his breathing has improved a great deal. Could there have been a allergy of some sort?? I just looked into my heart an his eyes an decided that the meds may lengthen his life by a little an if that is what he had to deal with then we weren't willing to put him through it. I would rather have him here alittle shorter time an feel better then the other way. He eats an drinks fine an rolls in the snow an sleeps good now. For 1 week it was real bad for him. I just could'nt put him through it anymore..
  2. Hi again everyone, just thought I'd give a Shadow update.. He has been on the prednisone for 1 week tomorrow an is starting to eat alittle more then normal now. He had a high fever yesterday morning of 103.7. I put cold towels on his belly until the fever came down.. the vet wasn't open yet.. took a few hours but he was okay by then. This morning his temp was 100.3 so he was good to go. The only thing is he pants pretty hard at times. The vet says it was a normal thing. Has anyone else had the same experience?? But if everything goes as well as can be for now he onlys has about 60 days before he becomes immune to the prednisone an then its the end..so the vet has informed me anyway... so we are doing tons of pics an keepin the video tape rollin'...Shadow is in good spirits yet still waggin' the tail an greeting me at the door after along day at work..there still are lots off hugs an kisses to go yet..Sue & Shadow
  3. that you all for your replies. I picked up Shadows meds this afternoon. 20mg worth.I will start him in the morning, he is still happy so I'm making sure to take lots of pics an I've been video taping his antics off an on since I got him I have hours to sit an watch ...someday..trying to keep my chin up... we have no children so this is a rough one... thanks again..Sue an Shadow
  4. Hello Everyone, I have a 13 yr. old B.C. who we have just learned has lymphoma carcinoma. His lymph nodes are swollen an he is a 4 1/2 yr survivor of a cancerous tumor in the mouth. It has just returned....I have learned his time is very limited an he is gonna start feeling very poorly(kinda like the flu only worse). She is gonna perscribe a type of steriod which in return is suppose to slow down the cancer just a bit an stop him or limit the sicky feeling.. But she is saying not a cure..it's just to keep him a little more comfy. He is very sharp yet, very little vison loss an no hearing loss or very little. He is very alert an does not act 'sick'. Has anyone else heard of this an if so what was your experience...? I'm not looking to prolong the inevidable just to :confused: keep him feeling ok an as happy as he has made me for so many years.... thank you. Sue & Shadow.
  5. Hello, in reply to your not knowing forsure about a BC...I believe what Denise says just about hits it on the head. I have a 10yr old male an with any luck in aweek or so another 5 yr.old male.. they are active but not bouncing off walls.. I've had a rough collie a german shepard an a terrior.( not all at the same time) Shadow is my 1st BC an not my last. As a matter of fact I don't believe I will or could love another breed as much. If what Denise says appeals to you then go for it you won't be sorry. As for a raincoat???? hahaha I also have to take a umbrella not for me...for my Shadow..lol. good luck. Sue
  6. Hello, I have a 10yr. male neutered BC. He is great! He is kept indoors an is my best buddy. I've been thinking of getting another not just for companionship for myself but as a friend for my older one. I found one at a regular humane society. Not a rescue. He is about 5-7 yrs an lived his whole life as far as they know in a kennel. Worse yet it seems it was never cleaned out or not very often. His feet are raw from standing in his own mess,but are being treated. I met with him one day an the next brought my dog to meet with him also. They seemed to get along pretty well. We spent about 1 hour together. They figure he is not house broken at all. I have spoken to a few people who have kenneled there dogs an they don't seem to have much trouble with bring them inside as far as destruction or messing really bad in the home. It is however a concern of mine, I have a pretty calm inviorment an don't want it disrupted in a non-positive way. (Not meaning playing an such as disruptive.) He also growls some if you pet him in the wrong spots,be has never shown his teeth or other signs of agrression, they think he may have been abused aswell. Any suggestions?? I can take him for a trial period this weekend an was gonna try that. I like tho believe he is a sweetheart that just needs alot of attention an a good clean warm home. thank you, Sue an Shadow.. an possibly "Lucky" :confused:
  7. In reply to your post, I have a 10try border Collie who is a cancer survivor for a little over 2yrs. He had a small tumor by if front lower K-9 an had part of his lower jaw removed. His vet was just the oppostie an I have all confidence in him. Dr. Jeff Schutte in Kiel WI. On the other hand, my mother had a calico cat for 8 yrs. When she adopted her she was some what over weight, unforunatly she remained that way her whole life. About 1 yr ago 'Molly' got real sick real fast, there was blood in her litter box an she was all out of it. She was takin' tho the vet right away. They ran all kinds of tests, did x-rays an just ran up a large bill of over 500.0 for my mother who would up spending her whole tax return on the bill. 1 week after her first vet visit I had to go an take Molly to be put down, she was diebetic an was not fair to keep her going. Molly's whole system starting to shut down in the week in between. My mother sat an watched helplessly her friend dying. A very sad ordeal, they lived alone together for the entire 8 yrs. she had her. I did some research on the internet an found that in older over weight cats it is common for them to become diebetic. My opnion is the the vet should have none this an checked for this right off the bat.. instead of having them both suffer, he made a good chunck of cash off of her, plus an addtional cost of putting her down an the disposal.. so my opinion is they are no different then people doctors, you have the good ones an the bad ones.
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