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  1. She means breaking the sheep to the will of the dog without either pissing them off or letting them think they can escape or win--particularly important with these undogged difficult commercials. No surprise that Alasdair is a master of this. Watch Denise's "In the Mind of a Champion" DVD where he comments on one of his winning Bluegrass runs. It'll blow you away. The subtlety and detail of his thinking and analysis is mind-boggling. Meantime, it's DQ and RT land all over again today, if I am reading the results right. So much for the early in the day theory. A
  2. Too bad he didn't have enough time to train them to pen yesterday. 161 without a pen or shed is damned impressive. A
  3. So, word from the field is that the sheep are tough. Guess that's fairly obvious. The lambs in particular are proving to be challenging. The draws on the field are heavy; any dog that doesn't hold the pressure is going to pay. Time-wise, drawing out in the middle of the day has proved to be the kiss of death, or at least that was the case yesterday (started at noon) and today. First thing in the morning today was the time to run. A
  4. DQ. Beats the Long Walk any day of the week. A
  5. Alasdair and Nap 161, David Henry and McCloud 160. These are the current first round leaders. A
  6. OK good. Good info, thanks all. That gives me something to work with. A
  7. Hey y'all, I need some dimensions for a Maltese Cross, specifically the width between the panels. 2 feet ? Or maybe 2 1/2 feet? Next: the rules on how you execute--and point--the damned things. I get the handler having to pick a zone and not break the plane, but, do you have to complete it in one direction before you move on, or do you HAVE to move on once the sheep break the plane or is it dependant on number of sheep through or . . . ? And how do you point various calamitous failures to execute. This part I am an expert on--the failures, that is, and how to lose all your points and still be standing there with sheep rocketing around when time runs out. Finally, I saw a pretty interesting one that involved, I think, only four panels, parallel, with a opening between them on either side for you and the dog to guard. Can anyone describe this? A
  8. Hi J.D! Nice to see you here. Going to look at pictures now, thanks for posting Irish Sheepdog person and congratulations to the ISDS winner. A
  9. Awesome, thanks! Must go see how Lark scored. I assume it's on the ISDS website by now? Andrea ETA Woo hoo! 343 and a spot on the final day.
  10. No, I don't breed. Don is M. Bourke's Spot x M.L. Madden's Lisduff Lynn. Word is that he's been breeding pretty well since he came over here. Sue, yes, same Nell. A
  11. I'm not Eileen but I'd certainly be interested in seeing some photos. In fact, if I could put in a special order;), I'd love to see pictures of Carnegie's Lark (2007 Scottish National Champion) and Casey's Jill, half of the winning 2007 Scottish National Brace team. Both are half sisters to my Nap through Nell. And, as it happens, I have a young pup by an Irish import called Don as well. In the meantime, tell us about your dogs! A
  12. As Jen said, Spot, Mick and, I think, Jack, from the Molly/Merc litter were all late maturers, while the two bitches were absolute fiends. Spot in particular was a real baby. Interesting if the pattern held in this litter. I'm really interested in how they turn out: I like Shep a lot, what I've seen anyway, and Molly is a good producer. Kellly is a great trainer and knows what she's doing, so I'd just take her advice on this. Hard to do when you're keen to get going, I know. Tell her Spot Glen her soul-mate sends his love and wants to know why he's still living in Canada? A
  13. Marianna, You're selling your trailer? How come? Going upmarket to the Jones or just borrowing the Sprinter from now on? A
  14. 12 weeks and up. You could let him watch while another dog was being worked. I guess I'd also work on getting him to take a correction off sheep without sulking. It's hard to get anywhere on sheep if you can't help him to do it right, and of necessity, that will involve putting some pressure on him. Just saw Jen's last post. Is it a Molly? Molly/Shep? A
  15. <groan> Major hot wannas here. Keeping sheep costs MONEY, people! Trained dogs cost MONEY. Trial entries are EXPENSIVE. Gas is THROUGH THE ROOF! I can't afford a new addiction! Off to the trials, Nap better be winning me some money this weekend if he knows what's good for him. A
  16. Arctic Rigs: Ooooo, nice. That's the kind of thing I had in mind. Thanks for the tip. I won't ask you to make and send drawings and such, getting my torque converter friend to actually weld something would be a long shot and not worth putting you out for. I know Shona and Ian and Sylvia and Larry the Treasure, will see Shona and Ian this weekend at the Ontario trials. Vickim, I'm in Ontario but go to MI and environs quite often for trials and clinics. Thanks anyway! Thanks all! A
  17. Jeez, I don't know Liz. I'm a rank novice here. Anywhere from 1 to 3, I guess. Just thought it might be a fun way to put miles on the dogs when we're not out working sheep. A
  18. Link didn't work. I DO have a friend who fixes torque converters (whatever they are), and might be willing to weld, so plans would be gratefully received. Your rig looks pretty slick. Do you know Kelly Murningham and Heather Gorney, from Michigan? They do quite a lot of racing in the winter and often use some of their border collies in combination with their huskies. In the meantime, look me up should you ever decide to do give sheep a go. I keep my sheep near Stouffville. A
  19. That's it. Thanks. Damn, another solution that involves a Useful Husband. Being short of one of those, has anyone used any of the commercial products referred to? A
  20. I posted asking about a sulky pictured in a thread a while ago but forgot to check back. Have no idea where the thread is now. Did I get a reply, or can the OP who posted the pic post again? Andrea
  21. Sounds like he got it caught on something and it got pulled away from the nail bed without breaking. Either way, I'd say it was a prime candidate for infection. A tweird injury indeed. Word of advice from personal experience: If he's licking it, it's infected. I had that happen with Nap, although in his case the nail actually had a hairline break in it, not obvious to the naked eye. The vet had to cut back the nail right to the nail bed, under anaesthetic, and was muttering about taking off the first joint too.
  22. I know! But I can't help myself! Blame it on Woo. All right, enough already. I WILL be cured of this obsession. Forget Woo. Forget Woo. Forget Woo . . . Off to Scotland tomorrow, maybe that'll cure me. A
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