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  1. Yep, it's the least we can do for her. Payback for her letting my puppies chase her sheep. Don't know that she bought it when I screamed "it's OK, he doesn't bite!" as one of them chased the sheep to the far corner, but so it proved. Gonna have to swith the little darlings to low maintenance, never mind off puppy food. How's your husband doing? Hope all is well Andrea
  2. Totallyterry: Smartass. Totallyloony
  3. Amigos, At what age to you switch your puppies to adult food? Andrea de Kenedy Toronto, ON
  4. Lydia, I think this is true. I've bought several trained dogs who were "kennel dogs" and had never seen the inside of the house. Never took more than a few days to completely house break them. Of course other people's houses were another story, I'd have to retrain them at every new place (they were all males). Call it UNDER generalization.So, worst comes to worst, I am prepared to wait the little darling out. A.
  5. Ah, so there you are Bill. Thought for sure you'd have some words of wisdom on pissin' puppies for me before now. But nooooo, on about sheep chores in shirtsleeves, you dog. A.
  6. Wusses. It's -17C with a wind chill of -27C in the True North Strong and Free. That's well below 0 F for you metrically challenged types. Yep, you gotta be tough to be a Canadian. A.
  7. Sam, So what's my excuse? Now that I think of it, my oldest son has mentioned that I've ruined his life. This was right around the time he told me it was him or the dogs and I said . . . A.
  8. Hey, good insight Robin. He does in fact tank up periodically after ignoring water for a few hours. I'm always a little worried about dehydration so I've been reluctant to restrict water when he's out of the crate. Think I'll try giving him a bucket in his crate instead. Thanks. Yep, same breeding. Sam girl, looks like we are bad mothers after all. A.
  9. T-Bar Good to know that good breeding will always prevail. Yep, it's a real crapshoot nya nya. A-Frame
  10. Hi Margaret, He's actually a really mellow pup. Soooo mellow in fact that he seems not to mind lying in a pool of piss. My emergency piss kit, like yours, is always handy. A.
  11. What's up with that? Seems like a drastic solution to a little pissin' ha ha. Actually, I'm thinking of chaining him to the rad in the kitchen rather than crating him. Use that classic BC reluctance to eliminate while on lead. Terry, are you there? Here's where you tell the story about the alligators and pottying dogs at C 54. A.
  12. Sam, You're kidding. I love you, maybe I'm not a bad mother after all? He came labeled: "quick housebreaking expected in this breeding." Bill, Oh yeah, I've tried cramming him back into his puppy crate in desperation. No go. A.
  13. Where to post, where to post? I have a new puppy, now 3 1/2 months old. Pisses in his crate, always has. Pissed in his puppy crate on the way home despite numerous stops and kept right on doing it when we got home. Doesn't matter what you put down, he just keeps on pissin'. Out of the crate he's pretty good. Health problems ruled out. He's obviously got the wrong idea. Suggestions? Andrea de Kenedy Toronto, ON
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