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  1. I have to think that Jake takes a lot of his cues from the calm Golden and some from the semi calm Shiba. He is at the bottom of the packs pecking order. The Golden is just a lazy lug but will play with Jake pretty hard when he bugs her enough. The Shiba will run circles around Jake but not for any great length of time. They all interact in as a tight group even though they have three diverse personalities. What I am trying to say is that Jake has learned from the others in his pack how our family is run and goes along with it 99% of the time. I do take him to agility classes, go for long
  2. Thanks Everyone for your thoughts and information both on the board and off. I have in numerous other endeavors, searched out advise after an initial contact with the sport or event I was interested in getting involved with. There will always be many opinions and differing advice, but usually one or two ideas or suggestions will resonate with a group of knowledgeable people. I find that is usually a good place to start. Gene Sheninger is very close by, about 15 miles away, so he might be a good start for me, not just because of proximity but because he was mentioned by three of you in
  3. Thanks Bill. This is just the first step for both of us and like I said at the start if either of us find it's not for us we will look to another activity. Jake was barking quite a bit but I was told that with more familiarity with sheep that he would probably stop it. He did not act like he wasn't confidient being around the stock but then again he wasn't always on the charge with them. Do you have any names of trainers in the NJ-PA-NY area? I was going to go back this weekend for a couple of days of training but the timing isn't going to workout. I would also like to find someone who wou
  4. Jon, was helping out Carolyn Wilki who recently had hip surgery. Carolyn was on her ATV with a microphone and speaker running the show with a few other people there to help out. The test was for any dog, not just BC's. It was to determine just how much herding instinct your particular dog has. While we were there, there was a Sheltie, ACD, and a Corgie. As we pulled up in the car I heard a very strange noise coming from the back. Jake, who had never seen sheep before was just about freaking out stairing out the window and coming out with strangest whine I have ever heard. I was a
  5. Jon Katz of "A Dog Year" fame was my "instructor" in the pen and a hell-of-a nice guy. He told me to keep my knees bent and relaxed at all times. I just wasn't sure if I should stand kind of parallel to the sheep and face them head on.Couldn't decide if hit which way I could relieve the force from the hit the easiest. I used his crook the first time I went in and that gave me a little more security but then I was trying wo figure out just how I was going to use it if a stampede came my way :eek: My surgery was just a clean up of the cartlidge and I have been going to physical thera
  6. I am so stoked Jake and I went to his herding instinct test today. This was also my first time anywhere near sheep. I was a little worried about the sheep banging into my newly repaired knee, but Jake had no qualms what so ever. He passed with flying colors. Who'd of "thunk" it? Not me, that's for sure. I wasn't so sure that Jake was going to be any good at all considering I have never seen him even try to herd anything since we got him three months ago. Seeing sheep for the first time and those herding genes just kick right in I guess. I had a great time also, so it looks like Ja
  7. Our six and half year old English Golden was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia when she was about six months old.We were told by our vet that she wouldn't see two without an operation. To look at her today you would never know she had it. We take her for long walks and hikes in the winter and she swims in the ocean everyday in the summer. These two things along with a low dosage of Rimadyl and keeping her weight on the light side have given her a pain free and active life. She will give Jake the BC a run for his money when chasing for a ball. This is not to say that she won't have a proble
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