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  1. The withdrawal pains were pretty bad...glad you're back! Kevin
  2. Great pict (and picts). Thanks for the inspiration. Jazz's pal, Kevin
  3. Jazz... -Rocket (unbelievably fast runner) -Fish (swims like one...more like a 'gator actually) -Sneak ("tiptoes" up the stairs to jump in the younger son's bed and eat kleenex) -Pretty boy -Silly -Hen na Yatsu ("strange one" in Japanese) -Stinky (on rainy days) -Sweet boy (only when he's asleep!) Jazz's Pal, Kevin
  4. Jazz is the same as Piper. Not the slightest reaction to loud noises! It could be that all the jets from the nearby air station have made him fairly accustomend to noise. And we are close to a train station, too. We had a Shiba mix (a mixed-up Shiba?) some years ago that freaked out and was a nervous wreck after a friend dropped by on his Harley. He revved it up a few times before he left and the dog (Mac) was hugging the ground, never fully to recuperate. Jazz's pal, Kevin
  5. I just talk to my dog. Jazz's pal, Kevin
  6. Pam, Were those the eyes of the hubby or Chip? We're glad you're keepin' them both and hoping it all works out. Jazz's pals, Kevin & Midori
  7. Wow, that's a lot to "chew on". Sorry for the bad pun. Basically, the biting must stop NOW. Whatever means suggested above, there may not be time to read a book, though if Jazz took a chunk out of me or worse, the wife, I would have to use one of those books for the immediate response, then actually read it to find how to modify his behavior for the long term... Jazz actually snapped at me when he picked up something I thought he might choke on, and proceeded to take it out his mouth, mind you it was an almost playful kind of "snap", nevertheless, against how we trained him to be, le
  8. Oh, I had the feeling this one would become a 2-pager, at least. And I love it when we get those with lots of the best advice to offer finally chime in. Well, it's morning here in Japan, we have our first snow, and I guess I'll have to do with coffee for now. And it is because of the holidays that I get a little more time to respond, so there's another thing (for me) to be thankful for. I was just kidding about the comment that some might want us "newbies" to leave. Just wanted to stir things up a bit, you know, lighten up the mood some... After all it is almost Christmas
  9. Hi Inu, I think I'll join you on those comments...I sure appreciate the patience of everyone here helping me to get Jazz to be the fine 1-year-old he is today. You can't get rid of us newbies! We make your board-viewing too challenging! And Melanie...great explanation. Thanks for your clarity and patience. That one is going in my files. Jazz's pal, Kevin
  10. There are at least two different bc worlds out there. And my dog's behaviors may seem displaced to those not in Jazz's and my world, for example. And that's just fine, right? I do remember this being the General Border Collie Discussion area. And owners like me usually have no more to ask than general or "basic" questions. We're not here because we've got all the answers, but rather because we're in love with our dogs and want to ask "basic" questions and find some answers and occasionally get a good laugh or even cause a little laughter. Anyone want to guess where the quote b
  11. Oh yes, the holidays can be stressful. I don't know what the heck herding instinct is. But Jazz came to us at day 41. On day 42, while out in the yard, he froze and crouched while staring at my wife, she moved left, Jazz leaned left, she moved right, he stepped right, and so on. I'd say it was kinda hard for him to be spoiled yet, having just left his mommy on day 38. And no, Jazz's tendency to herd (dominate?, have fun?), doesn't get us coffee (or even green tea here in Japan), but it is "something" in my border collie I love and admire. It's controlled by me (his dominator), bu
  12. Jazz only likes to dominate things that move. Everything else is safe. Oh, his master is safe, too. Jazz's pal (and dominator), Kevin
  13. I'm sorry, but I can't contain my curiousity any longer (and I'm sure others are wondering the same). Just why do you want your girl bred? Your answer to this may help us help you. Jazz's pal, Kevin
  14. Glad to see this post. About a week ago, Jazz was in the middle of a large baseball/soccer field retrieving his favorite ball-on-a-rope. About 50 meters away, a Shiba Inu, a small one at that, on leash with master, decided to growl at Jazz. Jazz froze, dropped the ball, I gave the sit command and he obeyed--until the Shiba growled again. Jazz bolted for the Shiba and the young lady walking this Shiba wisely(?) picked it up. Meanwhile I'm yelling for Jazz to come and running over to this screaming lady where Jazz is now wagging his tail and "smiling". I calmed the Shiba-owner down, assurin
  15. I think the key is to make our BC's think what THEY want to eat is something we also want them to eat. Then they'll, more than likely, leave it alone! Gotta figure out how to make Jazz think that one bush in the front of our house is his kibble... Jazz's pal, Kevin
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