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  1. Probably those tulip fox terrier ears in the first pic. I'm dog sitting a former rescue dog who is a rough coat, purebred and his ears are very similar. If what we're seeing by the photos, if it were indeed a 9 month dog, I'd suspect something else in there as well, but I'd say he's a purebred border collie, younger than 9 months. Maybe something terrier about him might actually be something still puppyish. I'd love to see him on livestock.
  2. Looks all border collie to me. Signed --- another fan of smoothies.
  3. Run free Samantha and I am so sorry for your loss. Something about that first border collie that changes one forever!
  4. We used to live next door to a whacko -- nice guy, but a whacko, who'd go out on the back porch on New Years Eve at midnight and shoot his gun --- or guns. I often wondered where his bullets came down. Of course, alcohol had nothing to do with it. A friend of mine who had shelties noticed one of her dogs swinging around and biting at his back. She'd look, couldn't find anything, but the behavior got so bad she took the dog to the vet where x-rays produced a bullet lodged close to the spine --- the "what goes up must come down" and in this case, lodged itself in the dog's back. This was shortly after New Year. Fireworks brings out a latent something in a lot of people and I'd sooner not be around. It's not kids running around with sparklers. Thinning the herd. Thinning the herd. Thinning the herd. See, there IS a positive side to all this.
  5. The parents of children who are injured are responsible. Kid suffers. The parent needs to get hit with some suffering for their stupidity as well. Other than the children, I look at it as thinning the herd. A few years ago in a nice suburb of Cleveland --- nice homes, although close together. A mother was sitting oin her front porch with her baby -- about 18 months old, I think. The next door neighbor, an adult with a pea brain, was entertaining himself on the 4th with fireworks --- also illegal here. He lit a rocket which bee-lined it's way into that child's face. The kid lived yeh, but can you imagine the pain??? I would rather have seen the jerk blow off a few fingers than have that kid injured. The law got him though. Bet he'll never mess with fireworks again. I bring every one inside and I turn on all the fans to drown out the noise. It's not a pleasant time for us either.
  6. I'm generalizing. I've seen a handful of GSD's that I liked very much. In fact, I hope to have another GSD in the next year or two. I haven't seen any briards that I've liked, but have seen a couple of great rotties. And most of the cattle dogs I've seen were like land sharks. Re: briards -- I just don't care for them. The rest, I blame the owners more so than the dogs, no matter what the breed, for the train wrecks and mutilations I've witnessed. But going back to my original question -- would wanting to buy sheep so that my dogs can be worked be something that would ring legitimate to sheep folk?
  7. Over the years, after having seen how some people let their dogs (collies and other breeds) beat up on sheep, I need to ask this question. What are the chances of me being shot down when I tell a sheep breeder that the reason I'm looking to buy their sheep is to work my dogs --- and graze down a pasture, but mostly for working my dogs. In this area, I've seen people specifically with briards and shepherds that, if I had sheep to sell, it wouldn't be to them. So just curious. Do I have a huge strike against me for the above-mentioned reasons?
  8. Congratulations Ben. I admire that first walk out onto the trial field and you did it!! No matter what the results. The main thing is YOU DID IT!! (This coming from someone who insides and spine turns to jello at the thought). I agree that you have a great attitude too. Thanks for sharing. It was a good read.
  9. Maybe a lot of you have seen this already, but since nothing's been mentioned here, I'll post it anyway for the benefit of those who haven't. I occasionally feed Natural Balance: http://www.fda.gov/Safety/Recalls/ucm216298.htm
  10. Thanks guys. I haven't check my e-mails yet, but this might be the same person I'm asking for, Julie. I referred her to that group earlier today. I don't know her personally, but she posted on a group where most are interested in conformation, although say their dogs do double duty as LGD's. I don't know, so I just steered her to where I thought she might benefit the most. I'll go check now. Thanks!!!
  11. Anyone use LGD's with cattle? Preference of one type of LGD over another? I'm asking for someone else. Thanks.
  12. I'm looking for some dog broke sheep as well---not to breed. I really need to start working my dogs again. So I'm glad I came across this thread. Thanks.
  13. I'm so sorry for your loss. And what a touching tribute to a well-loved dog.
  14. Sounds like the ACO in your town has way too much time on it's hands. So when are you going to stop this reign of terror and comply?
  15. Rats! I just suspended my cable for the summer because there was rarely anything good on and I needed some de-toxing (hooked on TV) , and so I'm TV-less for the next few months. Hope there's going to be reruns on this one.
  16. I've encountered the same biases against the border collie in my KC days. "Hard to live with", "bouncing off the walls", "all that energy" blah blah blah, were some of the stuff I heard over and over again. I didn't know what they were talking about at first. My own dogs were nothing like what they were describing, but in thinking about it, I do believe that their opinions were formed by the border collies bred for the obedience ring, which they probably saw everytime they went to a show. Those border collies, I found to be always in high idle, and I too couldn't live with a dog like that. What I overheard years ago really irritated me. I don't know if any of you remember years ago, a traveling show with dogs. It was called "[somebody, somebody's] Wonderful World of Dogs. This was all about performance and fun for the dogs and for the audience, and it was before the days of agility. Whenever they rolled into Cleveland, Pete and I were part of the Cleveland team. It was started by a guy who got sick of the conformation stuff he'd been a part of for years. He wanted to bring to the public another aspect of dogs, one that was fun, for the dogs, their owners and audience as well and so he began this road show. Pete, who didn't look like the average border collie (he's the dog in my avatar), always drew attention and he ate it up. Pete was a ham --- applause, attention, Pete had his own cheering section during these events. During a break, someone on the team said loud enough for me to hear "oh, they'll take any mix and call it a border collie". Huh? And who's "they"? Never could figure that one out. Most of the other comments were made out of ignorance, but this was just plain rude.
  17. Happy journey. Fodder-gathering for more "gotta-read" posts? -- always!
  18. Here's what I've done in these situations. Meet the dog. Sleep on it -- no, seriously --- I don't make such decisions until I've slept on it and the morning brings my answer. With Pete, thing is, I couldn't sleep after I met him, and that was my answer. There was an electricity from the time I first met him. You'll know. You'll just know.
  19. My previous post never made it. Anyway, you can't put a price on peace of mind and I'm glad things are OK. You're like me, Mary. Anything out of the ordinary, I hit the panic button, especially with my senior dogs. I'm glad there are voices of reason out there, and I have gotten better, but any change in behavior, warning flags start popping out. I did it with Owd Bob last week. Few kibbles left in his bowl---warning flag. Didn't get up to greet me --- second warning flag. I'm glad you took him to the vet and you can, for now, save some wear and tear on your nerves.
  20. Friend's reply to form letter:[/i] In response to your answer, all I have to say is this------it's all the about the money for both parties as apparently they got an offer they couldn't refuse. I cannot trust in the fact that P&G will keep the food as is. All I have to do is read the labels on their existing foods to know that the bottom line is not the dogs health. As the old saying goes "the proof is in the pudding." Since you want me to swallow propaganda, you feed P&G's food products to your animals. Since the sale is a done deal, I will be looking for alternative foods; as will many other people from what I have read. Friend's e-mail to me today: I just got a letter confirming the purchase agreement of Natura pet products by P&G. Pending regulatory approval the final closing is anticipated to occur in approximately one month. Natura will continue to operate as an independent company until the final closing.
  21. Not necessarily, but the saying that "everyone has their own price" comes to mind and some are cheaper ho's than others.
  22. Ha! A friend of mine e-mailed them: Here's what she wrote: (being done with her permission): I was very upset to hear that naturapet may be selling to P&G. I have seven dogs and have used your food for over 10yrs. and am quite happy with the results. As soon as I heard about the possible buyout, I started inquiring about finding a new food source. Knowing how big companies operate (the dollar is the bottom line), I feel they will look for ingredients at a much cheaper price if not just changing the formula. I had a coupon for a $1.50 off of three cans of one of their foods. Since I was short on time, I figured I would pick up 3 cans to tide me over. One of my dogs bloated, and so I add canned food to his Innova rather than increase the dry food. After reading the ingredients, I could not in good conscious feed this crap to my dog even if it was just three cans! This was supposedly one of their better dog foods. I use Evo and Innova and when I see them sold at the grocery store, I know it will be time to move on. A satisfied customer and hope to stay one, What they wrote back -- OH! Why bother. It was exactly the same as Jennifer's response -- word for word aka "form letter". Disappointed and disgusted.
  23. Thanks guys. Owd Bob died in my arms shortly before 10 this a.m. We were at the vet's and the last words he heard was how much he was loved, what a good dog he is and my last command to him -- to run free, and I was the last thing he saw before death closed those old dog eyes of his. It's not supposed to be this way. Only a year together, an old and ugly dog with a beautiful heart and honest soul, and I can't stop crying. How can a dog like that tear someone up so bad as I am now.
  24. Sea was in the same room with him and came flying out of there into the bedroom where I was at the time and hid in the closet. When I went out I noticed Bob lying on his side, stiffened, his jaw trembling, unable to get up. Bob was "off" yesterday morning before I left for work and didn 't finish all of his food. He was not up on his feet to greet me when I got home, but instead was lying with his chin propped on a crate. He eventually got up and was moving slow, slow even for Bob. Within the hour he had a seizure. This morning I found him in another room, under the dining room table. He is totally listless, no interest in getting fed and he's losing urine. There's a constant trickle of it coming out from under him. I love Owd Bob, but I think I'll be calling the vet to take him in this week, maybe even tomorrow. For the time he was with me, I think he's been happy --- and for someone who thought "WTH" when I first saw him, I must say, Owd Bob claimed a part of my heart forever. I took pics of him lying in the first warm sun after winter broke. He was the picture of contentment. One thing for sure, when you share your life with a dog, you're setting yourself up for heartbreak with each one who touches your life.
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