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  1. Is anyone familiar with fading puppy syndrome. From what I've heard, no one really knows the cause of it----a seemingly thriving puppy, stops nursing, fades & dies, all within a couple of hours? My friend's bitch had a litter delivered by C-section last week, & lost 2 of the six pups this way. Could the fact that it's an older bitch, first litter have anything to do with it? My vet, who breeds pugs, has had this happen and does necropsies on the pups & has found fluid in the lungs in many of them. So just trying to make a connection here---concerned that the remaining 4 are
  2. I might add that while looking through a supply catalogue that the groomer I work for gets, one of them was advertising "Interceptor" and other HW preventatives with "Made in this country!" So there must be some validity to what my vet told me. BTW, don't know where my mind is, (probably running into the sunset like the end of a Three Stooges film) but the products my vet & I were discussing were the HW preventatives, not flea preventatives. Sorry about that. However, it does make you wonder about the flea preventatives as well. Vicki
  3. I found out this year that the cheaper stuff gotten through catalogues & online, although it bears the companies name & packaging, is not made in this country and even though it bears the name of the company, the products made outside the country often are not of the same quality as the product (of the same name) made in this country. If something should go wrong with using the foreign-made stuff, the company will not stand behind it's product, even though their name is on it. Currently there are some lawsuits pending against the companies that offer the cheaper version of, for
  4. If her problem is indeed nutrition oriented, then my advice is, it is more expensive in the long run to feed cheap. If you see an improvement in her with a better diet, go with the better diet. However, I would still get her into the vets just to rule anything else out. When the body is stressed (I'm talking dog here), the first thing it let's go of is hair. That stress can be anything from a cheap, lousy diet, to hormonal fluctuations, to any number of other things going on inside, that we can't see, but manifests itself in profuse hair loss. So the advice still stands---better qualit
  5. First, I would have a complete check up done on the dog, blood work, etc. If everything shows up OK, look at nutrition. I would put her on a quality food. Sorry, Purina, Science Diet, Pedigree, Alpo, & so on, are not what I consider quality. If her hair loss is that severe, look at raw feeding---myself, I feed 2 of my dogs "morigins" (raw diet). If you decide to stay with dry, I like Solid Gold, Flint River Ranch, and although I haven't tried it, but heard lots of good about it, Canidae. If she turns her nose up, too bad. Pick up the food after 20 minutes, and it doesn't get
  6. Big fluffy dog, from what I heard, passed his Herding Instinct test. I suppose now it's all systems go now in advertising a bench champion with herding instinct, just to show all the doubters you really can have it both ways. Right? Vicki
  7. Thank you so much for your input. First, pups get this from their old man, I'm sure. I was looking for something that would put a little push into the pups, more than mom has. Secondly, I was wrong on one thing---this pup has been working since she was 4 months old---way too young, and I have stated this to the owner, but she is coming from working with an AKC breed ---- OK, it's a rough collie, and I can imagine the feeling my friend had when her BC pup was doing at 7 months, what it took the collie 18 months to learn. (but I know that's no reason to apply training on a dog that is s
  8. Here's the situation. This pup is not mine, but I still have a vested interest--I bred her. She is 8 months old and her owner's first BC. The owner has done well enough with an alternate herding breed in AKC. She started the pup at 5 months, which I thought, and told her it was too young, that the pup's got to grow up. She was told by some other folks that as long as the pup is showing a desire to work, work her, and she did. The pup has always been keen. Now, approaching adolescence, the pup either goes to the heads, or just plain dives in and buzzes the sheep, and has times wh
  9. I've fed that particular food myself & I think it's OK. However, it just may not agree with this particular individual. If his teeth & gums were really bad when you got him (I'm not a vet, so I'm sort of thinking out loud), I know that infected gums can lead to other health problems & maybe he has residuals from that. Just for my own peace of mind, I would get him checked by a vet, maybe even getting a blood panel done. But I would definately change his food. You might have to experiment with different kinds before you find the one that works the best for him. (BTW, t
  10. My first thought is that maybe this one particular dog is having problems processing this kibble. Bad teeth & gums is a contributing factor to bad breath. I would get this dog checked by a vet. Are the teeth & gums OK? See if there might be something going on internally that is causing him to be gassy. I would say that maybe a change of diet is in order for this dog, since you said this particular dog tends to be gassy anyway. To me, that indicates a digestion problem anyway, which another manifestion is rotten breath. May I ask what you are currently feeding? Vicki
  11. Since it is hard to guarantee against certain things that happen in life, my contract states that the PARENTS have been checked and clear of eye diseases - they are CERF'd. My contract also states that the parents hips have been x-rayed--they are OFA'd. It also states that the parents are free of epilepsy. It also states that the pup/dog at the time of sale is in good health & have the vet records to back it up. What I'm saying is, is if push comes to shove in court, if your contract states that the pups are guaranteed against hip dysplasia, epilepsy etc., etc., as a breeder, one
  12. I have a female BC who turned 9 yrs old in April. She has been seizuring since she was 9 months old. First we put her on phenobarb, varying doses, she still cluster seizured like clock work, without fail, every three weeks, no matter what the dose she was on. Amazingly, when she was about 4 yrs old, she went for 14 months seizure-free. Then it came back with a vengeance, grand mal seizures every 20 minutes. She was put on IV's for the better part of a week (very costly), & when she came out, she still cluster seizured 1 x a month. The following year, again, she went into round the
  13. My experience with Science Diet, is run the other way. Vicki
  14. I'm currently feeding 10 dogs & had a litter of pups this past January. My dog food of choice is "mOrigins", a raw diet, but since it is expensive, I only have 3 of my dogs on it, 2 of which are old timers and one of those has a compromised immune system. The rest I feed Solid Gold Holistic, the Wellness, Flint River Ranch, Royal Canin Holistic--which ever is most accessible at the time I need it. I am totally sold on Morigins (they have a website). It comes in frozen 5 pound rolls & I've fed it this summer frozen, right out of the freezer, after I've broken off the frozen porti
  15. I'm curious what different BC owners feed their dogs & why. Vicki
  16. I think we all agree that the media sensationalizes. They also show what they want to show to manipulate public opinion. But the visual of 9/11 on 9/11 was not manipulation. It was horrifying reality that's been burned in our minds. I think the reason it was played over and over at the beginning is because people had a difficult time processing what happened. Now that it has sunk in, it's not being played as much----but maybe we need to see it occasionally again in case we become too complacent. It's easy for us as Americans to do so. I think that the "Osama tapes", showing the dog
  17. Those tapes made me sick too, and if I had no use for those people before, I have even less now. Another image that sticks in my mind is the execution of a woman in the arena in Kabul. I just heard that the Wall Street Journal Reporter Daniel Pearl (? sp) was executed by getting his throat sliced while making a statement to the camera. How about the degenerate who shot out the lion's eye in the Kabul zoo because the lion messed up his kin? Kind of satisfying that the lion in this case had the last laugh---sent the SOB off to Allah (where instead of the 72 virgins promised to "men", hopeful
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