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  1. Not a pleasant outcome for the coyote, but a great example of dogs doing their jobs. What sort of LGD's do you have, Pam?
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    And eventually, after the intial grief, that's what it comes down to. I have 2, 14 yr. old border collies at my feet as I type this --- and I dread having to go through the grieving process again. You were lucky to have had him in your life, Liz.
  3. I am posting this here with permission from the person who contacted me. The contact info is in the message. Hopefully someone with the time and patience to work with her will read this and consider taking her on. Poor thing.: ____________________________________- Subject: need help with a border collie Hi, I work at the Portage Animal Protective League in Ravenna, Ohio. We have a 3 year old female BC named Molly that we need to get into a rescue. She spent most of her life living in a crate in a basement. She is perfectly comfortable in her kennel. If we try to get her to spend
  4. I figure if a well-bred pup is available, go for it, although I'd feel more comfortable if a rescue pup might have been given consideration first. Either one might wind up being the best choice OP could make. I'd just hate to see them driven into the waiting arms of a barbie collie breeder -- you know, the types who start their sentences with "those working lines..." --- or the "we breed for a good pet" -- you know, those types. So, to the OP, I hope you get the dog of your dreams from a good and reputable breeder or even a great little dog from a rescue. Whatever, I'm sure you'll
  5. You'll receive many responses, I'm sure. Couple of things that jump out at me. First, Christmas is not the best time to bring in a dog into the household as a member of the family. Secondly, "room to roam". That phrase sends up red flags. "Room to roam" implies that the dog will have plenty of time to roam and explore on it's own without supervision. A dog left to its own devices can spell disaster and failure. All dogs, especially border collies, thrive on human interaction --- if you don't have the time to provide that stimulus, then keep looking. A border collie isn't for you.
  6. What's with the ABCA registered? I'm sure they mean the dam, but very misleading to John Q who might run across this ad. But then misleading claims are what sells these poo's and doodles or pretty much pups from any substandard breeding practices.
  7. Only border collie people would appreciate and understand. I love it, music and all. How can you not!
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    We humans stand to learn a lot from dogs like Parker. Dogs like Parker don't come into our lives by accident. There's a reason why they're here and maybe it's for us to find what that reason is, and once we do, we're the better for it. They are perfect souls inside a less than perfect body and we're lucky to hae known them for as long or as short as their time here might be. I guess Parker's job here on earth was done and we can say "thank you" for the gift of Parker. I have no doubt that he now rests, a job well done, his body restored. That'll do, Parker. You've earned your
  9. Anyone who knew me & Pete way back when, knew Pete's story. It's almost ten years ago that Pete (the dog in my avatar) entered an 8 month period that was a roller coaster ride, a period where at the start I was losing my dog and at the end I came away with a different way of looking at what we feed our dogs, what we feed ourselves. It involved me taking him off a prescription diet on my own, without any input from my vet. In March of that particular year, I was gone for two weeks on business. Pete and I had never been apart for that long. He was 11 yrs. old. I left what appeare
  10. I have known many ACK breeders over the years who are just as disgusted by the situations you describe. The ACK breeders I've known throughout the years become angered and would like to see these mills shut down for good because they really do care about not only their dogs but dogs in general. They are not bad people. Many of them don't agree with their registry's raking in money from millers, but I honestly think that they are not sure what can be done. Maybe it's easier to ignore that the registry that has molded a way of life for them (breeding to improve one's breed, dog shows
  11. Oh rats. My next guess was going to be Terminator II.
  12. ummm. Lemme see. Dr. Zhivago. ????
  13. I got kicked out of the "Meet the Breeds" venue at a big show cluster here because I guess my dogs and I offended the barbie collies. One of the handlers --- long time ACD breeder with her first OZ barbie collie, called my dogs "crippled pieces of crap". My "crippled pieces of crap" would and could wipe their feet on the feeble attempts to "work" that her dog attempted. Nothing against the dog --- ever, but some of these breed dog handlers need a sock shoved in their mouths. PS. My "crippled pieces of crap" and I got our revenge at a clinic with a mini trial at which she showed up wi
  14. Congratulations. Lovely and lucky dog. May you have many long and happy years together. And I look forwards to photos and stories.
  15. You go, Frankie! Never underestimate a border collie. I'd love to see some pics too.
  16. I'm so sorry for your loss, DR. She really does sound like she was the perfect dog --- all the harder. Sleep gently, Abby - the perfect dog. You've earned it.
  17. Flick's daughter, Rhona will be there with her human, Carol. They are on the SWAT team.
  18. Don't know. I ain't got no friends anyway.
  19. Neutering usually takes care of these problems. Jackass!
  20. I'm feeling your sense of loss all too well. Your signature on those papers sort of releases you into a whole new life, doesn't it, ending a chapter in your life that obviously meant a lot to you. Every now and then, take a peek into that chapter of your life and take from it something into your future. It's always going to be a part of you. Treasure its memories but go on and make new ones. See what memories will be in your future to make. This quote really speaks to me: “What you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened, it has all worked together to bring
  21. Thanks for all your effort and work you put into this, Eileen. It's going to be interesting learning my way around, so far, the new look gets a thumbs up from me.
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    I'm so sorry to hear about Tulsa. I can only imagine how much his loss hurts. One thing I no longer have to imagine though is how a horse grabs onto your heart. I know now. I'm living it now and others, like you and Tulsa are an inspiration to what the human/horse bond can be like. Thank you for sharing Tulsa with us. RIP old boy.
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