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  1. Male border collie, rescue, about 5 yrs old. Extremely thunderphobic. We've had a lot of thunderstorms roll through here. Latest damage count is I need an entire door replaced. Cheap door, yes, but he clawed through it and the dry wall around it. Need to re-dry wall now. During a thunderstorm I keep him and another dog out in the hall, darkened with a fan and radio going. Once he broke through, sees he is inside the house where his arch enemy happens to be, fight breaks out. A bad one. No stitches required but both dogs on antibiotics and I was bitten several times in the process of b
  2. Oh, I'm so sorry. You and she fought the good fight together and you held her as slipped away. You did right. You did good. And I'm so sorry for your loss.
  3. I'm sending tons of prayers your way. Tess needs to pull through this.
  4. Reunion: Bath: Family again L to R: Caiomhe, Satchmo, Rhona and Murron, the kelpie girl. THE END
  5. This is owner's response to several people. I'll post a couple of pics when I get home tonight. Rhona's Return (or the case of the disapearing Border Collie)by Carol Catlin on Wednesday, 13 July 2011 at 11:57 On Saturday night at approx. 11pm, Brad opened our back door to let the dogs out to potty. Just as they ran out, some fireworks started and Rhona bolted and jumped the fence. We spent 2.5 hours looking around the immediate neighborhoods as she’s done this before but always comes back in 15 minutes. Needless to say I was frantic with worry. My theory is that she ran farther th
  6. Let me see if I understand this correctly. A pitbull owned by an abusive owner, suffering beatings at the hands of the person who owns him, and all the dog -- a pitbull --- does is cry and try to get away from her? The media, the same ones responsible for demonizing pitbulls, should be all over this one. But they are not and maybe it's just as well for your sake and the dog's sake, but say, the dog did an about face and took a well-deserved bite out of this person who abuses him, you'd better believe the story would hit the newswire about another pitbull attack, thus proving the bloodlust a
  7. Don't have all of the details, but a photo of an exhausted and tearful owner with her arms around an obviously exhausted and an "I can't believe I'm home" Rhona, says more than I ever could. When I find out the details, I'll let you all know. Rhona is one of Flick's pups and was the 3rd fastest flyball dog in her division(?)(sorry, don't know flyball terminology) and she's still kicking butt on flyball team. So thank you for all of your good thoughts and prayers and I'll post the details later when I get them.
  8. Rhona has still not been found. She had gotten a bath earlier in the day, which is why she was without a collar. Owners went to a concert later that day but came home early because the wife was sick. Idiots in the neighborhood were blowing off firecrackers and when they opened the door, Rhona darted out in a blind panic, past them, collarless. At least she's chipped. Still, I'm dreading the e-mail that her body was found by the side of a road. No sight of her, inspite of everyone imaginable being notified and posters all over the place. She is also in incredible shape for a 9 yr. o
  9. At what point was it made known that she had lost her mom? That puts a different spin on it, doesn't it. Was all of this berating of her going on after it was known what the family had gone through? If that's the case, then she was basically driven into more sympathetic, albeit seedy arms. Then it's just wrong on so many levels. I'm not exactly a candidate for the Mother Teresa humanitarian award, but even I would not "kick" a person that's already hurting. Sounds like an opportunity was lost here. All I can say is a wish her and her family well in their emotional grow
  10. I totally agree and have no sympathy/empathy for this brat who's technically an adult now. So she came here and got her drawers all in a twist with what was said to her on these boards. Daddy came to her rescue. So now she's chosen to play in a seedier world of adults --- puppy millers and profiteers, her guides and counselors. With the money she's probably making, I doubt that she'll ever consider either 1. the dogs or 2. that what she's doing contributes to a problem. Her world is small and centered around herself. She can't see beyond it. A lot of adults can't either, so I can't blam
  11. Hopefully it's something simple that you can pin point that's causing her seizures and you can take care of it easily, but she sounds like an old dog with a few problems and seizures have been added to the list. Hopefully she won't have any more. Good luck. Not much else to say except that I know well what it's like to live with a dog who seizures --- whatever the reason for the seizures are. It ain't easy.
  12. Sorry. I thought fewer words would keep it simple enough. It would be from NYC area to western PA or NE Ohio. Since I'm in NE Ohio and a few miles from the PA border, western PA would be do-able too. Hope that clarifies. When would be determined by the transporter(s). There. Thanks.
  13. preferably a weekend, but I'm not picky. Thanks. Vicki
  14. This litte guy has prompted me to start a community group on FB --- Can you help this dog? Right now I don't have the time but can someone post him up on there as the first dog? http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=588060522#!/pages/Can-you-help-this-dog/208157152535116 I need to go dig myself out of 2 ft of snow and get my butt to work. Thanks.
  15. Anyone close to there that they can take a look at this boy? Maybe I'll put him up on my FB page and ask from there too.
  16. Any updates? I'm reading this from work and am unable to open the link. I think he looks like a smoothie too. Let's get him out of there!
  17. sea4th


    I'm so sorry for your loss. Hope was a grand old lady, wasn't she. Rest easy, Hope.
  18. I'm so sorry for what you're going through. You did absolutely the right thing, for you, for Scooter. It was already a terrible situation without the dog warden butting in. Proof of rabies might be all you need. And if that's not sufficient, I'd sure like to know what you were in violation of. It's not as though he had bitten anyone outside of your home. Maybe you're giving too much weight to this sabre-rattling dog warden letter because you are still raw emotionally. I've gone to the ER several times when bitten by a dog, and on 3 occasions had been hospitalized and on IV's.
  19. OK. This is a tad too over the top for me. WTH!
  20. BWA HA HA HA HA. Great visual and it's probably somewhere in the "rule book". ETA - Chapter 3, pg. 24, para.2 in rule book says --- when judge places reed in front of her/his nose, handler does a run out with dog at the sheep, throwing toys and encouraging dog's interest with praise and lots of treats and squeaky toys. Failure to do so will result in an NQ for this portion of the herding instinct test. Me -- no, really. That's what it says!
  21. This reminds me of a not exactly warm and fuzzy conversation I had with a breeder of Oz lines show border collies years ago, when she found out about my not-too-flattering opinions of trotting border collies around a ring in an effort to select the "ideal" border collie. She got up in my face and told me that her show dogs displayed their usefulness everyday at home with the few head of sheep she had and so to her they were useful, so who was I or anyone else to say that they were not. Reading between the lines, they were useful to HER as sheepdogs so who's to say she shouldn't breed them, c
  22. Oh, I don't know. Just entertaining some thoughts, hence all the questions I asked, which I might not have asked at all, had I not seen the boerboel worked by Tony McCallum doing what looked like a respectable job to me.
  23. It was Tony McCallum who was using the boerboel I referred to and I was really impressed. I know they were once farm/guard dogs in so. Africa, but now are largely used for protection work. So then this boxer, should the opportunity ever arise, can have a career as a useful farm dog. Interesting. It would probably be better than some of the other breeds I've seen with herding ancestry.
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