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  1. Well I managed to get in to see the vet late yesterday afternoon and have just filled a generic valium 5mg prescription. Looks like the storms are on the way so will see if it helps. The vet said that the previous try with this (I called my VT vet to confirm and he did give 10mg in 2006) may not have worked because the dose was too high and that sometimes less can be more effective. I'll look into the thundershirt too. Someone asked how he is with the crate in normal times and he is fine I will put him in sometimes if I have company and he will from time to time go into it on his own as its in a cool room. So not a problem with the crate per se just the being caged during the storm.
  2. I guess I'll bit the bullet and check in with the vet. His regular vet is in Vermont (far cheaper!) but the vet I have used once in a while down here does have the advantage of having multiple border collies. Hopefully she is still practicing. In the interim I'll see if I can find any L-Theanine locally as tomorrow and sunday may be bad.
  3. I've not gone the thundershirt route. I did ask at the local petsmart and the manager suggested 'save your money' so I kind of discounted the effectiveness. As to meds, I'm also hesitant as I do not know the lead time necessary. The way things are here in the nj/ny/ct area thunderstorms are often expected but do not always materialize in all areas. I'd hate to have to drug the dog every day during the summer to be covered on the 15 or so bad days (or nights). What meds do you use and how often, etc? I have had mild success in calming him between thunder by playing catch with him but again, two hours of catch is a bit much for both me and him (given heart cond.) and no fun at 4am! The loud stereo can also reduce slightly the durantion of the panic by masking the more distant claps but I worry that he is beginning to associate the stereo with thunder. Like all border collies he thinks too much!
  4. Hello - I've reviewed a number of the older posts on thunder and well, wish i could have some of the problems reported.. at least by comparison! My 10yr old has had the thunder fear since he was about 2 or so. Until the past 2 years it was bearable as he would generally go to hide in one of the bathtubs and I could live with that even if he sometimes would dig in the tub or on the tiles when it got really bad. Fireworks were bad too though he would generally reappear far sooner. But he has gotten far worse the past two years to the point that it really is a big problem this summer. He no longer hides in the tub and instead wishes to get higher. This translates into dog on tables, counter, sink, etc. I have not seen any mention of this type of behavior in the other threads I read. Besides the obvious knocking things off and over, the risk of damage from digging is very high. In addition, he has developed what I assume is a type of fear agression. He will snap when I grab him to put him back on the floor. He has no separation anxiety and no issues like this with toys or food. He can't be crated for two reasons - one, he turns into tasmanian devil and pulls the bars apart with his teeth. Two, he was diagnosed last summer with a grade 5 heart valve leak. Even if I had faith that the crate would contain him, I think the stress level is far above tolerable. Frankly I wonder if the heart issue and the increased thunder fear are not somehow related. I have a long uncarpeted stair case in the house which is impossible to safely restrict so I hesitate to give him a sedative. At this point I have double gated the kitchen and the master bath to prevent access. I've got some left over pergo I put on the dining table when storms are expected and generally have moved breakables elsewhere. Of course, this makes the home look and feel like a war zone and I can no longer make any plans to go out myself prior to being certain of the weather. So wondering if any of you 1) have had similar jumping/digging experiences and 2) any suggestions to get him back to a more 'normal' state (like go in the bathtub). I've recently tried the phernome collar, no effect at all. Thanks for reading all of this.
  5. Thanks for the info Laura. I'm sure hoping for the same thing here. It is brutally hot this week so I don't feel too bad about cutting things back to indoor activity. I plan to still play frisbee and ball with Marley and there are a few dogs I know he can be around without going all out once the weather gets a bit cooler too. I just wish he were starting from a better place on the severity scale. I'm also going to be dropping the reports off to his local vet here in NY as she has four borders herself and getting her take on things.
  6. Thanks for the replies. The cardiologist recommended in his 'owner' write up (attached) to reduce the activity level a bit. Marley has extremely strong herding instincts but unfortunately, I do not have a farm or regular access to sheep so I never started him on any. When young, he did the dog park thing for social interaction but his primary activity has been frisbee. I can no longer throw lefty due to a nerve impingement I developed in my biceps, so we do a lot of that! Two years ago the local park in NY gave us and other dog owners the boot from an area where we were allowed off leash. With no replacement nearby area, our routine was reduced to the lcoal dog park which reinvigorated his herding instincts. People are frankly shocked when he out runs and wears down their one or two year old and he really does treat the goldens and labradoodles like sheep herding them about. But he is just as happy running out and back when another owner is playing ball with the chuck-it and their dog. That will be the activity I cut out (or greatly reduce) as he goes full bore until I say time to leave. Frisbee and even ball toss, I have far more control over how hard he runs (and how often), and that is what we do up here in Vermont where we spend the winter months and a bit in summer and fall. We hike as well which is relatively low inpact. I'll just have to pack the fresh snow down a little sooner now in the winter [with his tolerance of cold he could be a sled dog!] Think he is too old for obience stuff? That might be a good outlet too. miskulin - marley 07-15-11 case summary report.pdf I think I may not have attached the carido report correctly in my prior post here is that too: miskulin - marley 07-15-11 cardiology report.pdf
  7. Unfortunately, not a very good visit though the cardiologist said it is not all bad as there is no enlargement of the heart at this time and pressure is fine. At this time he felt it was not necessary to prescribe medication but did give me lasix in case of emergency and wants to do a check up in 6 months. Marley is still an extremely active dog and I can't help but second guess my judgement(s) on when to stop what ever activity he was involved in and say thats enough. I'll have to eliminate some of his activities and reduce the time of others. I'm just so sad right now as there really doesn't seem to be anything one can do for this. I've attached the vet style report, perhaps those more in the know have other comments. The doctor was very thorough and as I was in the room pointed out the problems and explained as best he could. miskulin - marley 07-15-11 cardiology report.pdf
  8. Thanks so much for the information. I'm headed over there in about an hour so at least I'll have some idea whats what. Hoping for the best.
  9. Hi - my 9 yr old was just to the vet for his regular checkup and rabies vac. It was a substitute vet as his regular is on vacation. She did a thorough exam and said she detected a loud heart murmur. She mentioned coughing as a symptom, Marley doesn't really do that, at least not often and usually with toys (sometimes after catching his frisbee.) I have noticed he gets more tired in the hot weather when running around with other dogs. He's never been fond of the hot weather so I've chalked this up to getting older and generally not knowing when enough is enough (which is why I tend to cut his fun short) but in cooler (say under 60) temps he doesn't display this and seemed fine over the winter. Soooo... I've managed to schedule an ultra-sound tomorow with a doggie cardiologist up here in VT. The vet said depending what they find they may prescribe meds. I did read a few threads from 2008 and 2009 and wonder if things have changed at all? New drugs? Better treatments? Drugs to avoid? Appreciate your replies.
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