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  1. Could someone give directions to the trial in Lawndale, NC this weekend. I want to go watch. I will be leaving from Greensboro, NC thanks
  2. Laura and Maizy, I am going to bring the Beav and will probably bring my other male dog Joey. If we get to do the round pen thing, hopefully Joey will show Beaver that sheep are fun! Since I am a lousy cook, I will probably hit the grocery store for a dessert to bring.
  3. Isn't the picnic June 2? I believe it is supposed to be potluck again. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again.
  4. I have 2 neutered males that get along very well. There is a 2 year difference in their ages. They stay in a 10 x 30 run together during the day. I also have a older bitch who has to stay in a run alone because she is soooo hateful. I know all my other dogs will be singing "ding dong the bitch is dead" when she dies.
  5. I don't believe the vets can refuse to write a script for your dogs heartworm medications. Telling you that you must buy your dog's meds from them is like my doctor telling me I must buy my prescriptions from his drug store. That said, the vet can probably charge you for writing the prescription.
  6. I give my oldest dog fluoxetine when she starts a lick granuloma on her front leg. She generally only starts a granuloma in the summer and it is always in the same place. The fluoxetine works very well in halting the licking. I just wish it worked as well for me when I take it for depression.
  7. I am still feeding it to two of my dogs and have been thinking of switching the other 5 to it. Change that, I am switching my other dogs to it. Now please, don't let it get recalled. Laura, where are you buying your Canidae? I get mine at All Pets Considered but if I could find a place that the price including delivery is cheaper, I would buy from there.
  8. Back in my younger days, I had a beagle that would put her nose on the side mirror, and have her leg on the armrest while she flew her ears. I am older now and most of the time my dogs ride in a crate. I think my beagle enjoyed the car more.
  9. I have 2 male Border Collies and one Female Border Collie. The two males ages 4 years and 2 years stay in the same 10 x 30 run together. So far so good. I never find any bites on them. When the older male stayed in the same run as my female, that hateful old bitch would put bite marks on him all the time. Never anything to require a visit to the vet, but enough to make me realize she needed to live alone. Everyone was S/N at an early age so hormones have never been an issue.
  10. I soak all of my dogs food. I figure it is better for the food to swell before it gets in their belly. The Rat Terriers are the my only dogs that have teeth cleaning issues.
  11. None of my Border Collies drops coat in just a couple of weeks. They like to drag it out all spring and summer long. I would love it if I could get rid of all the dead and dying hair in just a few weeks.
  12. I don't really remember my parents teaching me how to behave around dogs. We always had a dog. We learned which dogs in the neighborhood would bite and left them alone. There were a few streets in my neighborhood where bike riding was a real adventure because of the dogs that would give chase when we rode by. This was back in the stone age when most people in my neighborhood did not fence in or tie their dog.
  13. How many border collies do you have? THREE. How many have you owned in your lifetime? FOUR. Do you use them for herding? NO Agility? NO Obedience? YES Are they part of the family or just used for working? The Border Collies and my other two dogs are the reason I go home at night. What made you choose the breed? I wanted to train obedience to a high level. Will you only buy a dog with hips & eyes done? It would nice if all dogs had hips/eyes done, but that will never happen. Also, I purchased an Aussie puppy from two OFA good parents
  14. My youngest Border Collie has a very severe overbite. To keep his lower canines from growing towards the roof of his mouth, my vet removed his upper canines which had been pushing his lower canines inward. Granted his he was only about 8-9 months onld when this was done, but he had no problems.
  15. Rebecca, sounds like fun to me. Maybe if Beaver takes another look at sheep, he will become more interested. We had big fun last summer and I am looking forward to the next get together.
  16. Teaberry gum and candy cigarettes,YUMMY!
  17. A few years ago I had to take my dog to the E-Vet on a Sunday Morning because she had scratched her eye. I did not mind paying the $100.00 emergency fee, but I got pretty ticked off when they charged me $18.00 for a fluorescein strip. The highest average wholesale price I could find for that product is $0.22/strip. I doubt seriously they have to pay a whole lot more than AWP for their drug purchases. I work in a human hospital pharmacy and E-Vet minimum drug charge is way higher than ours. The antibiotic ophthalmic ointment they sold me was cheaper than the fluorescein strip. The way the
  18. After you get the diarrhea under control you can try putting some pineapple bits or pineapple juice in her food to stop the poop eating. You will have to do this for a few weeks to break the habit, but it does work and is much cheaper than the Forbid tablets the vet will sell you. It worked for my dog.
  19. My dogs did not get any thing special yesterday, but one of them managed to poop in the house last night anyway. First time in months that has happened. Worse yet, I stepped in it. Fortunately I had shoes on.
  20. Julie, if you go to the Pets Megastore website, you can order a product called "Profen" that is equivalent to Program. Although, the website carries Program, they are not allowed to sell it to people in the U.S. I have ordered heartworm medications from them in the past and received exceptional service.
  21. I just started feeding Canidae a couple of weeks ago and got a $2.00 coupon in my first bag.
  22. Kelpiegirl, just trying to get the "do not breed" point across. Back to lurk mode.
  23. Whinny, the only reason to breed any dog is if it is absolutely, positively the best at what that breed is supposed to do. Border Collies were bred to work livestock. If your Border Collie happens to win the open division at the USBCHA finals in a few years, then you might consider breeding her. If she turns out to be just another really great obedience dog/agility dog don't bother. There are lots of people breeding O/A dogs.Love your dog, train it, participate in whatever venue you choose. Spay it. If you spay your dog you never have to put off doing something with her just because she i
  24. I really bad joke but.... Why did the chicken cross the road? To show a possum it could be done!
  25. I switched my non-eater to Canidae last week and he is actually eating with vigor. He also goes back to lick the bowl when he is through eating.
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