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  1. I train dogs with a couple of friends every week and one of them has a male golden that the Border Collies just hate. He does not do any thing to deserve the animosity shown him, he just exists and is a Golden.
  2. I sucked up and went by my vet's office to pick up some Advantix and they turned me on to a newer, longer lasting version of Capstar. It is a tablet called Comfortis and is supposed to kill fleas for 30 days. We will see if it works.
  3. I made an expensive mistake. I did not mean to throw it away. I am assuming that is what happened to it, because I can not find it anywhere and I have looked my house over and upside down.
  4. I think I have managed to throw away all the K9 Advantix I had for the next 3 months for my six dogs. Has anyone ever used the Biospot product? It would certainly be a lot cheaper.
  5. Is anyone else's dog enjoying the rain as much as my Border Collies are? They must be loving it because they seem to prefer standing in the rain to going into their dry dog houses.
  6. A thousand years ago, I bathed dogs at a vet's office and we did the anal glands on every dog we bathed. I did not move my head back far enough one time and got that stuff in my hair. TOTAL GROSS OUT!! I can't do my own dogs glands now. I will wipe their butts if they have a cling on, but can not and will not do their glands. The older I get the wimpier I get.
  7. I think I paid about $400.00 to have my Rat Terriers eye removed. That included the orbit that was inserted to keep the skin from sinking into his eye socket.
  8. I am a non insulin dependent diabetic and a few years ago I had to give up sweet tea. Twice in the last year, I have been accidentally served sweet tea and I took it as a sign that I was supposed to have it. It was wonnnnderful. The older I get the more things I love I have to give up. I gave up cigarettes, I gave up real Pepsi or Coke, and I have given up sweet tea. If I ever have to give up swearing, I will just have to do myself in. Rebecca, I have been to Keaton's and it definitely worth the ride. Don't you love all the signs that tell you not to change tables? If I live to
  9. My youngest Border Collie was probably close to 2 years old before he hiked his leg regularly. I had decided he thought he was a girl since he had been neutered.
  10. I have a friend whose border collie was a basic black and white dog. At about the age of 8 or so he started turning white. When he died around the age of 12 -13 he had hardly a black hair left on him. If I remember correctly, I think he hair started turning white at the tail first and then the color change worked its way towards the front.
  11. Julie and Laura, o.k. exactly where is Verna's? I wanna come watch.
  12. My dog Joey had a fairly bald tail when he was a puppy. The vet had me wash it in Hibiclens every day for a couple of weeks. Although he never grew all his hair on his tail, he has enough now for a good comb over. My youngest Border Collie, Beaver pulled his hair out when he got bored. When I moved him into the same run as Joey, he quit pulling it out. My dog "Five" starts a lick granuloma in the same place every summer. If I give her generic prozac for a couple of weeks she will quit licking that spot. I wonder if Piper's tail itches and that is why she is chewing?
  13. I need to add to my reply. What I need to remember is that the vet bills we pay take care of the salaries of ALL the people who work at that facility. This includes the office staff, the kennel help, the surgical assistants and whoever else may work at that office. I once complained to a veterinarian about what they charged for vaccines and his reply was that if they charged only what the vaccine cost them, the cost of a spay or neuter or the cost to do any type of surgery would be on a par with the cost of surgery on a human. What is charged for routine vaccines subsidizes the cost of su
  14. I don't know why a fluorescein stain should cost over $19.00 as the average wholesale price for 300 strips was $36.88 a few months ago. That makes the AWP per strip $0.12293 each. The cost of a flourescein strip ought to be included in the cost of a routine exam. I don't believe my regular vet has ever charged me for staining one of my dogs eyes. The Emergency vets are an entirely different story. I paid $20.00 for a stain there. Of course it was a Sunday morning and it was an emergency buti I was still ticked.
  15. I have a 8 month old puppy of another breed. If we just go for a short ride he may not get sick. The longer the ride the more likely he is to vomit. He does not drool, he just will sit up and puke. I guess I will have to buy stock in the company that makes meclizine. That does seem to help, but I have to give it hours before I take him anywhere. I think I will try the ginger also, maybe that will work faster.
  16. I bring the dogs in the house and turn the television up loud. The window air conditioner in that room sounds like a jet lifting off so between those two noises they probably won't hear the most of the fire works. After I have the dogs tucked in I go back outside and watch.
  17. I have e-collars I use on 2 of my dogs when I take them into the field to run. I rarely have to shock them. As long as they have the collars on they will come when called. If they don't come when called I just use the vibrate button and it gets their attention. It was a hard decision to use an e-collar and believe me I felt like a failure as a trainer. However, now my dogs can run without me worrying that they will head for the road and not come when called. And because I am not constantly nagging them about getting too far away from me, they now come much more readily. I am sure it is
  18. I take care of an Australian Shepherd and I do not hesitate to have him clipped down. I don't have him clipped to the skin but he is clipped fairly close. He has sooo much hair and once he starts to shed his hair matts quickly. He acts like he feels better after he is clipped. Maybe not the best for all dogs, but I do think it is the best for him.
  19. My Border Collies would probably run off and let me get beat up. My small male Rat Terrier would lay down his 12# life for me. I had a female Australian Shepherd who although she never bit anyone, could put the fear of God in people. Her eyes would turn red and she would growl like she really meant business, but she didn't. If you knew dogs you would realize that she did not want a confrontation: she kept her head turned away the whole time she would be growling at someone.
  20. I have a rat terrier mix whose name is shoowee. I don't know what the man I got her from fed his puppies, but when she took a dump the first time, it smelled so bad I said shoowee and that became her name.
  21. I had big fun and hiking back and forth was good for me. My dog Five, had a most excellent time thanks to Julie. She slept HARD on the way home. Becca, I am so sorry about Kris the dog. I hope his seizures resolved and will be able to be controlled with just some Pb.
  22. I put the poop where I don't want my dogs to dig. Your puppy is waay cute !
  23. I'm coming with the Beav. Or maybe I should leave Beaver at home and bring the Border Collies who like sheep. I will bring some of the Colonel's chicken and a dessert.
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