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  1. What a tragedy. I am so sorry for your loss.
  2. Unless gas goes up another $1.00/gallon this week I am planning on coming to the get together. Will probably go by the Colonel's since I am a lousy cook. I will bring one of my border collies and maybe my rat terrier. He thinks he is a border collie.
  3. Your puppy is way too cute. Four months is my favorite age for Border Collie puppies. They are big enough to start doing some things, but still small enough you can scoop them up and love on them.
  4. I had an Australian Shepherd several years ago, who I think had a problem with depth perception. She had to sneak up on her food and water bowls and would only walk unafraid on carpet or outside. I could have left prime rib on the floor in the kitchen and she would not have gone in there. When she got old and had a stroke her eyesight became poorer. After that she started being unafraid of the kitchen floor and discovered the wonders of the trash. I guess her vision was so blurry after the stroke that depth perception did not matter.
  5. I have bought sweaters for my small Rat Terriers. My female border collie has taken over the bassinet that my female rat terrier used to sleep in. I think she likes it because it supports her back when she leans against the inside wall. I don't care, she is 12 years old and can sleep wherever she wants.
  6. Five's registered name is Take Five, like taking a break. I thought obedience training her was going to be easy since I had already trained one dog all the way through utility. I was wrong. Beaver has his name because he has a significant overbite. A friend gave him his name. My little terrier mix "Shuie" is so named because the first time she took dump at my house it smelled so bad I said Shoowee" what did that man feed you? My first border collie "Bruce" was known as "Bruce the Perfect or Brucie do no wrong"
  7. My dog Beaver (so named because of his significant overbite) had to have his upper canines removed 2 years ago to allow his lower canines to spread out (his uppers were pushing his lowers in). Anyway he did well with that surgery and was fine until a few months ago when I noticed a lump on his gum and he had a gray colored tooth. I took him to the vet who advised to watch it for a while longer but to bring him back if I thought it looked worse. I was looking at his mouth a few days ago and saw what I thought was food on his gum, so I rubbed my finger against it and it turned out to be bone
  8. Does anyone use Preventic collars? Amitraz is in those also.
  9. Need to add, I ordered over $100.00 of heartworm meds and some other items and did not have to pay shipping. I have 6 dogs and KV Vet is a huge savings for me.
  10. I use KV Vet for my heartworm medications. I am paying $15.00 for a 6 pack of Iverhart Plus 26lb to 50 lb. You need a prescription to purchase from them.
  11. I like black & white dogs that have minimal white on their head. I also don't want a whole lot of white on their legs and what white there is I prefer that it be ticked.
  12. I work an eight hour day with a 30 minute commute each way. My dogs are in 10 x 20 runs while I am at work. I don't worry about anyone messing with them while I am gone because there are two other residences and a business where I live, so someone is always there. My dogs are glad to see me when I get home, and they run around like mad when I let them out, but in the house they are very laid back.
  13. One of my dogs brought me a teeny tiny dead snake the other day. Isn't it too early for snakes?
  14. Most of the time it is liver not chicken in the handler's mouth.
  15. Fort Dodge has a new flea/tick medication out this year called ProMeris. There is a formulation for dogs and a different formulation for cats. The dog formulation gets fleas and ticks. Unfortunately, you can only buy the ProMeris from a veterinarians office. There is also a new 30 day formulation of Capstar called Comfortis, but it only works on fleas.
  16. My oldest border collie is a 13 year old bitch. And I mean that in all ways. She has always ruled by being really snarky and hateful without actually causing physical damage. Anyway, my male border collies hate her. An interesting thing has happened twice this week. I have caught the boys urinating on her blankets which makes me wonder if she is losing status in the pack and I haven't noticed it. Mentally and physically she seems to be doing fine but I wonder if she could be slipping in ways I am not noticing.
  17. I have also heard of using ivermectin to treat dogs that had a light case of heartworms and that they would test H/W negative after two years.
  18. I have heard of some dogs with a very light case of heartworms were just put on monthly Ivermectin and after a year or so had negative heartworm tests.
  19. Most of my dogs would be allowed to sleep with me if there were room. However, since I sleep in a single bed only my Rat Terrier "Billy" sleeps with me regularly. All other male dogs sleep in their crates. When they get on my bed they tend to try to sleep on my face so they are only allowed up for a petting. My female Border Collie "Five" usually sleeps in the recliner. My female rat terrier sleeps in a bassinet. When I fall asleep in the recliner "Five" sleeps on the bed.
  20. There is a new monthly topical flea preparation made by Fort Dodge called Promeris. It is supposed to kill fleas for up to six weeks and ticks for 4 weeks. I think you can only get it at a vet's office.
  21. I don't know the answer, but your story made me cry.
  22. Thank you for taking this puppy. Maybe not a real Border Collie, but a real cutie for sure. I hope you will be able to find a truly excellent forever home for her. If I did not have 6 dogs already she could come live with me.
  23. Several of my family members live at the beach and everyone who has a dog has put one strand of electrical fencing along the bottom of their fence. Sand is just too easy to dig out of. It doesn't take long for a dog to realize it is better to stay away from the fence.
  24. It is weird what mice will and will not eat. At our training building the mice had been all through a cabinet snacking, peeing and pooping. The only thing they did not go into was an open box of a well known brand of cracker. Now I kind of feel weird about eating that brand of cracker. I mean if mice won't eat it...
  25. I had a beagle mix that ruled until she was about eleven and then my aussie female claimed top spot. I stopped the fight and removed the beagle from harms way. She and the Aussie no longer shared a run after that. I also carried my dogs ashes in my vehicle after she died. She had gone every where but to work with me for years, and it was over two years before I could take her ashes out of the vehicle. In fact, I think the only reason I took her ashes out was because I traded vehicles and had to clean the old one out.
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