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  1. Kris, These were small sheep, but you have fit at least one more sheep back there.
  2. I went to get Chinese food at the local shopping center yesterday evening. When I got back to my car, I noticed the car next to mine had what I at first thought was a couple of big white dogs in it. I took a closer look and what I had thought were dogs were actually 2 sheep in the back of a Ford Focus station wagon. The sheep looked to be very comfortable in their surroundings. I don't know what breed of sheep they were but they appeared to be fully grown and were able to stand in the back of the station wagon. One of them stomped his feet at me. I thought about waiting to see who came
  3. I did a 2 week trial of Kirklands dog food with my dogs and 1 dog who would normally eat dirt from a bowl hated it, 1 dog would eat only enough of it to stay alive and the rest of the dogs ate it okay. Their poop during that 2 week period smelled the worst I have ever smelled it. One of my Rat Terriers was so gassy I could not stand to have him around. I hate that the food did not work out for them because the price is so good. I would feed Diamond, but two of my dogs absolutely refuse to eat any flavor of Diamond for more than a day or two.
  4. Nancy, I am so glad to hear Fergie seems to feel better. I hope she continues to do well.
  5. My oldest Border Collie "Five", turned 13 Christmas week and immediately got old. I took her to the vet that week to have a old dog blood panel done and found out she has a whopping heart murmur. All the blood work came back good, but the vet suggested I have an EKG done on her so she is having that done tomorrow. I have noticed that she breathes like she has been running when she just gets up and moves to another spot to lie down. She also seems to gulp and swallow alot like she can't catch her breath. She does not cough. When she seems to be having difficulty breathing, I can feel h
  6. I read the book and am planning to go see the movie this weekend. Am planning on taking a nice soft hankie with me.
  7. The ACD I purchased from the petstore turned out to be a bright, sweet, anxious to please dog. She did have house breaking issues, but I expected those since she had lived where she pooped for the 1st 6 months of her life. Unfortunately the dogs I had at the time I purchased her hated her and there were numerous fights. I did not free her from one living hell to have to exist in another so I gave her to a couple who are friends of mine and she has lived with them for the last 9+ years. I see her every week so I know how she is getting along. She loves to play ball and ride in the gator t
  8. Several years ago, I broke the rule about not buying from a pet store. The pup was a 6 month old ACD. I could not leave her and to this day I don't regret buying her. She was on "sale". When I bought her she had never walked through a doorway, had never walked on pavement, had never walked on grass. She had never had the opportunity to run and the first time she tried to run she pronked like a gazelle. She had never had a drink of water from anything other than a lick bottle. She had spent her first 6 months in a space the size of a 300 vari kennel. Everything new thing she encountered
  9. I love a black faced dog. The less color on the head the better.
  10. My dog Beaver had both upper canines removed due to his severe overbite. He did well for a year or so then a sliver of his upper jaw bone broke, he also had to have the tooth beside where the canine had been removed because it had died. He had surgery for both issues at the same time. When he had that surgery some how, some way the tooth being extracted got sucked up into his nasal cavity. He was sent home in the hopes that he might somehow sneeze it out. Well, that did not happen and in a few weeks I could smell the infection in his mouth and nose. He had surgery to extract that tooth fro
  11. I am going to try to make it there to watch. Hopefully all the stars will align perfectly and I will actually get there. If rains I won't go because I don't won't to get stuck in the field where you park. If I do manage to show up, I will have a rough Border Collie with most of the hair cut off his butt.
  12. Anyone from board going to the Rural Hill trial?
  13. I can't see the video, tell me what it is about. My work has all videos blocked.
  14. Sorry Buzz is having a rough time with the chemo. I hope he feels better soon and the chemo kicks in and does it's job.
  15. Lisa, Profen can be purchased from the Pets Megastore in Australia. They have a toll free # and the shipping is usually free. I used to get my Interceptor from them until Novartis would no longer let them sell it to Americans.
  16. Rebecca, off topic, but Cord is known as "best dog ever"
  17. I just did a quick price check, and if you half the Program tabs it is cheaper to do that than to purchase the Profen. I am changing my plan and will use Program instead.
  18. I used Comfortis 1 time back last fall when I all the sudden I had a flea problem. It worked and if it were not sooo expensive I would use it again, but with 6 dogs it is cost prohibitive for me. I am going to put my dogs back on generic version of Program called Profen.
  19. My first Border Collie, Bruce was know as "Bruce the Perfect", or "Brucie do no wrong". He was also called "SissyCrybaby" or "Sissyboy"
  20. I prefer leather leather leashes to nylon. I like the way it feels in my hand and I don't care if my dog chews it up. I offer the leash as a tug reward and feel like a leash is easily replaced. I prefer leather collars but my dogs usually wear nylon to train in and their tags are on nylon collars.
  21. I don't visit my parent's graves, but last year when my Father was buried you could not take a step without putting you shoe in goose shit at the cemetary. They obviously never have goose patrol out there.
  22. I had a female Aussie that walked and pooped her entire life. I always knew which poop was hers.
  23. I would like to add to my post above: Maybe breeders could only sell puppies/dogs with papers to people that they know without a shadow of a doubt will not dual register with the AKC.
  24. Just sell puppies/dogs without papers and that will solve the part of the of dual registration problem. A dog from non AKC registered parents can not be added to the AKC registry if it has no papers from a recognized registry unless it has been spayed or neutered.
  25. I just wanted to say I had wonderful time also. Joey had so much fun, he was one with the back seat all the way home. He never even lifted his head. I was in the sun a little too long on Saturday and yesterday my face was reminiscent of a tomato, but fortunately I did not blister and most of the sun had faded by this morning. I am looking forward to next year or whenever.
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