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  1. Has anyone used or know anyone who has used a Herm Sprenger Neck Tech prong collar? Did they think it was worth the money? thanks
  2. I believe you can love a dog but not like them a whole lot. I had a border collie bitch who made my other dogs lives miserable because she was so freaking hateful to them. She was great with me but snarky with my other dogs her whole life. She did not cause dogfights, she just broke up any activity the other dogs were enjoying. I loved her but I really did not like her alot of the time. She went to the bridge a few weeks ago and on the last day of her life she snarked one of my other dogs. I missed her for a couple of days, but my household is so much happier w/o her, I don't think I
  3. I would give serious consideration to a "herding flunkie". I like knowing what I am getting. I think a 2 year old dog would be perfect. By the time they are old enough to flunk working livestock,you can probably tell alot about their temperament, and they are probably old enough to get their hips xrayed. If they came already spayed or neutered, I would consider it a definite plus. I would expect it to be physically able to do obedience and not be socially backward. It would have to get along with other dogs. I would also expect to have to pay at least a puppy price for him. I would not m
  4. I have a 7 year old male Border Collie who seems to have developed a drooling problem. Although I have never seen him with drool hanging from his flews, the hair on his neck and chest is often damp and gooey. His water always looks clean so I don't think he is dipping his head in it. The water in the bucket is never slimey after he drinks. He seems to feel ok, his hair just feels gross. He usually has a dry mouth, when he plays ball the ball never gets slimey The only unusual thing I have seen him do is drink a lot of water after playing and then throw it up. I checked out what he had th
  5. Thanks for the answers, I trying to explain to a friend about the Finals but did not know how far the outrun would be.
  6. Does anyone know how big the course will be at the Finals? thanks
  7. Nancy, one of my previous dogs had lipomas for years before I had her put down for an unrelated cause. She lived quite happily with them. My old dog "Five" has what I think is a lipoma on her chest under her elbow. It feels a little different than the ones the other dog had but since Five is also 14 1/2 and I am not going to worry about it. I consider each day she wakes and stands up a good day.
  8. I picked up a stray dog a few weeks ago and I believe I can get him neutered for $60.00 at the low cost spay / neuter clinic in my town. I have never used a clinic like that before but I lack extra cash and no matter how hard I wish, those testicles just won't disappear on their own.
  9. After one my dogs died, all the others avoided his dog bed for a couple of months. It was like he was still lying on it and they knew better than to get on it. He was put to sleep at the vet's office, and the other dogs never saw him dead
  10. I have had one wonderful Aussie bitch and one that was nuttier than a fruitcake. There is a blue merle Aussie male dog that comes to my house when I get home who has the most stable temperament of any dog I have ever known. He is great with kids, cats and other dogs. He tends to intimidate people who don't know him because he makes direct eye contact and does not wag his nub when greeting them, but say his name and his body language will let you know he is glad to see you. If I could find another Aussie like him I would not hesitate to get it.
  11. I hope your dogs come home safe and sound. I will keep them in my thoughts.
  12. During warm months my Border Collies eat once a day in the evening. During cold months I feed morning and evening because my dogs are outside in their runs during the day and I figure they need some calories to stay warm. My Rat Terriers are generally on the same schedule as the Border Collies.
  13. I have a dog that glares at other dogs and he is not playing when he does it. I have to keep a constant watch on him when he is out with my other dogs to make sure that he does not go beyond staring at them. My other dogs will be running and playing and he just lays around and glares at them.
  14. Does anyone know if dogs experience angina and if they exhibit symptoms of angina. I am asking because on occasion my old dog limps on her left front leg and it seems her heart is just pounding away during those times. I wonder if her heart is pounding because her leg hurts or does her leg hurt because she is experiencing some sort of heart problem. If she has angina would it hurt her in the same places it causes pain in humans? I know she has leaky heart valves, but don't know if she has any other heart issues like clogged veins. I had her heart ultrasounded a few months ago and she h
  15. My dogs howl when the geese fly over in the morning.
  16. Waiting for cooler weather is a great idea. I think I will go to my favorite place on the Dan River and dabble my feet in the water that afternoon instead. Looking forward to seeing everyone when it has cooled off a little bit.
  17. Five and I hope to be there. What time of day should we be there? I don't cook so I think I will bring watermelon and canteloupe.
  18. Every dog at my house wants to eat dirt right now. They ate dirt when they were on Purina Pro Plan and they eat dirt when I feed them the Diamond Chicken and Rice. They are all grazing in the grass alot right now also. I think maybe it is just the time of year.
  19. I have a small dog as well as Border Collies. My small dog got bitten by a copperhead and evidently got a full load of venom. He came close to dying. He killed the snake, but hopefully in the future he will leave them alone.
  20. First Border Collie's name was Bruce and he was known as "Bruce the Perfect or Brucie Do No Wrong" I also called him a "sissy crybaby". Five is known as "dammit Five, leave them alone" or the "Wicked Bitch of the East" All my male dogs are called Bubba on occasion my Rat Terrier "Billy" is known as "lucky Billy",. He has an auto immune problem, he can not grown toe nails, he had to have an eye removed and last summer he nearly died from a snake bite. He is lucky he belongs to me.
  21. Rebecca, what brand flea/tick collar are you using other than the Preventic collar? I used to use a Zema collar that really worked well for ticks and smelled good to boot. I only found 1 tick on my dogs last year and it was dead. Virbac no longer makes it, so I guess I will have to use another brand.
  22. jrid


    "Aussiered", thanks for your response, I would really like to use their product because it is so inexpensive, but just can't make up my mind. Julie, Five has been doing pretty well this last week or so. I have not seen her have a bad spell since we talked about her a couple of weeks ago. Her spirit is willing but her flesh is weak. The other day she tripped over a pile of leaves and fell down, she got up shook herself off and started running again. Money is still tight so I have not done the ultra sound yet. Thanks for asking about her.
  23. I am considering purchasing some heartworm medication from a supplier in Australia. The manufacturer of the medication is Vetafarm. I was wondering if anyone had any opinions about this manufacturer? The prices on their brand are really good, but I was just wondering if anyone had any experience using their meds. thanks
  24. I have given one of my Border Collies Prozac when she had a lick granuloma and it stopped her from licking that spot. I don't remember if it changed her overall personality. I will say she had no negative effects from taking the Prozac. I have wanted to try it on my 3 year old Border Collie who for no reason at will jump on my other dogs. Let us know if it works for your dog.
  25. I hope your vet is able to help your dog. Maybe between the vet and the behavioralist you can fix her problems. Good Luck
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