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  1. At what age can you start a dog on the supplements to help prevent or ease the pain of hip dysplasia? I have a four month old puppy, that I believe is probably dysplastic. I am having him xrayed at six months, but would like to get a jump on the problem if possible. Thanks
  2. Where is the flyball contest. Would like to watch. I live in Greensboro. Thanks
  3. Has anyone been using Deramax? I have been giving it to my 15 yr old border collie for his arthritis for just over a week, and while he doesn't seem to be having quite as much discomfort, he sure is having a really hard time keeping his legs under him. He can barely keep his balance to lift his leg and urinate. When he walks, he reminds me of a drunk staggering from side to side. I am wondering if this balance problem is a side effect of the Deramax and if anyone else has an animal that has experienced these symptoms after being on that drug. He was previously on Etogesic, but rec
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