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  1. Karen, I know you mean well, but you’re wearing everyone out with all these questions. The HEF is a volunteer board. Completely volunteer, concerned breeders, like yourself. Questions are fine, but there is a limit where answering every little question becomes burdensome. We all have the same goal, we just need to breathe a little.
  2. Wyatt and Thad Fleming. They raise, train, handle good working dogs.
  3. His contributions to the working Border Collie breed have been immeasurable. Plus, he was a delightful human being! I'll miss him.
  4. i can assure you that no one from the ABCA or the ABCA HEF has spoken to the BCSA about any topic, let alone one that has been funded by the working Border Collie community. I suspect they got their information off this site, and probably more specifically this thread. Mike Neary
  5. So sorry to hear this, Donald. It seems like only last week Dana and I rode the train with you from Blair Atholl down to London after the international. It was our honeymoon, and the latest September 3rd made 29 years for us. Time does get by. I always enjoyed seeing you at the Bluegrass each year, and next year won't seem the same without you there. Thanks for being a champion for the working Border Collie all these years. Mike Neary
  6. All of us owe a big debt to Nathan. He did so many things to advance the working dog in this country. Without his and Bud Boudreaus vision there wouldn't be a Nursery program. At a time when most of the best dogs were imported, the start of this program gave a huge incentive for folks to go out and train their own dogs. This has had an untold positive effect on training, handling, and breeding of working dogs in this country. Nathan and Bud really brought this program up from the ground level. Also, the National Finals were changed immensely by his efforts. He encouraged and cajoled the
  7. We had a board meeting last night and the majority of the meeting was spent on this topic. We will have a formal joint statement between the ABCA and the ABCA Health and Education Foundation coming out early next week. I know many people are anxious to hear the stance of both organizations on the test. However, this is a complicated subject and we have carefully looked into the issue going back a number of years. Combine that with fact that the ABCA is a democratic registry and the logistics of getting information to all the directors, discussing it frankly, and making a reasoned and as ac
  8. Why don't people use their real names when posting? Never understood this. Here a person comes onto this site, posts very inflammatory comments, has 2 posts total and goes by the name "stardew". If one is going to post things like this, then have the fortitude to sign with a real name. I can't say I know Norm and Vicki extremely well, but I do know them well enough to be very suspicious of this claim. They are both highly regarded in the working dog world. I imagine they'd sign their name to a posting. Mike Neary
  9. Unanimous action by the board of directors of the ABCA at a board conference call on May 19, 2015 resulted in the following disciplinary action: The ABCA has permanently barred Bill and Gloria Barnes (Barnes Border Collies) of Braxton, MS from ABCA membership for submitting false registration documents to the ABCA. Effective May 19, 2015, their registration and certification privileges are revoked. As of that same date, Lady (ABCA #344534) and Buddy (ABCA #398685) are de-registered, and littermates Bella Ishee (ABCA #344534), Oreo Cookie (ABCA #344535), Lucy (ABCA #344536), Sketch (ABCA
  10. The biggest problem with the international shed at the first two Sturgis finals was the placement of the shedding ring. It was too far into the corner of the field and too close to the exhaust. The third year it was placed further up into the field giving more room for the shed sheep to move off. All three years fine wool sheep were used.
  11. Hello board members, Just want to announce our annual Lambing School to be held on February 8, 2014. It also has value to goat producers. The workshop will be held at the Purdue University Animal Sciences Research and Education Center at the sheep unit. Purdue University is about 70 miles north of Indianapolis and about 100 miles south of Chicago. The deadline for entries is January 29 and 40 people are allowed on a first entered basis. A flier and registration form can be obtained at the following url; http://www.ansc.purdue.edu/SH/ under upcoming events. There have been a numbe
  12. http://www.lolbca.com/ is the website for the Land of Lincoln Border Collie Association. It is an active club that sponsors 2 trials per year, the first being in early May. I'm about 3 hours or so from Springfield, so not close by. LOLBCA also has a facebook page I believe, I'm not on facebook so not positive about that. She/he should be able to find someone to help closer than I. Good luck- mn
  13. With all due respect, this does not seem like the type of sale where a beginner should buy sheep to work their dog on. This is a consignment sale and show. Prices will probably be pretty stiff, and being a new person to sheep, you will be fresh meat for some of those seasoned consignors. Sorry to be so blunt, but speaking the truth. Are you a member of NEBCA? I imagine there are members with excess dog broke sheep this time of year that they would be willing to sell. This would be a good place to start with dog broke sheep, even if they aren't exactly the breed or type you desire at this
  14. That's what I was thinking, Julie, but wasn't sure and couldn't find any info on it. mn
  15. When does the time between heat cycles begin with a bitch that was bred, but did not settle? does it begin at the end of the previous heat cycle or at the time she should have whelped? Thanks for any info! mn
  16. treat her with oxytetracycline, 4.5 ml per 100 pounds. Give her a couple treatments if needed. There is, I believe, a 30 day withdrawl. Isolate her from the other sheep, if possible. I really hate formalin, as it gives me an ungodly headache and it is a known carcinogen. Don't trim her so often. Let the tissue grow back some. This will be okay if you can get her in a barn or some other dry place. Good luck, footrot is a pain! mn
  17. Here http://www.extension.purdue.edu/extmedia/AS/AS-596-footrot.pdf is a publication on footrot control in sheep. mn
  18. you are lucky, the Wisconsin Working Stock Dog Association is one of the best state clubs in the country. They are active and hold training clinics and trials throughout the year. Google wwsda and their webpage will come up. Also, Laura Wentz is a contributor to these boards and she could probably steer you in the right direction of helping get your pup started. I would encourage you to join their club. It is a good one with all ranges of folks experiences. Pearse Ward is also a board contributor and I believe is the current president of the WWSDA. mn
  19. As far as composting dead sheep and other bio residue, there are some good publications out there from some of the state extension services. You could google the topic. A fence made of hog panels or something can help keep larger critters out. Putting carcasses out in the woods for coyotes to eat can have the effect of chumming in the coyotes. They get used to eating sheep, which isn't always a good thing. mn
  20. Thanks Mark. Hoping there was a U.S. supplier, but I guess not. mn
  21. Does anyone know where the old school Fortune plastic shepherd whistles can be purchased? Not the Boulder Bluff plastic ones, but the Fortune ones. Thanks- mn
  22. Mark- the ears are typically the first place you will notice the condition, primarily because they have the most exposure to sunlight. The face and nose also oftentimes get scaly, reddened skin, often resulting in some hair loss. I've never seen it on the body, but I don't have hair sheep. I don't consider this a real threatening condition, especially if the weather turns more normal. The biggest issue I've seen with it was a producer I know had Dorset sheep that he liked to breed in the spring for fall lambs and one year he had a bad run of this in the spring and low breeding results
  23. Mark, I would suspect photosynthesization (spelling?). especially if they are whitefaced. There are a number of plants that can cause this, I'm not familiar with all the plants in your area, but here alsike clover is always a prime suspect. I imagine there are a number of weeds that can casue it also. If they are in bad shape, you can put them in a barn, out of direct sunlight. I'd probably give them a dose or two of banamine also (1 ml/100 lbs bwt). This usually occurs in spring or early summer, but they must have gotten into some weed or plant that has triggered it, along with t
  24. can cheek swabs be sent remotely for this specific satellite clinic? mn
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