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  1. Mark, I know you are a scientist so could you please explain why. I am working with Cocoa on desensitizing her to a new vet. Saturday was dreadful. She shook, snapped at staff, deficated,and expressed. They were very patient and open to us wandering freely through the clinic to do what we needed to do, but said if it continues after several visits she may have to be sedated. I want to be prepared if it comes to this. Thank you.Toni
  2. I have been feeding raw for about two months. The dogs seemed calmer to me. I liked it. They seemed to like it. However, they started first with refusing to eat the chicken, then the fish, then the beautiful country pork ribs I bought them. I had increased the meat content as suggested. But last week they just walked away from anything raw offered to them. Not even hand feeding worked. I know I was not overfeeding them. I became concerned after 3 days and I put them back on kibble. They went readily back to kibble. Maybe it is the heat, I just don't know. I intend to try again later in the year when the weather cools. Toni
  3. Mark, Ninny? I doubt it. I fed the dogs farm raised fish for the first time last night. Honey just stared at it and Cocoa peeled the skin off and then proceeded to carry it around for a half an hour. I finally took it, cut it up and hand fed them. The tail was a bit much. Much to my surprise even my toothless cat got in on it. I have to admit I am spraying the counters and washing my hands with bleach constantly now. It's weird being so focused on meat. Toni Toni
  4. No, they are country style pork ribs, more meat than bone which is why I bought them. Toni
  5. INU, I noticed less resource guarding since I started feeding raw. My two used to eat at opposite ends of the house. Now they lie right next to each other in the grass. The cats have been curious but know better than to approach the dogs. Tried raw with the cats but they are the devils spawn and refused. Miztiki, Well I didn't feed the dogs kibble yesterday and they were quite happy to eat the raw. This morning for breakfast I gave them each a pork neck to hold them until I went to the store at lunch. I giddily bought whole chickens, some lovely meat laden pork ribs, found beef kidney & liver, a good price on chicken thighs, and also picked up two small fish to try.Starting up the freezer in the basement. I can't wait to see the reaction to a whole chicken. I am going to wait and give the chix on Saturday, when I can be home all day to supervise. I will try to get a picture. Cocoa is going to be beside herself and Honey will have to get permission 50 times before she touches it. Toni
  6. Thanks for the input everyone. I didn't feed them this AM before I left. They looked stunned! Honey doesn't consider anything but kibble food. She looks at me like I am nuts when I hand a chicken back. I had been giving them a tiny handful of kibble in the AM and raw at night but I will stop that. More meat, what like a whole bird sans wings, ground meat? I'm game. They aren't bound up as I have been watching them carefully (I'm getting the "do you mind" looks)and they drink alot of water.
  7. Happy Birthday to Belle. I hope she is back to her self soon. Toni
  8. Miz, My dogs are off their raw. I have been feeding them pork necks, chicken backs, and pigs feet. Since the heat has started they are definitely not interested. Honey walks away from the raw and Cocoa buries it in the yard. Both refused organ meat. They aren't sick as they will eat kibble or my food if offered. (Still have a partial bag). Any ideas? My garbage reeks from the rotting meat I have been tossing. I have been feeding raw about 2 months now. They were doing great on it. Seemed calmer. Toni
  9. I am with Bill on this one. It adds a third party to the mix, more paperwork,and higher cost. At first you will get discounts for paying cash, but that too will change. It did in human medical scenerio. Toni
  10. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I have been waiting to read about it. I admire those of you who share this special bond with your dogs. Congratulations, you are very strong and courageous. Toni
  11. Does anyone know what happened to AK Dog Doc? Toni
  12. I have had dogs teeth cleaned and had no problem. Everyting went fine. They did run blood test before hand and did a complete physical
  13. Thinking and praying for you and Petie today.
  14. I have a pet door and fenced yard so although mine are indoor they come and go freely 24/7, except on bitter cold nights. When the pet door is locked,they wake me very early in the morning. It is so funny to see them lined up in front of the door. Such wonderous creatures. Now that the snow & cold has arrived in the Northeast Cocoa the rough coat tri spends all day outside playing in it. She loves it. Part eskimo I think. She is the reason I have to lock the pet door. She will stand on the porch and put her head through the door to watch me in the kitchen,yodeling the entire time. Like it is TV or something and she has a running commentary. Makes for a very cold kitchen. Toni
  15. INU - Good luck at the vets. My cat had to stay at the vets a week when it happened to him. He hated the food the vet recommended. Absolutely would not eat it. I put him on Nuto Max urinary formula. He loves it. It has been 4 years and no more problems. Pet Smart carries it. Hope all goes well. Toni
  16. Kudos to all! This board does make a difference. Toni
  17. Woodenlion


    Great thread. Very informative. Thank you all.
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