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  1. Thansk BCjetta. I have been passing these posts on to give them an idea of what a vet should be doing and looking for. I appreciate the help. Toni
  2. I am so glad. That post brought tears to my eyes. Toni
  3. I was just reading an article on this disorder. Studies show it is an actual mental disorder that is on the rise. Regarding Tex, for the sighted we take so much for granted. The beach must be very difficult for him. It is a demonstration of his trust in you that he got his toe nails wet. I admire your work with Tex. I am looking forward to how things go with the new dog. Keep us posted. Toni
  4. Vicki, I am sorry to hear this. Keep us posted. Toni
  5. I can't bring sour cream into the house. It only makes it as far as the front door. While I am unloading groceries Cocoa will search the bags and carry the sour cream container to her crate. It is not until I am done putting everything away that I realize it is gone. By then it is too late. I can't remember the last time I was able to have sour cream on my baked potatoes. I have given up buying it. The rascal will pass up steaks to find that stupid sour cream. Go figure. Toni
  6. You got off easy. George & Cocoa would have taken the whole loaf and left you with the twisty. Toni
  7. I am so sorry for your sudden loss. I was catching up on my reading and realized things had taken a sad turn. Toni
  8. Thanks Tammy & Kim, I will pass the info along. I am bumping this. I would really appreciate more input on this. Doc it would be great to hear your thoughts. Thanks Toni
  9. Okay, Let me preface this by saying I have told her (my sister) she needs to find another vet. Any thoughts or suggestions? 5 mos. he is 30 lbs. Pitbull/Shar Pei Mix, Male He is teething. Although he is gaining weight he keeps throwing up his food. They started grinding his dry (Ekenuba) and mixed with water so he could keep it down. He continuely drools, looks like thick sticky eggwhites. The heavyier the drools then they know to take him outside because he will be vomiting, which he does and its alway a mucus plug with food incased in a mucus sack followed by another plug. He does fine with his morning feeding, they put him in his crate, hes let out at Noon for about 30 mins and put back in the crate. He is feed dinner at about 6:00 pm. Which he inhales and a few hours later begins the drool and vomits. He will try to eat the vomit, but they immediately remove him from the area and clean up.He has been wormed and check every time (4 times) for other types of worms. He is on heartworm medication. The vet has never done blood work or xray's but seems to think it has something to do with the liver. She has given them pepcid to calm his stomach but that comes up with the food.He has 1 bowel movement a day, and it is not runny or messy, but formed. No bleeding or pain. They are guessing he has food allergies, to the corn by products, however they have tried him on chicken and rice and he vomited that also. He also drinks a good amount of water. After having his dinner he is frisky for abit and then becomes very sluggish and gets back into his crate and sleeps.
  10. Mine do not sleep on the bed, but they are allowed up briefly before lights out for individual time and then they each must go to their own sleeping area. Toni
  11. What can I say that hasn't already been said. We are here for you when you need us. Toni
  12. Thanks for bringing this up. This is a real friendship breaker for me. And Julie, you do not come across as capable of complicity regarding an anything of meaning. Toni
  13. Sorry to hear this. Keep us posted. Toni
  14. You have an extended vocabulary that consists of sounds. Your dogs have a multitude of nicknames and respond to everyone of them. One of your drawers in your refrigerator is always full of bloody animal parts. Your neighbors, friends, and family think you are weird and obsessed. When people pick fur off of you, you proudly state,"border collies". Toni
  15. I used to use ebay a fair amount. I have sent checks directly to the seller and have always received my product. Do check out their reviews and use common sense. Toni
  16. interesting that this topic came up. When I first got Cocoa she destroyed my couch. DH kept forgetting to close the doors to the living room when I was at work. She chewed the ribbing edge off all the pillows and then proceeded to dig a hole in one of the cushions. I have been using couch covers but lately started thinking about replacing it because I am starting to develop allergies. I was looking at the new catalog from Pier 1 and thinking wicker. How does it hold up to dogs, anyone have any experience? I like the thought of no upholstry. Toni
  17. First off, I am sorry for your sudden loss. Whatever you decide to do I personally would not go back to the same breeder. It is a natural reaction not to want to replace what has been lost. If you decide to get another dog why not consider rescue? It may help your son to heal to give to a dog in need of a loving home. Whenever I have lost pets, I go out and find another in need of a home. Why? Because I can and there are so many in need. Secondly, my other pets become depressed when one goes to the rainbow bridge. Best of Luck in whatever you decide. Toni
  18. Keep us posted on how Cricket does. I agree the walk probably took the edge off. Good Luck! Toni
  19. Nicely said & greatly appreciated. Sometimes we forget to be grateful. Toni
  20. Kris, I went through this with Cocoa. We finished the class but never made it past the hallway. My girl and I never did pass obedience. I live in the city and she is constantly exposed. Every time we step out the door it is like the very first time. Until she starts to tire herself. While she has improved a tremendous amount (leaves blowing down the street no longer freak her out),I have had to accept that this is the best she is ever going to be. No one is permitted to walk behind her, stand behind her, or go up the stairs behind her. When she wants affection she backs up to me for hinny pats, and greets me at the door holding one of my shoes. And that is all okay. She trusts me and I adore her. She makes me laugh. She's my girl. George, Honey and I love her because of her quirks. Sometimes I think maybe a job and a farm might be the answer for her and I am working toward that goal. Not every dog has to be or needs to be sociable. As long as you know her limits and excercise caution. Toni
  21. Vicki Are you sure Lena didn't eat that perv? It certainly appears that way in the picture. Yum! I never answer my door. I am amazed at how long someone will continue to knock with the dogs barking. If someone approached me like what happened to you Vicki, I am certain George would come through the window. He watches me from the Living room until I enter the front door. Great dog. I am so lucky I found him. Toni
  22. So glad to hear this. He has had a hard enough time. Toni
  23. that one had me falling out of my chair with laughter. But everyone is right, please don't kill your dog by over treating due to your fear of ticks. I have never had to deal with ticks but I can guarantee there would be quite a bit of screaming, disgusting things, yick. I'll take a clone of your husband also. Someone who cleans in a crisis. That's priceless! Toni
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