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  1. Donna, I had a sheltie that had collie nose when I was young one. We protected her kennel from the sun and used to put a some type of cream on it. It was no where near as bad as what is picutred above. And that's about all I remember. It never went completely away. Toni
  2. I was a premed and ended up with a dual degree in communication and now work for a construction company. Go figure. Enjoy the experience. Toni
  3. I have tried searching the web for this and I am not finding much. My sisters Cocker Spaniel was diagnosed with bells palsy. She has had bloodwork done twice to check for tick borne disease and it came up negative. Three vets have diagnosed bells palsy. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I appreciate the help. Toni
  4. I started using woodenlion when I had my millwork business. Wooden for the material I worked with and I am a Leo. See they aren't so mysterious once you know the context of our lives. Toni
  5. Hector, Thank you I just ran it on my office computer and there were 60 data trackers and one hijack attempt. No wonder it was so slow. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you! Toni
  6. Hector, Thank you I just ran it on my office computer and there were 60 data trackers and one hijack attempt. No wonder it was so slow. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you! Toni
  7. Catu...passing taxes...that brought tears to my eyes. Toni
  8. Cocoa has snatched those and many other things she shouldn't and they all passed through her system fine. Didn't you know they are part billy goat? Toni
  9. Oh, please don't tell me George is never going to stop shedding. It is awful. The fish oil is making his coat very shiny but has had no effect on his shedding. He has shed since I brought him home last fall. I can clean and as I look behind me there are fur balls rolling down the stairs again. So there is nothing we can do? Toni
  10. Cocker Spaniels from my experience are loyal as can be. Fairly smart. Just want to be with you don't really care about the other dog. Mine did not play with our second dog. He was very healthy but developed a huge fatty tumor on his neck. I had removed once and it grew back. Died at the age of 9 from a brian tumor. My sister has one and it is constantly at the vet. Difficult to house break, hunt birds, squirrel, raccoons. They are very territorial, barkers, and tend to bite. Every cocker I ever knew became a biter when they got older. They get cranky. Corgie - I have a friend who has one. I have spent time with it since it was a pup. A real charmer. Low activity. Loves to go for walks. Not really a ball player. Great with kids. Very low key. Not as barky as the cocker. Toni
  11. Jack & Co I just put it in a small dish by their food. My male cat is totally white and a clean freak. So I learned long ago to keep him lubed. They will usually help themselves but at this time of the year I will dose him with an extra eye dropper full. I would say about once or twice a month. I use extra virgin olive oil first cold pressing. They really like it and it is good for them. Toni
  12. Congratulations Rebecca, it must be a relief. Toni
  13. I feed my cats alley cat kibble. I have tried kibble that is better for them but they flat out refuse to eat it.They will go for the birds instead. So I buy cans of mackrel and salmon at the dollar store and feed them bits of raw liver and chicken. I have one fat old male and one skinny middle aged female. They also have a small ramakin of olive oil by their dishes to keep fur balls moving through their systems. My last two cats lived to be 21 so I guess I am either lucky or doing something right. All of my cats have been rescued from the street. Toni
  14. Cocoa did this when we first got her. Pull all of her feathers. She also took all the fringe off the throw rugs. She out grew it and I learned to keep her busy with frozen peanut butter kongs while she was in her chewing digging phase. toni
  15. More pictures please! I am so thrilled for these two dogs. Toni
  16. I don't know if this will help you. George is my first dog with separation anxiety. He used to run to the door and knock me aside then grab his leash and start howling to go with me. I started using different doors to exit the house so he could not anticipate my exit. I then stopped greeting him when I came in the door. As soon as I come home I put him in a sit, wait. If he cannot control himself he goes into his crate until I have my shoes off and have quietly greeted the other animals. George does not get any attention until he earns it by behaving. It has been very successful during the workweek. Weekends if I do not take him with me he screams and cries something horrible so I am still working on this. He is a dream to travel with quiet and very even-tempered. He does not like to be approached while on leash period. Toni
  17. I am assuming dampness is the cause for the amount of flies I have in my yard since it hasn't really dried out due to all the rain. I do poop pick up daily so I know it isn't that. What does everyone else use? I want something that won't hurt the dogs, plants,or my fish pond. I tried those fly paper thingies. I have caught more dog hair than flies! Toni
  18. When I lived in Boston I had an old toilet I used for a planter. In my yard now I have a claw foot tub that is my herb garden currently. Keeps them out of harms way with the dogs. Two years ago I used it as a temporary pond for all the goldfish I ended up with. I also have the porcelain insert from an old washer as a planter set up on pedestal. I like unusual stuff in the yard. The ultimate in recyling. Would love for you to post pictures. Toni
  19. Wow, nine months is a long time. Difficult choice you had to make. I hope all works out for you. Don't forget to pack a picture of Tiga and DH of course. Toni
  20. I started George on the Omega capsules last night. He is such a character. Cocoa will eat anything I give her even if it is a pill. Not George. No matter what it is he has to spit it out look at it, smell it, move it around with his nose. He will only eat it if Cocoa makes a move for it, which she did. So he grabs it and then spits it out again after she moved away. Finally I grabbed a hot dog and stuck in the end. The brat ate the hot dog & spit the pill out. I finally put one in each end of the hot dog and gave him the whole thing. Being the pig that he is he ate it in one swallow. Thank God for hot dogs! Thank you for the suggestions. I think I am going to try to hide them under the chicken skin in his chicken quarters. See how that goes. Toni
  21. Thank you both. I have Omega oil in capsule form that should work right? Toni
  22. I apologize if this has been discussed but I was unable to find it through the search option. George has been shedding since February, alot. It has been constant. Could he need a supplement and if so what should I be giving him? I know his fur was terrible when he came to me but I wasn't expecting this. There are still spots that have that yellowish cast to them (Laurie will know what I am referring to)and it doesn't have the sheen of Cocoa's and Honey's. I feed him raw. It will be a year in August that I have had him. I am thinking his system may need a boost since they were feeding him such terrible food. Thanks Toni
  23. I don't mean to start trouble but am I the only one bothered by the number of puppies members are buying on this site? I have noticed an increase in the number of members on this board getting puppies. Are these all pet homes or are they working farms? I am suprised at how much breeding is going on out there. Why aren't dogs being rescued instead of buying puppies? I check my paper daily and rarely and thankfully see few if any border collies offered. The amount of other puppies is sickening but I say a little prayer each time there are not border collies. However, I have noticed in my city neighborhood an increasing number of people with border collies. I know of 6 in my immediate area where before there were none. This bothers me. I would be interested to hear why members on this board are buying so many puppies and from where they are coming. Toni
  24. I am glad you are happy and having a good day. It has been a tough road for you. Toni
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