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  1. I am terribly hooked on this...between these boards and now the watering hole it is going to be a challenge to keep focused at work. Yes, I set up to watch the National Geographic one also! Doomed! Toni
  2. It is not like calling for him would do any good! Glad he is back safe and congrats on the new job. I hope it works out well for you. You have been a real trooper through alot of changes. Good Luck! Toni
  3. Sara, What time were you on when you saw the lions. I have been trying to catch them but no luck. Toni
  4. Yes, Thank you Eileen. I also didn't realize how many times during my work week I pop in to see what is going on in everyone's world. I missed it. Glad to have it back. Toni
  5. It is so cool. I can hear the crickets. Thanks Sara. Sara did you see the dog in Ohio listed in the rescue section? It seems you might be the closest. No one has said they want it though. Toni
  6. What you have there is a land shark! Happy Birthday, Ouzo. Toni
  7. Sorry to hear hear about the upheaval in your life. Definitely take Odin. You will need each other through this change. I second the tshirt idea and look into maybe sedating him for the flight. It really doesn't take long to crate train and any training is better than none. Start NOW. Feed Odin and give him his treats in the crate. Let us know how it is going for you.Are you still leaving tomorrow? Toni
  8. Okay, In honor of George's Got you month. He is an amazing dog and a great companion. Thank you Laurie. Toni
  9. I am sorry for your loss, but glad you were able to be with him. It is never an easy task to let go of dear friends. Toni
  10. Glad to hear you finally found the problem. I was wondering how border kitty was doing. He must be getting big. I think it is time you post another picture of the rascal. Toni
  11. Cocoa is a digger. When I first got her she destroyed my garden. She now has a hidey hole under the back porch that is for her alone. If she digs elsewhere in the yard I throw the dog waste into it. She leaves it alone. She digs when she is bored or left unattended. Toni
  12. More please, Melanie. Said it before, you have a great eye. Toni
  13. One month is not long at all. You need to be more patient. This is a five year old dog that has been rehomed. You started off on the wrong foot and now need to start over. If you can't be patient and take the time to do it right you are doing this dog a diservice. Toni
  14. Here, here Melanie. I feel the same way. We people that have dogs in urban areas with issues seem to manage fine. What an ass! Toni
  15. I love the first one of the windowless abby.
  16. Oh, Yum fried green tomatoes....I use green tomatoes for cooking they add a nice tang to dishes. Chicken sauted in garlic and olive oil with slices of sauteed green tomatoes. Dash of basil or oregano....
  17. I have very bad knees so like many others I can't afford to take a hit. I sit in a chair while I am supervising their play. I keep one outside just for this purpose. They now know when I plop in this chair they can tear up the turf. It works well for me. Toni
  18. It is so great to be able to follow the travels of this little charmer. Good Luck getting any sleep Doc. She sounds like a handful. Toni
  19. Welcome to the boards. She is very pretty. When she starts making the coffee can I borrow her? Toni
  20. Anda, Did anyone ever tell you it is not nice to brag? I am doing fish oil caps and brushing daily. While their coats shine and gleam even on the dreariest day I am still chased by fur balls only minutes after sweeping. It is a cruel cruel world. Toni
  21. I gently blow in their face. They hate it. I use it with both the dogs and the cats. Toni
  22. Maria, I also am sorry for your loss. It is a stressful time and while you may have lost your cool; you should not berate yourself for it. I took a break from my family for about 5-8 years when I was in my late 20's. The reason's aren't important. What matters is that I took the time I needed to grow free from hurt. I am now very close to my family. They haven't changed but how I deal with them did. I know now that no one can hurt me, abuse me, or manipulate me if I do not allow it. The perspective helps. Good Luck Toni
  23. Give her the phone numbers of a local hotel and caterer. This women is out of line and definitely needs to learn boundaries. In my opinion she made 3 serious errors. Inviting herself, making demands regarding your dogs, and presuming to throw herself a party in your home. You should not be forced into doing anything to keep the peace, maybe too many people have been trying "to keep the peace" with this women and as a result have created a monster.
  24. We have lost enough of the "old timers" so to speak Julie...Don't go running off all peeved. The more sweetness and light this board gets the less I learn. I really miss the original gang who used to post here. Toni
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