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  1. What is this vaccination and is it necessary? I have a new vet and this one is not familiar to me. Thanks! Toni
  2. Try not to worry and concentrate on healing. Thoughts and prayers sent your way. Toni
  3. Thoughts and prayers, Becca, that he is returned quickly and is safe. Toni
  4. I didn't realize. That is terrible for all concerned. Poor Beautiful Fly Toni
  5. If this is insensitive, I apologize. May I ask why Fly had to be put down because of a seizure? I don't understand. Toni
  6. My cats ususally live to be 20-21. They are indoors for the most part. Toni
  7. My cats ususally live to be 20-21. They are indoors for the most part. Toni
  8. That was very funny and all to real. I only have to deal with George, but it is just like you say. He starts out in a ball and before you know it he has sprawled his huge frame over an entire half of the bed. Being that I am also a sprawler and tosser due to bad joints I quite often wake up and yell at him to go to bed. He quickly runs to his crate but then sneaks back after I have fallen asleep. Dag nab it. The cats I trained long ago as one liked to sleep on my head and snore and the other is a compulsive licker. I blew in their faces until they realized I was too annoying to be bothered with. Good Luck with the change let us know how it goes. Toni
  9. Cocoa & I are very jealous. The first snow of the season Cocoa gets all weird like she is being attacked by brain chiggers and then when she realizes it won't hurt her she goes nuts and refuses to come in out of the stuff. I love, love, love winter storms. Enjoy Toni
  10. Welcome Home! It must be weird not to have the dogs around. I bet you can't wait for Friday. Fast healing to you and Merry Christmas! Toni
  11. Hugs and prayers for Buddy today. Let us know what is going on. It would break my heart for his health to go now that he has a loving family and a warm home. Toni
  12. How bad of shape is the house and where is it? The perfect piece of land is harder to come by than shelter IMO. Toni
  13. I had the same problem too. It was around the time the board went down for a bit. I realized it was my bookmark. Welcome back! Toni
  14. If you have fibroids and cysts its a good bet your breast are just fibrous and the fibriod is just that. The ultrasound is painless and less humiliating than the ultrasound of the uterus.I have gone through both. Fortunately I was able to ride out my fibriod problem until menopause reduced the hormones. Keep your spirits up we are all rooting for you. Toni
  15. Sorry to hear this. Thoughts and prayers coming your way. Let us know how the test comes out. The dogs will know that you are not your usual self and will adjust accordingly. Mental stimulation will do just fine for them. Hang in there! Toni
  16. Same to you IronHorse. Haven't heard from you in awhile. How are all your dogs doing? Toni
  17. Inu, Your web site is incredible. I had wondered what it was all about when I watched the intro. Nicely done. I like your style. I will come back frequently to see what is new. Toni
  18. Poor thing looks rather crazed! And look what it did to her ears!!! Toni
  19. I live in the city and I am at my limit of 5 grifters per household. I would like to do more temporary holding type thing. How do you do this with city limits? Toni
  20. I found out yesterday while the boards were down that Bob lost his battle with cancer. This is what was posted on his bagpipe board. Here is a link to his photo gallery of Sparc. There is also a link there to his bagpipe boards if you would care to read the full text. Rest in peace, Bob. http://www.bobdunsire.com/ninenote/galleri...parc/index.html
  21. If this was a TV channel I would have it on 24/7. I would even pay for it. I just love hearing the sounds. Did anyone catch the storm the other day. So very cool. Toni
  22. Who needs to touch the ceiling anyway. I am sure you will come through with flying colors. And throwing balls and frizbees must be considered therapy. Good Luck Monday. Toni
  23. Here is how I work my doggie door. In the summer when kids are home from school the doggie door is closed while I am at work. I don't take the chance that the kids will annoy my dogs. I actually leave my back door open all night in the summer. In the winter the dogs have access all day to the outside but it gets locked after dinner and I manually let them out the door. Cocoa loves the winter and will spend most of the day out on the back porch in the cold. The doggie door is her TV so to speak as she will poke her head in to watch me cook dinner. After dinner she goes to her crate as I keep the heat off in the hallway for her so it is nice and cold. Toni
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