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  1. Happy Birthday Missy! We call our old girl The Engergizer Bunny also. I know if she dances for her kibble in the morning it is a good day. You learn to appreciate the little things. Toni
  2. I was just thinking about Buddy the other day. I am so glad he had two wonderful years with you and your family. Such a sweet old soul. In the end he knew he was loved and valued. Toni
  3. Woodenlion

    Red Dog

    My heart stopped when I saw the title. My stomach flipped. I am so sorry for your loss. There are no words. Toni
  4. Cocoa is extremely noise sensitive but riding in the car does not bother her and I drive a old jeep that rattles its way down the highway. Her love of car rides out weighs any fear. Blanketing the crate inside and out and soft music can't hurt. Good Luck. Let us know how it goes. Toni
  5. Location: Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh Distance willing to travel: up to 2 hours Vehicle: Jeep Cherokee Overnight: Yes for day or 2 Extra crates: nope Available: Weekends Able to pull from shelter: Don't see why not Toni [transferred to database]
  6. Cocoa was about 9 months when I brought her home from the shelter. I was reduced to tears frequently as I did not have any experience with border collies. It was tough going until I found this site. I used peanut butter filled Kongs daily. Training every moment I could and crate time if that is what is required. Cocoa still has a rebellious streak but I have learned to be firm, not to ever chase her if she gets out, and to be very patient and consistent. I don't know if this will work for you but when Cocoa would bolt out the door I went calmly to my car opened the door and called for her to come for a ride. It worked like a charm. Calm is the key. It has been ages since she bolted but I know she would now head for the car as she loves to go for rides. When I hurt my knee and couldn't walk the hills in my neighborhood I would load the dogs in the car and take them for rides. I learned it is the stimulation and quality of time spent that matters most. Good Luck and Be Patient. Toni
  7. That is so kind of you. I know what you mean. Everytime I drive by an animal killed on the highway I say a little prayer for them. If I can I pick up dogs and cats out of the road, I either place them in a wooded area or call animal control. It seems so disrespectful to leave them lying exposed. Toni
  8. "Tar heels prolly" ? I am not sure what this means but I think I should be offended Me- Leftovers - cauliflower salad and breast of turkey (very bland meal) Them - raw chicken quarters and pork necks Toni
  9. Gary, I just checked in and saw this sad new. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I am so sorry. Toni
  10. Considering that it went on in the city for 5 solid hours peaking between 9-11, the dogs did great. Honey laid beside me, I had George in his crate, and Cocoa hid under my bed. They did better than me. It was so very stressful and incredibly loud. You just can't imagine. I don't think I can take one more July 4th in the city. Every year it gets worse and worse. People were shooting off fireworks equal to the city's right next door to my house. It was the worst one yet. I am so exhausted. I hope they used all they had last night. Two years ago it went on for two solid weeks. If that happens I am either going to have a breakdown or end up in jail for manslaughter. Glad everyone else had it easier. Toni
  11. I haven't had this much fun in a long time. Nice to know this board still has its zing. And what can I saw about President Wootie that hasn't already been said. Toni
  12. I am sorry Vicki that Obi never made it to his forever home. I am glad you were there for him. Toni
  13. Becca, I have been out of the loop for a couple of weeks and I am sorry to hear this. Toni
  14. Glad Cord made it home safely although stinky. Maybe now that they have explored their new surrounding they will stay home where they belong. Let us know if he has any interesting stories to share. Wouldn't you love to know what he was doing? Toni
  15. Oh, Becca so sorry to hear this. Thoughts and prayers for a safe and speedy return. Toni
  16. Mark, Great shots. So a working shot and then a close up. Where's Bette's close up? I have had a thing for that dog since I first saw her puppy pic. Please don't tell me you didnt' take one. And Belle is gorgeous but then I am partial to red dogs. Toni
  17. Cocoa opens the sliding window in the back of the cab when she decides she is tired of waiting for me. I once had to drop something off at a neighbors and left her in the cab. I was startled when I came out their door and she was waiting on the porch for me. The smarty pants. Toni
  18. I am so happy for Lady. How frightened she must have been. Please do keep us posted on her progress. Toni
  19. I am voting spaniel. He reminds me of my ornery odiferous Duff Miester. Most loyal snarky dog I have ever had the pleasure of living with. Taught me alot. Cried like a baby when he died. A Beast as a youngster. Good Luck! Toni
  20. I admire your courage and conviction to do right by your animals and at the right time. You have had more than your share to deal with. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Toni
  21. I had the same problem with George when I got him including the foot licking. I put him on raw diet immediately and got medicine from the vet for his ears. Cleaned his ears daily until it cleared . I t never came back. The foot licking stopped also. And you would not believe how beautiful his coat is, finally. I am interested to see how the shedding goes this year now that he has a healthy coat. Good Luck. Toni
  22. It is a joke, isn't it? It has got to be. Surely there is a Border Collie that comes to the rescue? Toni
  23. If you are security conscious and delete your history and cookies on a regular basis ( I do it daily on my work computer). You will have to log in on your next visit. Toni
  24. Happy Birthday Ben, glad you made it home to be pampered. You brought tears to my eyes Becca. Toni
  25. Thanks Julie, I had missed that. I am going to pass on it. Toni
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