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  1. Just wanted to give everyone an update. I faxed the Vet Melanie's suggestion and received the response that if I wanted to give Coca IM I would have to reschedule as she had onlly scheduled 15 mins as she planned on doing an IV. In what world did she think she would be able to do an IV without sedation? I was so frustrated. So now I am searching for a new vet.



  2. Melanie,

    The vet wanted me to pick up pills ahead of time to give to her. In your opinion would an injection work better? I just don't know about not having her sedated when I get there. No matter what I have done she is terrified. We went everyday for months the last time I had her shots. I did treats, companion pet... nothing made one bit of difference. Just getting her nails clipped is exhausting. The hair between her pads- forget about it. I would like to have something in our arsenal that would make these visits less stressful for her. I have worked with her since I rescued her touching her feet. While she finally adjusted to me brushing her (she has to be on a leash and isolated in the room with only me) , the feet have been another story. It takes 3 of us while she is on the grooming table to hold her.



  3. I am taking Cocoa to the vet. It is usually an exercise in futility but she needs to have a good exam. Normally we muzzle, restrain, and try to get done what we can which is not much. The vet wants to give her Ace or Torbutrol. I know folks here have said Ace is horrible to use. What will Torbutrol do to her? Is it the same thing? Any suggestions. Our appointment is Saturday and I would really appreciate ideas on what to do for her. I know at the least we can get her shots updated but I really want to have her blood work done, teeth checked etc. I don't see that being possible without sedation. Thanks all.



  4. Honey.jpg


    I knew I would miss her, I just didn't realize how deep it would go. I took for granted the little jobs My Honey Girl did on a daily basis. It is not what you folks with working dogs would call work, but my girl took it on as her job. I could leave food out and Honey would let me know if one of the gang was trying to counter surf. I have lost 3 steaks, a pot of soup, loaves of bread (yes, I am a slower learner and George is very fast). She would walk the house at night to make sure everyone was in their beds and the house was secure. If someone was locked outside, in the basement, in the attic, or a room, Honey would let me know. If you were sick she comforted you. She was the first to alert me someone was not well. It didn't matter people or critter, she knew. Sometimes at night I swear I hear her walking the house. When I call the dogs in I still call her name. It is such a habit. I miss you my love.

  5. The past two nights have been long as I sat vigil with my dear sweet Honey. I rescued her from the Humane Society when she was a year and half, a distressed mutt pacing in a cage. It was a cold wet November day and she was an emaciated and nervous. I didn’t sleep for days when she first came home with me. Restless, whining, and unable to keep food down, it took time and patience to convince her she was safe. Loving Honey was easy. I used to call her my doe face. She had the sweetest brown eyes.


    She loved to have her belly rubbed but hated to be held. She would not share her bed, hell she would not share my bed if she got to it first. So gentle I could trust her with the smallest child. How she loved playing with the neighborhood children. They would come three and four times a day. “Can I take Honey out, can she come and play?” they would plead. It broke her heart when they no longer came by to play with her.


    So we took to long walks and tennis balls. I introduced squeaky toys to keep her occupied on rainy days. All I had to say was Honey where is your eeii, eeii? http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b48/tshar/004.jpg When she brought Pierre out DH would give the frog a French accent. It was hysterical and Honey had great fun. Pierre would last for weeks until finally she could not take it any longer and would gently rip the squeaker out of it.


    Honey always on patrol, listening. Goodbye my sweet girl, you can rest now.



  6. Vicki,

    When you first posted about Tib, the picture that came to mind was the one of the golden girls. I remember that picture vividly. I am glad you posted it again. I have a special place in my heart for the elders. My Honey girl just turned 16 and is increasing more frail. I am cherishing every day knowing that our time is approaching.



  7. Honey came from the humane society already named and it suits her. She is the sweetest girl.


    Cocoa came from the humane society as Oreo which I could never remember. She was so nervous when I first brought her home I used to sing songs to her. She responded with absolute joy when I sang "Lime in the Coconut". Probably because I am a rotten singer and sassy ass was making fun of me.


    George came as Bandit. But his first day with me I just kept calling him George. I have no idea why. He took to it immediately. Everyone always thinks I am talking about a person.



  8. Donna,

    I am so sorry for your loss. You are not awful. Being a care giver is a daunting task that many are incapable of performing. You are not one of them. No one could have loved or cared more for Tikki.



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