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  1. Thanks Journey, I didn't think of it being a fear period. It is hard to remember sometimes that he is still a puppy. Bernie is not unattended with his new toys. We have pretty much given up on anything plush. He does have rubber toys and we had to give up on ropes as well. He has them in shreds in no time. We did find out the hard way that "hours of fun" is only just a couple of minutes. I will look into the IQ balls. Ruth, were there any side effects with the clomiprimine? D'Elle thanks for the information on the CBD. Again the same question, has there been any side effects when you gave it to your dogs?
  2. Urge to herd, he is already trained to look at me but adding the startling noises is a good idea. Yes we do the several shorter training sessions. Unfortunately we do have the fireworks and it is more than the Fourth of July. What are your thoughts on the CBD treats? I tried to talk to my vet about them but was told since they are not FDA approved they could not say one way or the other. I was just told to do research to educate myself. If we decide not use them I am sure my vet will help with a tranquilizer. What a sad situation your Shoshone came from. We got Bernie as a puppy from a breeder. We picked him up at 7 weeks. He is actually my sons dog but we all work with him with his training, playing and everything else. The advice has been so helpful. I already ordered the book of tricks. Gentle lake, thank you for the book recommendations. I am going to look into them. The repetitive exercise makes so much sense with him. We do try to keep him from going to long or hard and try to keep him from jumping a lot for the very reason you mentioned about his joints. It is interesting that mentioned the training for their actual jobs. When he is out playing he will get in what I call the BC crouch and just waits, watches and you can see him thinking. He cannot be off leash right now. We do have a long leash we can use and after reading your advice I realize I am not walking him right. I try to keep him next to me in a heel and thought it would be better to have him walk with me. I will just let him do his walk now. Our trainer told us the same thing with the praising when he is being calm on his own. We have been forgetting that. The one thing with his toys is he likes to tear them up as soon as he gets them. We do let him go at it and watch to make sure he isn't swallowing things he should not be. We did get a puzzle bowl and a puzzle game for him. He looked at them and within a minute was tipping them over and dumping everything out. We have been on the hunt for something that he has to really work at and can't just chew up. Beachdogz, the breeder we got him from was in the middle of nowhere and we picked him up in Feb. We thought being brought to the suburbs was going to be an adjustment. When spring came it was a challenge having him outside and we thought he over came his fears. He did so good for so long and just recently he became fearful again. We just haven't been able to figure out why. I believe the link you can't see is his picture I posted. I am so happy for all of the advice and reminders and am excited to help Bernie . He is already such an awesome dog and we just want to do what's best for him.
  3. Thank you all for your replies and information. Bernie is crate trained. He took to it pretty early on and usually does good. When Mabel is here is just won't settle down. He just wants to keep playing and doesn't realize he is tired and needs to rest. He does have chews, Kongs, puzzle bowls and all kinds of toys that we rotate in and out. We do try to get Bernie to sit and relax with the outside noises and reward him. He just gets so fearful and focused it is hard to keep his attention, even with treats. We can't figure out how to break that focus. He gets 2-3 30-40 minute walks a day and goes outside and plays fetch, tug and he loves to chase the football when my son and husband throw it. We have been trying to think of ways to exercise his brain. It seems like what we find he figures out quickly and isn't challenged. He is very smart and we can see him trying to figure things out We work on the training with what we learned from the trainer but I am seeing it is not enough. I have never heard of "nose work" but will be looking into it and seeing if there is a local trainer who offers this. I will also look into the book. He does really well with his training sessions and we make sure to not push him and to always end on a positive. When we decided to get a BC, we knew they are a very energetic & intelligent dog and they would be a lot of work but we are finding it is more than we imagined. Thank you all again for your help and advice. I will continue to read through the forums for further information. Jeana
  4. Hi, new here and really hoping to get some advice. Our BC, Bernie, will be 10 months old this month. He is the sweetest, friendliest dog I have ever come across. The issue is he is so hyper and gets so OCD we can not break his focus. We try to exercise him regularly with walks and play time in the back yard. We have had a trainer for him and she was very helpful and gave us some great advice but he is just over the top. As I write this my daughter and her boyfriend have their mini Aussie, Mabel, over. Bernie and Mabel get along very well and have a lot of fun. We watch and try to make sure Bernie doesn't get over tired. We learned the hard way about zoomies. After some time of playing we bring the dogs in and put them in their crates. Bernie does not settle down. He is in his crate digging and crying. As my son puts it he sounds like he is getting murdered. We do have his crate blocked from view so he can't see anyone. We cannot put a cover on the crate as he will get ahold of it and destroy it. He was also very fearful as a puppy and it took along time to get him to get used to everyday outside sounds. He has seemed to have reverted and freaks out when he hears a dog barking in the distance, a large truck / bus. There is nothing we can do to calm him down. Per recommendation from our vet, we give him melatonin at night to help him calm down for sleep. I also bought dog specific CBD treats but haven't given them to him yet. I am a little unsure and would also like to know if anyone has any experience with them. I apologize this is so long and all over the place. I really want to be able to help him and it breaks my heart when he gets to the point that he won't settle down and can't be calmed. He is a big boy and a little dog in a big dogs body and he can come off as being rough when he is just trying to play or say hi. Thank you in advance for any advice.
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