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  1. Thanks @Enzsound! We went back to almost 100% carrying her on the stairs and she doesn't seem to mind at all now which is nice :~) Feels good to not be risking the joint stress too. Re evenings, thank you, that's really helpful! We don't worry so much about a strict bedtime now and just force naps when she gets very tired and it's been working well. She even started to settle on her own a little bit (we definitely owe this to daily Calmness Protocol too!) which is encouraging, and enjoys an occasional cuddle too. Getting ready for teething and puppy teeth falling out next!
  2. Hi everyone Hope you're all doing well these days :~) Just wanted to jump back on here, now with Nala being just over 14 weeks (~3 months) old and ask a couple questions that I've not found good answers for elsewhere 1) Stairs - big one for us as we live on the 2nd floor of an apartment building (no elevator) and with Nala fully potty trained, we make several trips a day down and up. She has been super keen to take the stairs since very early on on her own, but we have only started gradually introducing her to them a couple weeks ago (we are doing lots of training to reinforce appropriate speed and mood on the stairs because she does get really excited, esp going down). Now she's at the stage where she hates being carried haha! Just wondering - is her taking the stairs on her own most of the time appropriate at her age, or should we persist with carrying her for a little bit longer? Just for reference, it's almost 50 steps, but they aren't very steep or very high. 2) Schedule / evenings - from a lot of the shared schedules/routines of slightly older pups on here (5-7 months) it seems that evenings are a stretch of 2-3hours of being awake and doing things, which for us quite often ends in overtired behaviour. Does anyone recall what their evenings (5/6pm onwards) looked like at circa 3 months? It feels like Nala naturally tires after 45mins-1hr, yet still finds it really difficult to fall asleep or rest. Any suggestions are very welcome! Thanks so much! :~) A puppy pic below! A & A & Nala
  3. Hi @Enzsound, @Meghan, @D'Elle and others! Hope it's okay to revive this thread with some of our own questions about raising a good BC puppy :~) This thread is really helpful in realising that we have to cut back on our "active" time with our 2.5month-old pup (eg training, playing) but we're really at a loss how to do this with her. She's obviously super young and we've only had her for over 3 weeks so she needs a lot of our help and attention (esp with peeing), but we'd like to know what are some ways in which we can works towards the schedule below. It seems so far off from how many hours we need to actively tend to our pup haha, but maybe it's just a question of time too. Anyways, our schedule below. For reference, our average day 6am: wake up (she wakes us up because of potty needs) 7am: she's sleeping again (enforced) after some playing/chewing/chilling (needs to be attended though) 8ish: back up, short walk with sniffles (10-15mins?), breakfast in bowl + training (calmness, basic obedience), chilling, potty 9am: back in the crate for a nap 10: she's up, needs to go potty, we might do a bit of training (10+ mins with breaks), then she's usually in her x-pen or in our living room freely if chilling 11ish: potty, we try to enforce a nap, but she often struggles and whines a lot 11:30-12: depending on if she naps this is her lunchtime, stays with us in the kitchen chewing as we eat, potty 1ish: enforced nap (probably one of her longer naps of the day) 2:30: up, potty. here she usually won't settle and play on her own, so we do some conditioning (harness, vacuum cleaner etc.) and bits of active playing and training 3:30-4ish: she might nap here again, but never for very long because she's getting really hungry 4-5: short walk again (similar route to morning), then dinner at home (usually a combination of some in a bowl, some crate training and a small kong And around this time is when things get really out of hand :~D There's a lot of biting, running, whining, just very restless behaviour. We know she usually needs to poop around this time, but often outside she just gets more hyper and can't calm down to do her business, so things escalate into really destructive episodes. It's quite hard to manage the timings here, and we realise she's sometimes up for the past 2 hours or so and she needs to rest, but she often just won't settle. Between 6 and 7 she's usually so tired she'll sleep, but it takes up our whole evening to get her to this stage. After this she'll wake up around 8ish and around 9:30ish for potty and some easy time together while we watch TV or something, and she's also woken up at 11ish for one last potty break. She then sleeps through the night. We do know obviously that she's half the age of a 5 month old puppy and the schedule above (and we don't expect her to be there right now), but we'd be really thankful for any advice on where we can already cut back on activities, or how to rearrange our day so that more calmness and alone time is encouraged. Thanks a lot! :~) Nala says hi too!
  4. @Enzsoundand @D'Elle, thank you so much for your words of reassurance! We've started using the x-pen separately from the crate since writing this post and it's been a nice way to give her some more alone time when we can't supervise (she has gotten less jumpy in it) and also the occasional "o-oh" when she's biting flesh. Once or twice she's had a snooze in there too, but it never lasts as long as when she's crated so we'll continue to use that to enforce naps when necessary. Pee pads are unfortunately quite necessary for us at this stage (even if we would really like to teach her to go outside as much as possible) because most nights she wakes up to go pee around 2-3am and it's impossible to wake up, get dressed and take her downstairs in time and without waking her up too much. With the pee pad you can just carry her there and she does her business and then heads straight back to her crate to continue sleeping for a few hours longer. During the day it's sometimes also difficult, because it's still quite cold where we are plus our current COVID guidelines ask us to wear a mask in hallways and outside, so it's just a very long process to get ready to go down 4 flights of stairs when we notice she needs to go. Way easier at this stage to redirect her to the pee pad (often, like 95% of the time she finds her own way over to them actually). Thanks again to you both! Another puppy pic below :~)
  5. Hello everyone :~) My wife and I got a new border collie puppy called Nala a week and a half ago (pic below!) and have found lots of really amazing help on this forum - thank you all for asking and answering questions, it's been amazing to see that other people are experiencing similar challenges haha! We do have some of our own little questions, mostly I guess related to what our expectations can be of a puppy that's 9 weeks old. Any words of advice and help are massively appreciated. In the last few days we've started understanding Nala's needs more accurately and we're definitely much better at telling when she needs to rest, when she needs to go potty etc. After seeing advice in another thread we've started developing a rhythm to her day too (wake up -> potty + sniffies outside -> breakfast inside, calming down -> morning is for resting etc. - very much inspired by this thread), which has been amazing. She feels much more settled and happy with us, even after just a few days of doing this. The first question we have for you all is related to her crate and sleeping. At this point basically all of her resting is enforced in a covered crate; without it, she just won't settle at all (too much FOMO if she can see us, even if we're both just working on our computers). Is this normal for her age? Do we just need to keep this rhythm up for a few weeks and will she pick up on it and instinctively rest at these times when she gets a little bit bigger? Question number two is related to her crate placement. Is it ideal to place the crate inside the x-pen and enforce closed crate time only when she can't deal with being in the x-pen alone? She's really quite jumpy and loud if left alone in her x-pen but settles quite quickly inside her covered crate, so we've removed the x-pen from the equation altogether, but we're reconsidering - we don't really like the idea that she's either in a covered crate or free to move around the whole flat and the x-pen is a natural solution, we just don't know where to best place it. (Side note: we're doing lots of crate training and she eats two of her meals in there every day too, so she's getting lots of positive vibes in that space, even though it's still not a place she'll go to hang out on her own - maybe we need to do something similar for the x-pen?) And our last question - how do we combine potty training and x-pen/crate time at this age? We live in an apartment so we have some puppy pads that she's gotten quite good at using (there are some slip-ups of course), but we also try to take her out around 5-10mins after most naps/meals/play sessions and reward any outside peeing with nice treats. Is that just a question of her learning to hold it in for a little longer as she grows up and not something we need to worry about combining/being worried if an accident happens when she's in her x-pen? Sorry if these are super niche questions or things that are obvious to some of you - we're still very much figuring it out :~) Thanks in advance for any help! Adam & Adela (& Nala)
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