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  1. Thank you for you kind words everyone, given me confidence I am doing right by him . He is a lovely boy, nervous in areas but as with every Collie i've met he loves to push himself and i'm loving being there to help guide him. @urge to herd As per your request please enjoy some pictures of Jack below!
  2. Thanks @gcv-border really helpful to know! This is my first BC and you hear from everyone "oh I hope you're ready for them to never leave you alone and never relaxing" etc, so when it seems to be the opposite case it makes you think "was everyone talking rubbish or is my dog not happy". Something best looking into at these early stages :).
  3. I'm new to Collie ownership, i've had Jack for about a month now he's a 5 year old rescue. The past month have gone surprisingly smooth after the first week and a half or so but for the past couple of weeks Jack has been spending a lot of time alone and I thought i'd reach out and see if this is a common thing, something that is fine or something I should maybe be a little worried about? As a bit of background I am a home worker (have been for 2+ years) so i'm pretty much always in the house but spend a large portion of my day in my study. Jack has a bed in the study and the doors within
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